Wednesday, 14 December 2016

  Kerala Blaster   1 (p:3)          vs          Delhi Dynamos 2 (p:0)

       Aggregate:     2                    -                    2
          Kerala Blaster won their game against Delhi Dynamos in penalty shootout with 3-0.Dilhi Dynamos failed to score in penaly shoot out.

               With a place in the final at stake , the Delhi Dynamos - Kerala Blasters semifinal clash 2nd league here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium was bound to be a high - pressure one.

                Delhi Dynamos scored 2 goals in a game but that was not good enough for them.The winner was decided through penalty shootout and it was the kerala Blaster who held their nerve and won 3-0 after the Delhi Dynamos Failed to convert any of their penalties.

               During a shootout as both Florent Malouda and Bruno Pelissari  hit the ball over the crossbar , while Emerson de Moura's shot to the right was saved by a diving Nandy , Who made up for his poor show earlier in the day.

               For Kerala Blasters , Kervens Belfort and Mohammed Rafique who scored for Kerala Blaster.Antonio German missed one.

                A game went into a extra time as the two teams were tied 2-2 on aggregate After the regulation time ended 2-1 in Delhi where first league won By Kerala Blaster 1-0.

                Whole Stadium was full , game Started first goal scored by Delhi .Kadio's weak Clearance landed at Marcelo Pereira's feet , who had as open goal in front of him and gave his team a lead in the 21st minute. It took Kerala Just three minutes to equalize.Josu Currais Provided a neat pass to Duckens Nazon ,Who cut in from the left on the edge of box and smashed it past Dilhi goalkeeper Tony Doblash.

                Now Kerala Blaster will face Athletico Madrid in the final of League.Kerala blaster Have a chance to take revenge of First season final lost to Athletico Madrid.

                Once again it is all about Sachin and Ganguly.In a first Season Athletico won a League in a last minute.   


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

        Cleveland (18-5)                vs                 Grizzlies(17-9)


               Caveliers win their game against Grizzlies with ease.J.R.Smith made 6 three pointers in a game.No Kyrie Irvin in this game.A good news for Cavs is Smith made 6 three pointers out of 10 Which was 60% 3 pointer made by him in a game.Labron james and Kavin Love made a huge impact on a game.Cavs were so good in defence Every starter player played a role in defence either in steals or blocks.

For Cavs starters

               Lebron James made 23 points,6 rebounds , 8 assists ,3 steals , 

               Kavin Love made 29 points , 13 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 steals.

               Thompson scored 6 points , 7 rebounds , 1 block .

               J.R.Smith made 23 points , 5 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 block.

               Dandre Liggins made 3 points ,5 rebounds ,4 assists ,2 steals ,1 block.

From bench for Cavs 

              Channing Fyrie scored 8 points , 1 rebounds , 1 assist.

               Kay Falder scored 2 points , 4 assists.

               Ivan Shumpert made 5 points , 2 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 block.

For Grizzlies Starters

               Troy Williams made 13 points , 6 rebounds , 1 assists , 

               Zach Randolph made 18 points , 5 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals , 1 block .

               Jamychal Green made 2 points , 8 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals.

               Tonny Allen made 8 points , 1 rebounds , 1 assists , 3 steals.

               Adrew harrison scored 13 points , 3 rebounds ,4 assists ,1 steals , 3 blocks.   

Grizzlies Bench scored 32 points ,

              Jaral Martin made 8 points , 10 rebounds , 1 assists.

              Toney Daglas made 4 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists ,2 steals , 1 block. 

   GSW(22-4)                       VS                  PELICANS(8-18)


                  A tough game for GSW against pelicans.Pelican took lead in first half but failed to do in third Quarter.They outscored by GSW by 8 points.

                  Until first half Pelicans had 7 points lead.In second half GSW came back in a game .A great game for Drymond Green Both in offence and defence.If any team has a player like Drymond Green without doubt they will become a favourite to win Title.

                  Pelican Bench players scored 52 points which was nearly 48 % scores of the game for them.Davis and  Holiday made a huge impact on a defence .Davis made 5 blocks in a game while Holiday steals a ball 4 times. 
For GSW Starter 

                Stephen Curry scored 30 points , 4 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 steal .

                Cavin Durant made 27 points , 3 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 blocks.

                Mcgee scored 9 points ,5 rebounds.

                Klay Thompson scored 17 points , 3 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 blocks.

                Drymond Green made 12 points , 12 rebounds , 10 assists , 4 steals , 2 blocks. 

from bench For GSW 

                Iguodala made 6 points , 9 rebounds , 3assists.

For Pelican Starter 

              Solomon Hill made 12 points , 6 rebounds , 1 assist.

              Anthony Davis made 28 points , 8 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 steals , 5 blocks.

              Ajinca made 1 rebound , 1 assist , 1 steal , 2 blocks.

