Wednesday, 21 December 2016

             GSW(25-4)                     VS             UTAH JAZZ(18-11)


                      GSW crushed Jazz by 30 points.Now Golden State Warriors is really look like no team is capable of defeating them.Now just wait and watch Cleveland Cavaliers is capable of win a game against GSW.

                      With the 4 MVP in a team GSW look like unbeatable in NBA.

For GSW starter

                          Kavin Durant made 22 points , 5 rebounds , 1 assist.

                          Stephen Curry made 25 points , 3 rebounds , 4 assists , 3 steals.

                          Draymond Green made 15 points , 11 rebounds , 4 assists , 5 steals.

                          Zaza Pachulia made 2 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assists.

                          Klay Thompson made 17 points , 5 rebounds , 1 assists , 1 steal.

For GSW bench

                         JaVale MaCgee scored 8 points , 7 rebounds , 1 assists , 1 steal.

                         Andre Igoudala scored 3 points , 1 rebound , 4 assists , 2 steals , 1 block.

                         Ian Clark scored 6 points , 1 rebound , 1 assist , 1 steal.

                         David west made 4 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist.

                         Livingstone made 2 points , 2 rebounds , 4 assists.

                         Looney made 4 rebounds , 1 assists , 1 block.

                         Varjao made 5 rebound , 1 block.

For UTAH JAZZ Starter

                         Hayward made 6 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists.

                         Boris Diaws made 2 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist.

                         Rudy Gobert made 11 points , 16 rebounds , 1 assists , 2 blocks.

                         Roodeny Hood made 2 rebounds , 1 assist.

                         Dante Exum made 6 points , 1 rebound.


                          Joe Ingles made 11 points , 5 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 steals.

                          Trey Lyles  made 11 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal.

                          Joe Johnson scored 14 points , 2 rebounds.


      LAC(21-8)                       VS                    NUGGETS(12-17)


                  LAC also won their games against Nuggets.All playoffs Favourite teams are doing well.Once again clippers' main man Crish Paul had a great match.He fall just 2 rebounds short from a triple double.No Black Griffen for Clipper in this game.

                           Denver Nuggets bench player scored 60 points in a game.

For CLIPPERS Starter 

                                     Luc scored 14 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 block.

                                     Crish Paul scored 16 points , 8 rebounds , 15 assists , 1 steal.

                                     JJ Redick scored 27 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal.

                                     Jordan scored 13 points , 13 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 block.

                                    Paul Pierce made 7 points , 1 rebound.

For Denver Nuggets Starter 

                                     Danilo Gallinari made 17 points , 5 rebounds , 2 assists.

                                     Wilson Chandler made 13 points , 4 rebounds , 3 assists.

                                      Jokic made 9 points , 6 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 block.

                                    Gary Harris made 3 points , 2 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal.

                                    Midiay made 5 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal.

For Denver Nuggets Bench

                                     Kenneth Faried made 15 points , 11 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal.

                                     Will Barton Scored 22 points , 5 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals.

SPURS(23-5)                       VS                       ROCKET(21-8)

Spurs                                       26
Rockets                                    24

                                       When two elite teams meet each other in a game there was so excitement in a game.Spurs won a game by just 2 points.This was a great game.

For Huston Rockets Starter 

                                      James Harden made 31 points , 10 rebounds , 7 assists.

                                      Ariza made 16 points , 6 rebounds , 2 assists , 4 steals , 1 block.

                                      Ryan Anderson made 7 points , 6 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal.

                                      Bevervely made 4 points , 8 rebounds , 1 assist , 2 steal , 1 block.

                                      Nene made 10 points , 7 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal.

 For Spurs Starter

                                      Kawhi Leonard made 21 points , 5 rebounds , 4 assists , 5 steals.

                                      Aldridge scored 17 points , 10 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 block.

                                     Pau Gusol Made 10 points , 10 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 blocks.

                                     Danny Green made 12 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals , 1 block.

                                     Tony Parker scored 8 points , 2 rebounds , 1 assists , 1 steal.

From Bench for Spurs 

                                      Ginobili made 12 points , 4 rebounds , 3 steals , 3 assists.

                                     Patty Mills made 13 points , 1 assist , 2 steals.

                                RAPTORS(20-8)                       VS                     NETS(7-20)  


                                      In This season Raptor is in a great form.They playing like an elite team in the NBA and most Favourite to face Cavs in Eastern Finals.    

                                       Raptors dominated Nets in every Quarter of the game except from 4th quarter.        

                                      Demar DeRojan scored only 15 points in  a game.Lowery scored 23 points and put 8 assists.Norman Powell scored 21 points from bench.DeMarre Carrol made 17 points.

                                     For Nets Bench players scored more points than starter.Rondae made 19 points most by Nets player.Spencer also came from bench and scored 14 points ,Anthony Bennett scored 8 points , 10 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal , 1 block.   





