Tuesday, 31 January 2017

                                               Chelsea  1  -  Liverpool  1

                                               David Luis' stunning free kick goal gave a 1-0 lead to Chelsea. Antonio Conte's Chelsea grabbed the lead in the 25th minute when David Luiz cheekily took a quick free-kick that flashed past Mignolet, who was caught out while he lined up his defensive wall.

                                               Georginio Wijnaldum came to Liverpool's rescue with a 57th minute header from James Milner's cross.

                                                Chelsea had a chance to take a lead in 76th minute of a game but it was denied by Liverpool Goalkeeper.Costa should have won it for Chelsea in the 76th minute when Joel Matip fouled him in the penalty area. but his penalty kick was pushed away by Mignolet. He avoided a loss to Chelsea.

                                                 Liverpool only won one game in their last 9 games. They are 10 points behind Chelsea. Meanwhile  only second time Chelsea didn't got a 3 points in 17 games.

                                                Arsenal  1  -  Watford  1

                                               Arsenal stunned by Watford at their own  Emirates Stadium and they missed a chance to cut a lead to 6 points. And felt far behind from League leader Chelsea.

                                               Younes Kaboul's powerful strike gave 1-0 lead to Watford. but just after 3 minutes Troy Deeney doubled Watford's lead with a close-range finish after Etienne Capoue unhinged the Arsenal defence.     

                                                 Arsenal tried to come back in a game , When Alex Iwobi scored a goal on Alixis Sanches'  cross pass.

                                                Arsenal is now 9 points behind Chelsea. and They probably out of Title Race.

                                               Tottenham Hotspurs  0  -  Sunderland  0

                                                Tottenham Hotspurs held by Sunderland and they also missed a chance to close a gape between them and Leader Chelsea.      

Other Results :
Burnely Fc   1  -  Leicester City  0

Crystal Palace  2  -  Bournemuoth  0

Swansea City  2  -  Southhammpton  1

Next Fixture :

West Ham  vs  Manchester City

Mancheset United  vs  Hull City

Stoke City  vs  Everton

                                                 Top 5 teams in EPL

Tottenham 23138247
Arsenal 23145447
Man. City 22134543

                                      Cavs(32-15)     Vs     Mavericks(18-30)

Cavs lost 8 games in a month of January and they played 13 games against Western Conference Teams.

                     Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

Cavs             29  21  20  27   97

Mavericks    26  29  26  23   104

                                       Cavs lost their 8 games in month of January. they lost 5 games out of last 8 games.

                                       Kevin Love was not playing in a game because of Back Spasms. Cavs missed him in a game against Mavericks.  

                                      Cleveland Cavaliers  who wrapped up the month with a 7-8 mark – were without Kevin Love, who left Sunday’s match up against OKC with lower back spasms and didn’t make the trip to Texas.

                                      In this game , Cavs player had no Synchronization between them. They were Out of sync.

                                     Dallas Mavericks also won against another big shot of NBA , San Antonio Spurs. Now they won against NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

                                      In a first 5 minutes of a 1st quarter Dallas took a lead of 9 points , Outscoring Cavs 14-5. But Kyrie and Jefferson's 3-pointer cut a lead to 3 points for Cavs. And after that LeBron's Slam Dunk equal a game in a 1st quarter. Cavs made 11-0 run in just 2 minutes and took a lead of 2 points.

                                      2:12 minutes remaining in a quarter , Cavs made 22-5 run in 4 minutes. They took a lead of 8 points. Cavs took a lead of 3 points in a first quarter.

                                     First 5 minutes in 2nd quarter Mavericks outscored Cavs 15-5. They got a lead of 7 points in a game. McRae's dunk equal a game for Cavs.

                                      Cavs player were too bad at sync and they gave too much chance to Mavericks' player on second ball. Mavericks took a advantage of bad play by Cavs player and got a lead of 5 points in a first half.

                                       6:14 remaining in 3rd quarter , Kyrie steals a ball and drives through Mavericks basket , He made an all star play when he gave alley-oop pass to LeBron James.

                                       After 3rd quarter Mavericks had 11 points lead.