              Buddy hield scored 7 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 block.

              Holiday made 10 points , 8 rebounds , 6 assists , 4 steals , 1 block.

From bench for Pelican 

              Tim Frazier made 13 points , 2 rebounds , 8 assists , 1 steals.

              Langston made 20 points , 5 rebounds ,                      


Sunday, 11 December 2016

              Hornets (14-10)            vs           Cavaliers(17-5)

                                           Cleveland has a same reputation as GSW.It is hard to defeat in NBA for any team.A great night for Lebron James.Kings James is now first player in NBA to score 27,000 points ,7,000 assists and 7,000 rebounds.

                                           King James scored 44 points,9 rebounds 10 assists,3 steals .1 block.

                                           Kavin Love scored 22 points ,6 rebound ,1 assist ,3 steals.

                                           Thompson made 13 points ,12 rebounds ,1 steal.

                                           J R Smith scored 6 points , 2 rebounds, 2 assists.

                                           Kyrie Irving scored 11 points ,4 rebounds , 5 assists.

       From Bench for Cavs Ivan Shumpert scored 16 points ,5 rebounds ,2 assists, 1 steal. 

                           For   Hornets   

                                           Kidd Gilchrist scored 2 points ,2 rebounds ,1 assist.

                                           Williams scored 11 points, 5 rebounds ,1 assists.

                                           Cody Zeller made 17 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists ,2 steals.

                                           Batum scored 9 points , 6 rebounds , 4 assist , 1 steal.

                                           Kamba Walker scored 24 points, 1 rebound ,5 assists ,1 steal               


                Golden State Warriors(20-4)       vs   Grizzlies(16-8)


                                          Golden State Warriors lost only their 4th game in a season.A super team lost their game in NBA.Now every team got some confidence that every one can beat this team.

                                          Stephen Curry scored 17 points ,grabbed 8 rebound that surprising.A very bad game for Curry in shooting made only 4 shots out of 14 with 28.6 field goal %.

                                          Durant scored 21 points ,7 rebounds 1 assists.

                                          For Grizzlies every starter scored in double figure.Allen and Gusol scored 19 points each.Zach Randolf scored 14 points from bench.


        New Orleans Pelicans(7-17)   vs  LA Clippers(17-7)  

                                          A Great game for Crish Paul 20 points and 20 assists in a game.No black Griffen in a game for Clippers.Bench players were too good for Clippers in a game.Jamal Crawfard scored 22 points in a game,highest in a game by clippers player.Speights scored 17 points ,12 rebounds ,4 assists in a game.

                                               Austin Rivers scored 18 points, 1 steal ,2 rebounds , 4 assists.

                                               Maute scored 4 points,1 rebound ,1 steal , 1 assist.

                                               Dandre Jorden scored 19 points ,9 rebounds ,1 steal.

                                               Crish Paul scored 20 points ,20 assists , 5 rebounds ,3 steals.Player of a game.

                                               JJ Reddik scored 16 points ,1 rebound.

                  For Pelicans 
                                              Solomon Hill scored 13 points ,3 rebounds ,4 assists.

                                              Torrence scored 18 points, 5 rebounds.

                                              Alexis scored 6 points , 6 rebounds.

                                              Buddy Hield scored 15 points ,3 rebounds , 5 assists.

                                              Tim Frazier scored 20 points ,1 rebound , 11 assists.

                                               From bench for Pelicans Langston scored 12 points ,Chiek Diallo scored 10 points.

                                         Spurs(19 - 5)      vs       Nets(6-16)


                                                    Spurs come back in winning way after lost against Chicago Bulls.Kvahi Leonard scored 30 points for Spurs.

                                    Leonard  scored 30 points ,6 rebounds ,3 assists ,1 steal ,1 block.

                                    Aldridge made 12 points ,9 rebounds , 3 assists ,1 block.

                                    Pau Gusol scored 15 points , 6 rebounds ,4 assists ,1 block.

                                    Green made 5 points ,3 rebounds ,2 assists ,1 steal ,1 block.

                                    Tony Parker scored 12 points , 1 rebound ,7 assists ,1 steal.

 From Bench for Spurs 

                                    Mills scored 16 points ,4 assists ,3 steals.

                                    Jonathan Simmons scored 14 points , 2 assists.

For Nets
                                    Bojan scored  20 points, 4 rebounds ,2 assists.

                                    Trever Brooker made 9 points ,4 rebounds, 2 assists.

                                    Brook Lopez scored 14 points , 5 rebounds , 5 assists,1 block.

                                     Sean scored 4 points ,1 rebound ,1 assist.

                                    Isaiah made 7 points, 2 assists ,1 steal.

From bench for Nets 

                                   Luis Scola made 15 points , 11 rebounds , 1 assists.

                                   Joe Harris made 10 points ,4 rebounds.