          CAVS  (20-6)               VS                BUCKS(13-13)


          Lebron James passes Moses Malone for 8th on NBA all time leading scorer.  

               NBA Champions and one of the elite team of NBA cleveland won a game against Bucks in OT.This was a great game.Cavs took a lead of 18-point lead but they almost lost it.

               Kavin Love was absent on this game.He was rested due to knee injury also they lost JR Smith due to thumb injury.

              Lebron James played a too good in this game , he made a three pointer in Over Time which seal a deal for Cavs.James put a great performance in today's game. He made 34 points ,12 rebounds and 7 assists.

             Kyrie Irving scored important 28 points.His shooting % was not good in this game.He made only 8 of 23 shots.Channing Frye scored 15 points every time he played important role in Cavs wins.

             Tristan Thompson made 10 points and 12 Rebounds.

             For Bucks Jabari Parker was too good in a game , He scored 30 points .He missed two important Freethrows when Bucks was behind 110-108.

             Giannis scored 25 points but he was fouled out in OT.Mathew Dallavedova made 8 points with 5 assists.

For Bucks Starter 

                            Giannis made 25 points , 13 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals , 3 blocks.

                             Jabari Parker scored 30 points , 9 rebounds , 3 assists.

                             John Henson scored 14 points , 8 rebounds , 1 assist , 2 steals , 1 block.

                             Dallavedova made 8 points , 3 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal .

                             Tony Snell made 8 points , 6 rebounds , 4 assists , 2 blocks.

For Bucks Bencher

                             They scored 31 points.

For Cavs Starter

                              Lebron James made 34 points , 12 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 steal , 1 block.

                              Kyrie Irving made 28 points , 5 rebounds , 5 assists.

                              Richard Jefferson made 8 points , 2 rebounds , 1 steal.

                              Tristan Thompson made 10 points , 12 rebounds , 1 steal , 1 block.

                              JR Smith made 6 points , 1 rebounds.

For Cavs Bencher

                              Channing Frye made 15 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists.

                               Iman Shumpert made 6 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal.

                              Liggins made 3 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal.

                              Dunleavy made 3 points , 2 rebounds.

                              James Jones made 1 point.                            

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

                      Inida win a series with 4-0 against Englad.

                           Nair announces Presence as the new heavyweight of Indian bating with triple ton.Karun Nayar scored a triple hundred in his 3rd inning.KL Rahul also scored a 199 runs bad luck for him he didn't reach his double century.

                           The Inidan Team had the runs to declare but everyone waited , including Virat Kohli.The fans , who generally start trooping out of the stadium a bit early , stayed put.Karun Nayar was closing in on a triple hundred and everyone wanted to be a part of it.

                                   Nayar became only second Indian player to score a triple hundred after Sehwag,For India last time Sehwag scored a triple ton against South Africa in 2007-08.

                                             Kohli didn't declared a inning when Nayar reached 250 runs but Kohli waited for Nayar's Triple Hundred and he put a faith in him.If India fail to win this test match Kohli might be criticised for not declaring.But India won a series already and every player got a chance to score a triple hundred not so many times in lifetime.

                                              Nayar was on 299 and the bowler was Adil Rashid , the man who got Rahul out on 199.Everyone was in circle .Rashid was bowling a similar line that he bowled to Rahul.There was a leg before shout and the entire Chepauk skipped a beat.A couple of balls later , Nayar played a cut Shot that hung in the air for a while , only to drop short of cook at cover and eluded him to the fence.The moment had finally come but the Nayar was composed.He hit a boundary and completed his triple century.

                                                From 71 on day three ,scored 232 in 4th day of a game.He was second after Sehvag who scored a most runs in a day.Sehvag scored 284 runs in a one day.

                                                  108 runs scored by Karun Nayar between tea and before the declaration of Indian Innings to become the fifth Indian batsman to score 100 or more in the last session.He joined Yuvarajsing ,  VVS Laxman , Sehwag ,MS Dhoni ,       

                                                  In the last day of a test match England were allout for 207 runs.England lost a match by an inning and 75 runs .Jadeja shines in this innings .He took 7 wickets .Ravindra Jadeja was too good for England in the last innings.

                                                      Best figure for Ravindra Jadeja 48/7 in a game and in a career.Jadeja took a wicket of Cook when Cook was playing on 49 and England were on strong position.     

                                                                Youngster Jennings got to his fifty but bat-padded a Jadeja delivery back at the bowler for 54 with the two well set batsmen out , India went on the attack and Kohli opted for Umesh Yadav at one end with Jadeja at the other.Jadeja's accuracy came to the fore once again when he had Joe Root trapped in front.The umpire gave not out initially but India took their review and succeded.Jonny Bairstoe flicked on to the legside off Isant Sharma and Jadeja took a Fantastic catch running back just like Kapil Dev took a catch in 1983 world cup.