                                      4th quarter Cavs made 12-2 run but it was not enough for them to win a game. Cavs lost to Mavericks by 7 points.  

                                       For Cavs :

Now Lebron James has a Losing Record in a calendar month for
first time since February 2006

                                       LeBron James scored 23 points , 9 rebounds , 9 assists , 2 steals. Kyrie Irving made 18 points , 5 rebounds , 5 assists , 2 steals. Channing Frye made 13 points , 7 rebounds , 2 blocks. Triston Thompson grabbed only 8 rebounds. He was scoreless in a game. McRae scored 11 points , 2 rebounds. 

                                       For Dallas Mavericks :

Dallas got Back to Back wins against two NBA's best teams.

                                       Barnes scored 24 points , 11 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Seth Curry scored 16 points , 5 rebounds , 4 assists. Yogi Ferrell 19 points , 5 rebounds ,3 assists , 4 steals. Matthews added 21 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists. Powell scored 14 points , 8 rebounds , 2 steals , 2 blocks. Harris scored 2 points , 1 rebound , 5 assists , 1 steal. 


Monday, 30 January 2017

                                                   Week 20 : Results

Athletico Madrid  0  -  Alves  0

                                                   Athletico Madrid are now far behind from top team in La Liga. They went on a run of 3 consecutive draw. In this game they were nearly lucky to draw a game and avoid a defeat.

Osasuna  1  -  Malaga  1

Villarreal  2  -  Granada  0

Eibar  3  -  Deportivo  1

Barcelona  1  -  Real Betis  1

                                               Barcelona were saved by Luis Suarez last minute goal.

Espanyol  3  -  Sevilla  1   

                                               Sevilla faced a shock defeat to Espanoyl and lost their second place to Barcelona.

Athletico Bilbao  2  -  Sporting  1

Real Madrid  3   -  Real Sociedad  0

                                               After this win Real Madrid are in a strong position to win La Liga title. Now they are  four points clear in La Liga table and they have 1 game in Hand.

                                              Week 21 : Fixture

Deportivo  vs  Real Betis

Malaga  vs  Espanyol

Barcelona  vs  Athletico Bilbao

Athletico Madrid  vs  Leganes

Valencia  vs  Eibar

Sevilla  vs  Villarreal

Sporting  vs  Alves

Real Sociedad  vs  Osasuna

Celto Vigo  vs  Real Madrid

Granada  vs  Las Palmas

                                                  In 21 weeks fixture Barcelona vs Athletico Bilbao will be a very interesting game. Barcelona are in second place in the table and Athletico Bilbao is in 7th place in La Liga.

                                                   Real Madrid will Face 8th placed Celta Vigo , This will be a good game.

                                                  Sevilla will face 6th placed team Villarreal in this fixture.


                             Table : Standing Of La Liga's Top 5  Teams  After Week 20   

Team                        P  W  D  L  Pts

Real Madrid           19 14  4  1    46

Barcelona                20 12  6  2    42

Sevilla                      20 13  3  4    42

Athletico Madrid   20  10 6  4    36

Real Sociedad         20  11 2  7    35

                                Now Real Madrid is 4 points clear from Second placed Barcelona and Third placed Sevilla , Real Madrid have 1 game in hand. Barcelona was not able to win a game against Real Betis and They draw a game which put them far behind from leader Real Madrid. While Sevilla lost a game to Espanyol.

Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal to clinch his 5th Australian Open Title and 18th Major Title.

Federer won his fifth Australian Open and Only Player to win five or more title at three different Grand Slam event.

6-4 3-6 6-3 3-6 6-3

This was a match between arguably two greatest tennis player. They won 32 titles in combine.

This is a third time Nadal Lost in a Australian Open Finals out of 4 finals. If he won this trophy he would be a player who completed career grand slam 2 times. And second player after Roger who have won major 15 times . But Nadal is now 30 years old and yet he has a chane to win 3 or 4 more majors.

1st Set : 6-4 Roger Federer

8th game , Rafa serving , Federer played aggressively in a game. Nadal's backhand error gave Federer break in a game and in a set. Federer won first set 6-4.