                                   Rondae made 8 points ,7 rebounds ,1 assist ,1 steal, 1 block.     


                                 Barcelona   3             vs                           Osasuna   0

                                Messi struck twice as Barcelona recorded their first win after 3 La Liga games.Barca should have killed the game in the first half as Luis saurez and Lionel Messi missed two big chances each against Osasuna.

                                Once again Messi steals a show.He scored two times in a game and also he got great chances in the first half but Osasuna Goalkeeper came in a way both times.

                               12' minute great movement by Saurez inside a penalty area but before that Jordy Alba flies down the left flank and find Saurez in a box.Saurez holds Osasuna's defender with his strength before getting a shot away,that hit a post.

                               15' minute Sergi Roberto slice a ball through Saurez who gave a ball to Messi but Messi's shot is kept out by Ossasuna man Perez.

                              25' minute another good chance and a miss.Messi finds a Saurez ,Saurez find a Messi into box once again Messi took a ball with his first touch very ease.He tried to put a ball into a net with flick shot but once again Perez came in a way Messi's shot put away by hand of  Perez.

                              36' minute Iniesta's Left footed shot just missed a post of Osasuna.

                              49' minute brilliant from Sergio Leon,but it hit a post.Sergio beats Umtiti before driving towards the right,where he takes a quick glance at goal before bending a delightful chip beyond Ter Stegen but his shot hit a post bar.He almost scored a goal for Osasuna.

                                59' minute.Saurez rounded off a fine team move to break the deadlock just before the hour.  Messi passed  a ball to Jordi Alba ,a wonderful pass from Messi to Alba ,Alba finds open man Saurez into a box.Saurez has to just put a ball into a net and he made no mistake.Fist goal for Barca.

                               72' minute Messi once again started a move and he driving towards a penalty area of Osasuna after giving a ball to Jordi Alba.Jordi Alba returned a ball to Messi with wonderful cross pass and Messi needs just one touch to put a ball into a net.Another great work from Alba and Another assist for him.

                               92' 4 defenders against Messi is not good enough for Osasuna to stop Messi.Messi past two Osasuna defender with his dribbling ability.Four defenders around him when he was in a penalty area but no defender was able to stop him.Messi finds a way to put a ball into a net when one Osasuna slipped.11th goal for Messi in this season.

                              Now Messi is La Liga top scorer with 11 goals.He is in a great form this season and he is playing with more energy than last season.Messi is running around in a ground more so it is difficult to stop Messi for opposite team.

                             In the other game Real Madrid won against Deportivo La Coruna.Once again Ramos came to rescue Real Madrid.He scored in extra time just like he scored against Barcelona.

                             Neymar missed a match because of he got five yellow card in a season ,while no star forward for Real Madrid.Ronaldo ,Bale and Benzema not playing in a game.Real Madrid got  a win without them.

                             Real Madrid remain in top of La Liga with six points. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

                            Barcelona         4                     vs                     Monchengladbach       0

                          Adra Turan shines in a UCL game against Monchengladbach.Barcelona got their first win after three consecutive draws in all coompition.Messi had a chance to break a most goals in UCL group stage which is hold by Cristiano Ronaldo,11 goals in Group stages but Messi failed to do it in a game.

                          Last week in El Classico in a last minute they held back by Sergio Ramos,Barccelona nearly got a win but they fail to do it when Ramos scored a last minute header goal.

                          16' minute Messi scored first goal for Barcelona which was setup by Turan.Messi run from outside of penalty area passed a ball to Adra Turan and Turan gave a ball back to Messi in penalty area.Messi made no mistake and put a ball into back of net with his left footed shot.No chance for Monchengladbach defence.

                         51' minute Adra Turan was open in a box ,no one around him when Denish Saurez provide an assist for Adra which was deflected by Monchenglabach Defender and Adra scored a goal with header.

                        53' minnute Adra scored second goal for Catalan club,Messi played a good role in this goal.He gave a wonderful pass to his teammate and he gave a cross pass to Adra in a box,this goal was just like messi scored in a first half.Adra's powerful rightfooted shot went into a net.3rd for Barca.

                         67' minute Hattrick for Adra Turan,Alcacer provied an assist to Adra for his hat trick but before that Rafinha passed a ball to Alcacer.Once again Adra was totally open in a box,no one marking him.    

                         Adra Turan made his contribution in all for goals.In this game everyone's eye was on Messi if he could break 11 goals in a group stage of UCL hold by Ronaldo but he failed to do so and Adra steals a show scoring a hat trick in a game from Messi.

                        Barcelona made another record for Most passes in UCL ,993 passes in a game.A very good news for Andres played a very good game.

                        Now Barcelona and Man. City qualified for Last 16 in a group stage of UCL.Barcelona Top a group with 15 points while Man. City held by Celtic in another game.

2Manchester City6+29
3Borussia Monchengladbach6-75