Saturday, 28 January 2017

                              GSW(40-7)     vs     LAC(30-18)

Curry scored 43 points in a game and single handily outscored LAC in a third quarter 25-23.

           Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
GSW  31  41  45  27   144

LAC   22  29  23  24   98

                              GSW defeated LAC by a big margin. LAC had no answer for Stephen Curry and GSW. Stephen Curry came back in his MVP form , he scored 43 points in a game.

                              Clipper was playing without their Point Guard and Leader Chrish Paul.

                              First Quarter , GSW had maximum 10 points lead and they continued their momentum until end of a first quarter and took a lead of 9 points in a quarter.

                               2:07 minutes remaining in a second quarter Griffi'n's Layup shot blocked by Draymond Green and He scored with a Slum dunk  on  a Fast break.

                             Until  47 seconds remaining in a second quarter both team were equal in three-pointer with making 7 from 12 , but Rivers' 3-pointer made it to 8 from 13. Kevin Durant scored a two pointer with a left hand dunk.

                               What a Buzzer beater by Curry ! He got a rebounds over DeAndre Jordan and  made 50-footer from the centre circle that swished through with 1.7 seconds to go. It only added to Curry lore on such “miracle” shots. 

                               Green said on that shot,"There’s probably a 50-50 chance it’s going in, and I think that’s pretty high. After you see something so many times, you just know there’s a good chance it’s going to go."

                                GSW took  huge 21 points lead in a first half of a game.

                               GSW always comeback strong in third quarter with huge scoring points , In this game they also did the same thing.

                               Curry alone outscored LAC by scoring 25 points where LAC scored 23 points , and Curry made made 8 of 11 shots, including 5 of 8 3-point tries and was plus-22 just for those 12 minutes alone as the Warriors expanded the lead to as many as 43.

                               fourth quarter GSW rested their Star players. LAC scored 24 points in a Last quarter. They lost by huge 46 points deposits.

                                Curry is Back in his MVP form , he got a MVP Award two times.

                                 For GSW :

Klay and Durant in a match against LAC.

                                 Kevin Durant scored 23 points , 4 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Stephen Curry scored 43 points , 9 rebounds , 6 assists. Klay Thompson scored 16 points , 1 rebound , 1 assist , 1 steal. Draymond Green scored 5 points , 5 rebounds , 5 assists , 2 steals , 2 blocks.

                                For LAC :

                                 Black Griffin scored 20 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal. JJ Redick scored 13 points , 1 rebound , 1 steal. Austin Rivers scored 10 points , 2 rebounds , 6 assists , 1 steal. Raymond Felton scored 10 points , 7 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 block. Jamal Crowford scored 5 points , 1 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals.         



                        Sarena Williams defeats Venus Williams And Creates a History 

                                                                   (6-4 6-4)

Serena is now the most successful woman in the Open Era after passing Steffi Graf with victory at the Australian Open.


                                        First Set :  6-4 Serena Williams 41 minutes

5 break of games in a set but Serena took a decisive one and took a set.

                                           First Game , Serena breaks Venus in a first game of a set with a running backhand winner to pass Venus.    

                                          2nd game of a set , Serena forces Venus into two more errors from the backhand side, but a double fault and a backhand error of her own makes it 30-all. Serena then hit  her first ace  but Serena Sends a backhand wide. Venus takes a set by sending a forehand long from baseline.

                                          3rd game of a set Serena breaks Venus serve again , unforced error from Venus gave break to Serena.

                                           4th game  , Venus levelled a game by breaking Serena's Serve , 4th break in 4 games. Sarena made backhand unforced error to give Venus a break ,

                                           7th game , Sarena took a break point with Backhand winner.

                                           10th game , Serena won a set by hitting a consecutive aces.

                                           Serena won a set in 41 minutes.

                                          Second Set : 6-4 Serena Williams 37 minutes

Serena won a second set , a game  , 7th Australian Open Title , 23rd Grand slam for  Serena Williams. 

                                          3rd game Venus Williams saved three break points , Venus held a serve by taking 5 consecutive points.

                                           7th game , Venus hit a forehand shot wide and a break point for Serena , but Venus held a serve when Serena hit a forehand into a Net. Serena took another break point by hitting thunderous forehand. But Venus levelled it back ,error made by Serena. Venus gave another break point by hitting backhand wide , Serena made no mistake this time he hit a powerful backhand shot and a game went to Serena.

                                             Sarena broke Venus after 6 breakpoints.

                                             Venus looks uncomfortable after 8th game of a set. but she holds.

