Friday, 31 March 2017

Cavs(48-27)     Vs     76ers(28-48)

After a win against 76ers Cavaliers end three games losing streak and end March with 7 wins and 10 losses. All Starter Players For Cavs played well in This game.


Cavs scored 54 points in a paint while 76ers made 46 points in paint.  First Quarter was nearly same for Both Teams but Cavs opened a game for Them by outscoring 76ers 38-23. After first half Cavs got a huge 18 points lead. And same went in 3rd quarter for Cavs. They took 3rd quarter with 9 points. and took a lead of 27 points after 3rd. 76ers did a good job in 4th but it wasn't enough for them to win a game.  

 JR Smith played a good game , He scored 14 points and made 4 3-pointers out of 7 with 57.1 3P %. This is a good news for Cavs.

Also Kyrie , LeBron And Love had a good game , Kyrie scored 24 points , LeBron added 34 points , Kevin Love made 18 points with 10 board.

Triston Thompson is just the 6th player in CavsHistory to collect 4,000 points and 4,000 rebounds.

Lue Said before a Game ,"Guys Talked , Now we've got to move on and play. We've done enough talking over the last couple weeks. Now we just gotta settle in, we gotta play."

James Said ,"We're just in a bad spot right now. Not disappointed with the effort. We're just in a bad spot , We're going to try to figure it out. I think the effort was there. I just don't think the concentration for as close to 48 minutes is there yet. Which is unfortunate."

Irving Said ," Every journey's different. When you're in it, it absolutely sucks, when you're in a rut like this , We're taking steps forward. After the game we took a step forward."

Cavs' Next Game : Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Indiana Pacers

76ers Next Game : Philadelphia 76ers Vs Toronto Raptors

For Cavs :

LeBron JamesF29349600
Kevin LoveF291810330
Triston ThompsonC29711001
JR SmithG26144111
Kyrie IrvingG30241920
Channing Frye16121000

For 76ers :       

Justin AndersonF311210301
Richaun HolmesC35197220
Timothe G42194010
T.J. McConnellG28103720
Shawn Long21164011
Nik Stauskas2794610

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Cavs(47-27)     Vs     Bulls(36-39)

Cavs ended March with 6 win and 10 loss. Chicago Bulls sweep season series 4-0 against Cavs.

LeBron James achieved another feat in NBA , James moved past Shaquille O'Neal, finishing with 26 points and giving him 28,599 for his career , three more than O'Neal. But the big night by the four-time MVP couldn't prevent the Cavaliers from matching a season high with their third straight loss.


Cavaliers lost their third consecutive games and This dropped them a half-game behind Boston Celtics , and they registered 6-10 record in March. Bullas played without Dwayne Wade and they beat Cavs. After this win over Cavs Bulls sweep season series.

Kevin Love had a rough night. He finished with eight points and 10 boards on 3-of-10 shooting, and fouled out. He picked up his fifth foul with 11:47 left in fourth quarter, and about eight seconds after he returned to the game he fouled out with 6:08 remaining on a reach into Jimmy Butler. The Cavs looked at Love with stunned expressions.

Nikola Mirotic tied a season high with 28 points for the Bulls. He made 6 t3-pointers in this game.

Cavs took a 9 points lead after first half. James had a great first half , he scored 19 points in first half.

Once Cavs had 11 points lead in a game , But in a third quarter they were not good from shooting and gave quarter to Chicago Bulls. Bulls outscored Cavs 37-21 in 3rd quarter.

 7:23 remaining in 4th quarter LeBron James levelled Shaq on points when he scored on a layup. 4:28 remaining in a game , He made one of three free throws and took a 7th position in all time leading scorer.

Ninth-place Bulls moved within a game of Miami and Indiana in the Eastern Conference standings.They also finished 4-0 against Cleveland to complete their first sweep of the Bulls since they took all three games during the 2011-12 season.