                                                 After this England didn't get a chance to stand up.Ben stoke gave a catch in a hand of Nayar in Jadeja's over ,6th time 5 wickets for Jadeja.Umesh took wicket of Adil Rashid ,catch by Jadeja ,this was a third catch for Jadeja in a game.Stuart Broad and Jake Ball out by Ravindra Sir Jadeja .In this game Jadeja took 10 wickets.        

                                                        Now ,India become one of the most successful team at home.18 test Match unbeaten run for India.India won 18 test match without lost which was a record by Indian team most wins without lost.

                                                          Virat Kohli got Man Of  The Series award with his outstanding 600+ runs in a series with 1 double hundred.

Monday, 19 December 2016

   Athletico Madrid 1 (P S O :4)   vs  Kerala Blaster 1 (P S O : 3)

                                             Kochi stunned by Athletico Madri when they beat Kerala Blaster in ISL final once again.This time Kerala Blaster had a good chance to win their maiden title in their home ground but they failed to do it.

                                           The Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in Kochi plunged into stunned silence as Athletico de Kolkata's Jewel Raja sent goalkeeper Graham Stack the wrong way and buried the ball into the right corner of kerala blasters' net with the fifth and decisive penalty of the shootout.The strike saw Athletico de Kolkata lift Their second ISL crown.

                                              In the first ISL in extra time a goal from Mohammad Rafique which saw Kolkata beat Kerala.This time Kerala betean in Penalty Shootout by Athletico de Kolkata.

                                                Blaster had their first opportunities in the ninth minute.After Belford Latched on to a clearance from Blasters defence , he powered along the middle passing Athletico's Pritam Kotal on the way before Passing the ball to Vineeth on  the right but the fleet-footed Blasters Striker messed up his first touch and gave away the ball easily.

                                                    37' minute Goal for Kerala Blaster , some sluggish defending from Kerala blaster and they paid a price for it. Athletico's kotal who failed to keep  hold of Blasters' Mohammad Rafique and the Mohammad rose high above the defender to head Mahtab's corner past Majumdar into a goal.

                                               44' minute Kolkata didn't take too much time to leveled a game.Henrique scored a goal for Athletico de Kolkata.   

                                                       Untill two penalty shootout both teams were on level Canadian saw his kick being saved by Blaster's keeper but Ndoye hit the ball over the bar with the third spot kick for Blaster.

                                                       Cendric Hengbart kick saved by Kolkata goli  and thats it for Kerala Blaster.Raja took a last kick and he made no mistake to convert it into a goal.


                                                       Heart-breaking lost for Kerala blaster at their own homeground.      


Sunday, 18 December 2016

 Barcelona      4(Saurez 18' ,67' Alba 68' Messi 90')             Vs             Espanyol      1 (Lopez 79')

                          The Argentine can produce magic moments only usually seen on the popular gaming console, his Barcelona team-mate said Luis Suarez compared Lionel Messi's match-winning display against Espanyol to something more commonly seen on a video game.


                           Once again it is Messi's show in a match against Espanyol.He lost Ballon d'Or to Cristiano Ronaldo last week.but it didn't effect his performance.

                           In this game all four goals are fantastic.Some magic plays shown by Barcelona players.

                                   Espanyol have not beaten Barcelona since 2009 besides they are unbeaten in nine games and conceded only one goal in last six games but this form was not good enough to stop Barcelona.

                           18' minute Luis Saurez scored a first goal for Barcelona , A Brilliant pass from Andres Iniesta to Saurez.A great first touch by Saurez on Iniesta's Long pass , Excellent control and a wonderful finish.Saurez put a ball into a left corner of net.

                           67' minute Messi passed a ball to Iniesta .Iniesta did a great work by passing three players and give a ball back to Messi.Now it's Messi work .He took a ball nutmeg one Espanyol defender just like Iniesta he crossed three Defenders and shoot a ball but Goalkeeper denied a shot of Messi but Saurez rebounds a ball and put a ball into a net with ease.

                           68' minute another Breathtaking run from Messi ,Worming his way through four defenders and having a ball off for Alba. Jordy Alba shot went into right side of net ,No way for Roberto to stop a ball.What a performance by Messi.

                                  79' minute This time goal scored by Espanyol side.David Lopez scored a very good goal with his Left footed strike.This goal stunned a Campnou.Ter stegen has to watch a ball when it was going into a net.

                                  90' minute This goal was another masterclass from Barcelona players.Messi pass a ball to Saurez and Saurez gave a ball back to Messi with a great chip pass.Messi put a ball into a net between legs of Roberto with just one touch.A great play by Saurez and Messi.

                                 Now Barcelona are three points behind Real Madrid ,Real Madrid have a one game in hand.They won club world cup where Ronaldo scored a hat trick.Sevilla is in third points in La liga with 33 points while Atletico got a win but they are not favourite a title this season they are in fifth position.Barca have 34 points.    

                                        What a performance by Messi in this game , He played like PlayStation game where this kind of performance we show.