2nd Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

Second game Nadal broke Federer's serve when Federer hit weak one handed backhand , Nadal gave a response with powerful topspin Forehand.

Fourth game , Nadal once again broke Federer's serve and took a lead 4-0 in a second set.

Roger got one service back by breaking Nadal's serve. but Nadal had one more break point which he held and won a set 6-3.

3rd Set : 6-1 Roger Federer

Nadal had a break point in a first game of a set but he didn't take advantage of it. Federer held a serve. 

Second game Federer broke Nadal's serve and  took a lead 2-0 games.

Once again Federer broke Nadal's serve again. Took a set 6-1.

4th Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

4th game , an unforced error from Roger gave Nadal a break point. Nadal took it. Made a 3-1 lead in a 4th set.

Nadal held all his serve and took a set 6-3.

5th Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

First game , Nadal broke Federer serve and it's look like Nadal Going to win once again. he took 3-1 lead in a last set.

But Roger come back in  a set in a Fourth game after winning a game. Nadal handed a game to Roger.

After this Roger Broke Nadal's serve once again and took a champion ship.

Nadal missed a chance to surpass Sampras' 14 major titles.
After a game Rafael Nadal said,"I can't say that I am sad , I wanted to win , yes , but I am not very sad. At this moment in my career more important than titles is being healthy enough to work the way I need to work ,to fight for the things I  want to fight , I am going to keep trying to do and to work the same way." 
Federer After a game,''he could share a trophy with Nadal if There are any draw in Tennis.'' 

                                           Cavs(32-14)     vs    OKC(28-20)

Cavs got a easy win against Russell Westbrook and OKC. Kyrie Irving , LBJ and Thompson played a important role in this victory

          Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Cavs   21  37 22  27   107

OKC  24  21 20  26     91

                                          Cavs and OKC are dominant team in NBA. Russell Westbrook is in a great form this season. Kanter was not playing in a game against Cavs. Russell Westbrook averaging 31 points , 10 rebounds , 10 assists.

                                         In this game Triston Thompson made a career high 4 blocks , 4 steals and scored a season high 19 points .

                                        Westbrook walked away with another triple-double -- his 24th of the season -- but for just the sixth time, he also took a loss when recording one. This game was a very bad for Russell Westbrook , he scored points with only 26.9 field goal % and in 3-point shooting he made only 1 out of 6. 

                                         in a first quarter OKC had maximum 7 points lead , after first half OKC had only 3 points lead.

                                        In a second quarter , Kyle Korver's 3-pointer gave 3 points lead to Korver. in a start of a second quarter Cavs made 8-0 run. and took a lead of 5 points.

                                        1:08 minutes , Cavs made 8-0 run in 1:27 minutes. Kyrie Irving played an important role in this play.

                                       In a second quarter Triston Thompson blocked Russell Wéstbook's Layup. Once again Triston Thompson blocked Oladipo's Jumper. 2 blocks for Triston Thompson in last 10 seconds of second quarter. 

                                       Cavs took a huge 13 points lead at the end of a first half. They outscored OKC 37-21 in a second quarter.

                                       3rd quarter OKC made 10-5 run and cut a lead to 8 points. No comeback for OKC in a game.

                                      4th quarter , both team's were equal in scoring of points. Cavs scored 27 and OKC scored 26 points.

                                      In last 1:40 minutes both team were scoreless.


                                     For Cavs :
Triston Thomson made Career high 4 Steals and 4 Blocks.

                                     LeBron James scored 25 points , 14 rebounds , 8 assists , 1 steal. Kyrie Irving scored 29 points , 3 rebounds , 10 assists , 1 steal. Triston Thompson made 19 points , 12 rebounds , 1 assists , 4 steals , 4 blocks. Iman Shumpert scored 16 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal.

                                     For OKC :

Russell Westbrook scored 24th triple-double of a season.

                                     Russell Westbrook scored 20 points , 12 rebounds , 10 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Sabonis scored 12 points , 5 rebounds. Victor Oladipo added 17 points , 7 rebounds , 4 assists. Joffrey scored 13 points , 6 rebounds , 1assist.