All Time Leading Scorer In NBA :

3Kobe Brayant33,643
4Michael Jordan32,292
7LeBron James28,599

Cavs' Next Game : Cleveland Cavaliers Vs 76ers

Bulls' Next Game : Chicago Bulls Vs Atlanta Hawks

For Cavs :

LeBron JamesF392610811
Kevin LoveF20810402
Triston ThompsonC35159010
JR SmithG38123410
Kyrie IrvingG38202310

For Bulls :

Nikola MiroticF372810101
Robin LopezC351011021
Jimmy BulterG38256520
Rajon RondoG35791521
Denzel Valentine31126110

SAS(57-17)     Vs     GSW(61-14)

A Match up between two best team in NBA  San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors That came to an end in favour of Golden State Warriors. After huge 22 points first Half lead San Antonio Spurs lost a momentum and handed a game to Golden State Warriors.


The Warriors overcame a 22-point first-quarter deficit to steal a 110-98 victory over the Spurs at AT&T Center. Golden State has won nine in a row and now has a three-and-a-half-game cushion on the Spurs in the race for the Western Conference's top playoff seed with seven games remaining on the schedule.

1st Quarter , San Antonio Spurs started a quarter with a great momentum , They made 15-0 run in first 4 minutes of a quarter. Green scored 9 points from 3 3-pointers out of 15 points. Iguodala made a pull up jump shot at buzzer beater which cut a lead to 16 points in first quarter. San Antonio Spurs had maximum 22 points lead in a quarter.

2nd Quarter , 7:56 minutes remaining Clark made 3-pointer which cut a lead to 10 points , GSW made 10-4 run in 3:20 minutes. 5:51 remaining Livingston made turnaround jump shot and drew a foul , GSW cut a lead to 7 points. 3:29 minutes remaining in quarter GSW levelled a game , GSW made 10-0 run in 2:12 minutes. After First Half SAS held 3 points lead. They had maximum 22 points lead.

3rd Quarter , Aldridge blocked 2 layup shots of Zaza Pachulia. 10:41 minutes remaining in a quarter Thompson made 3-pointer which gave a first lead to GSW in a game , assisted by Green. 9:21 remaining Curry made 3-pointer which gave 9 points lead. Curry made 3 3-pointers in 4 minutes. Curry scored 13 points in a quarter. 3:10 remaining in quarter SAS made 8-2 run and cut a lead to 1 point , But GSW 12-6 run in last 3 minutes and got 7 points lead after 3rd.

4th Quarter , 5:08 remaining West made jump shot , 10 points lead for GSW. From 22 points lead in a first quarter , SAS lost a game by 12 points.

Tony Parker was a scoreless in a game. Curry Said , " It is a big win , Everything was kind of stacked against us after that first quarter."

SAS' Next Game : San Antonio Spurs Vs Oklahoma City Thunder

GSW's Next Game : Golden State Warriors Vs Houston Rockets

For SAS :

PlayerPositionMin PointsRebAstStlBlk
Kawhi LeonardF35197510
LaMarcus AldridgeF34176004
Danny GreenG30166320
Pau Gasol25188511

For GSW :

Klay ThompsonG35232001
Stephen CurryG352931110
Andre Iguodala30146120
David West 21154502

OKC(43-31)     Vs     Magic(27-48)

Russell Westbrook scored highest scoring (57) points Triple - Double in NBA History.

With Russell Westbrook's amazing performance OKC clinched a playoff spot. This was second Time in a season Russell Westbrook scored 50+ points and registered a Triple-Double.

OKC 2024283012114

This was Russell Westbrook's 4th consecutive Triple-Double and 38th of the season.

Westbrook scored 26 points in fourth quarter and OT combined , also he added 7 rebounds , 3 assist in fourth Quarer and OT.

After First Half Westbrook scored 21 points but his team was behind by 5 points. Magic outscored OKC in second quarter with 31-24.

Third quarter , Magic took a third quarter with 5 points lead and took a 10 points lead in a game.

Fourth quarter , Russell Westbrook was too good in fourth quarter , The highlight of Westbrook's masterclass was a devastating late burst of scoring which saw him net 19 points in the final six minutes of regulation time, draining a three-pointer with seven seconds remaining to send the game into overtime.

OT , OKC outrun Magic in OT by 12-4 and took a game.

Westbrook, a leading MVP candidate, led the Thunder to their largest comeback in team history, rallying Oklahoma City from a 21-point deficit in the second half as he recorded his 38th triple-double of the season.

Magic are out of playoff spot from eastern Conference.

OKC's Next Game : Oklahoma City Thunder Vs San Antonio Spurs

Magic's Next Game : Orlando Magic Vs Boston Celtics

For OKC :

Russell WestbrookG4157131130
Victor OladipoG43135111
Enes Kanter201710000

For Magic :

Terrence RossF45231211
Aaron GordonF40135141
Nikola VucevicC321116112
Evan FournierG40246510
Elfrid PaytonG37116801
Bismack Biyombo201211202

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Argentina  Vs Bolivia

Bolivia stunned Messi less Argentina in WCQ.

Without Messi Argentina is nothing that proved in this World Cup Qualifying Rounds. With Messi Argentina got 15 points from 18 and without Messi Argentina got only 7 points out of 21.


Messi was suspended for 4 games after using insulting word towards an assisting referee in a game against Chile. It was a huge blow for Argentina to play without Messi. Lionel Messi has played six matches in Argentina's World Cup qualification campaign, notching five wins and one defeat. In the eight games he has missed, however, Argentina have accumulated one win, four draws and three defeats. Messi's four-match suspension was handed down Tuesday morning, and he still has three more games to miss; after the 2-0 defeat in Bolivia.

After 4 games suspension Messi will get a chance to play only one game.

Juan Carlos Arce and Marcelo Martins scored a goal for Bolivia as they got a victory against Argentina. If Argentina will not play well they will end up like Netherlands.

Colombia and Chile both won their game , After this result Argentina slipped to 5th place in group behind Chile. Colombia is in second spot.

Argentina head coach Edgardo Bauza criticised FIFA for handing Lionel Messi a four-game suspension hours before his side slumped to a 2-0 defeat in Bolivia that jeopardised their hopes of qualifying for next year's World Cup. 

Now Argentina is in 5th place in group with 22 points. Brazil Top a group with 33 points and only 4 games remaining to play.

Standings :



Monday, 27 March 2017

             SAS(57-16)     Vs     Cavs(47-26)

Kawhi Leonard scored in double figures in 100 straight games.

       Cavs were too bad in This game from both end , Offensive and Defensive. Kyle Korver was not playing in a game due to left foot injury. Iman Shumpert was already out of a game. 

Spurs 28361722103

Spurs are playing Top Teams in their next 3 matches , They defeated NBA champions with ease and Now they are one of the most favourite to win Championship.

Cleveland (47-26) dropped its second in a row, set a season low for points and fell a half-game behind Boston (48-26) for the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Cavs were bad in transition and shooting , they made 31 fG from 83 with just 37.3 FG % and from long range only 4 from 26 with 15.4 3P %.

San Antonio Spurs was spectacular from Defensive end , They stole a ball 11 times and blocks 7 times.

First quarter under 5 minutes remaining Kawhi Leonard blocked LeBron James' shot. LeBron had a beautiful move inside which was summarily blocked in beautiful fashion by Kawhi.

San Antonio Spurs dominated game from first quarter , They got 10 points lead in first quarter and in second quarter SAS out scored Cavs 36-22. SAS took 24 points lead in first half.

Cavs never got a chance to come back in a game. They made some good defensive play only in third quarter where they stopped SAS to 17 points , But they also bad at Offensive play.

SAS took a fourth quarter and took a game with huge 29 points lead , This season Cavs had lost some of their games against West teams with big margin , They lost to GSW with 35 points margin and LAC to 30 points margin.

This was a very bad game from Kyrie Irving after  20+ scoring run from him in 21 games , Kyrie had just 8 points in this game. Only LeBron James and Triston Thompson scored 10+ points in this game.

Cavaliers star LeBron James was injured late in the third quarter after taking an elbow to the base of his neck. He remained on the bench for a while receiving medical attention, then headed toward the locker room and didn't return to the game.

Cavs finished their schedule against West and come up with 16-14.

Cavs' Next Game : Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Chicago Bulls

SAS' Next Game : San Antonio Spurs Vs Golden State Warriors

For Cavs :

PlayerPositionMin PointsRebAstStlBlk
LeBron JamesF29178800
Kevin LoveF2797420
Triston ThompsonC26117001

For Spurs :

Kawhi LeonardF29256631
LaMarcus AldridgeF28147411
Dewayne DedmonC20813001
Pau Gusol21144010
Patty Mills1792710
Manu Ginobili16123110