                                             10th game of a match , Venus won 24 shots rally  ! What a play by both players.

                                              Venus hits  a shot into a net and a championship point for Serena Williams.

                                               Serena won a match I 1hour and 22 minutes.

                                              Serena become World no 1 and Oldest player to achieve it.




Friday, 27 January 2017

                                      Cavs(31-14)         vs        Nets(9-37) 


Cavs celebrated a Chinese new year by winning a game and end a 3 game losing streak.


         Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Cavs 27  28  39  30   124

Nets  25  22  26  43   116

                                       Cavs ends their losing streak after win against Nets. Nets is in a last position in a Eastern Conference Standing While Cavs is first placed team. It's no surprise they got an easy win but Nets Last quarter made a close game , they scored 43 points in a last quarter.

                                        Nets lost their last 9 games out of 10 and only one win from 16.

                                        Kyle Korver reached 10,000 career points in NBA. LeBron James passed Tony Porter for 14th place in NBA History with 7,161 Career Assists.

                                         End of a first quarter Kevin Love scored 7 points , 8 rebounds , LBJ made 8 points.   

                                        In a second Quarter Kevin Love's three pointer gave 7 points lead to Them , but it was cut by three pointer of foye  and lead cut to 4 points.

                                       1:05 minute remaining in 2nd quarter , Nets cuts a lead to only 2 points ,

                                       24 seconds remaining in 2nd quarter , Foye missed a three pointer , Jefferson made a three pointer at a buzzer at a end of a first half and extended a lead to 8 points.

                                       In a opening 5 minutes of a first half Cavs out scored Nets 20-19. Cavs took 20 points lead. Cavs took a maximum 24 points lead in a game and Cavs won 26 games and lost only two games when they are leading in a game After 3 quarter.

                                       7:52 minutes remaining in a last quarter , Nets made 7/7 field goal while Cavs made 5/7 field goal.

                                       Nets tried to came back in a game by outscoring Cavs 43-30 , but it was not enough for them.

Cavs' head coah Lue in a game against Nets.

                                       Lue reminded his players before Wednesday's overtime loss to the Sacramento Kings they were the defending champs.

                                        Lue said.
                                        "Everybody goes through a tough stretch. Now you got to dig yourself out of it. We're capable of doing it.

                                        Lue Said after a game ,"That's one win. We  continue to keep building on this one."

                                        For Cavs :
Lebron put 31 points and Kyrie score 28 points to win a game.

                                        LeBron James scored 31 points , 5 rebounds , 11 assists. Kevin Love put 13 points , 14 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Triston Thompson scored 10 points , 10 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 block. Kyrie Irving scored 28 points , 4 rebounds , 6 assists , 2 blocks. Kyle Korver added 14 points , 2 rebounds. Iman Shumpert scored 6 points , 1 rebound , 1 assist , 3 steals. 

                                        For Nets :  

                                        Bojan scored 17 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Justin Hamilton scored 12 points , 5 rebounds , 1 steal , 1 block. Randy Foye scored 16 points , 8 rebounds , 5 assists. Sean Kilpatrick scored 18 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 steals. Isaiah Whitehead added 16 points , 3 rebounds , 3 assists.



                FC  Barcelona     5       vs       Real Sociedad   2

                                          Aggregate (6-2)

                                    Barcelona are now in semifinal of Copa Del Rey , This is their 7th consecutive Semifinal in 7 seasons. Now they will face Athletico Madrid in Semifinal.

                                    17' minute Goal Denis Suarez Barcelona , minute Samuel Umtiti stole a ball from Xabi Prieto into a half of Real Sciedad. A Ball went to Neymar , Neymar gave a ball to Messi , Messi passed it to Suarez , Suarez touched a ball with backheel  and a ball went to Denis Suarez , Denis put a ball into a net with right footed Cross shot. A decent finish from Denis Suarez.

                                   21' minute Luis Suarez passed a ball to Messi , Messi gave it back to Suarez with a wonderful flick pass. Luis Suarez put a ball into a net but Luis Suarez was off side.

                                  40' minute Carlos made a foul on Neymar , Something went wrong between those two players , Referee gave yellow card to both players.

                                    54' minute Real Sociedad missed a chance to score a goal and a very good save from Barcelona Goal keeper.

                                   54' minute Goal Messi(p) Barcelona , Neymar made a great run and took a ball into a Real Sociedad'd Penalty area when he was approaching to score a goal , Inigo Martinez fouled him , Referee gave a penalty. Penalty taken by Messi , Messi scored a goal. inches perfect penalty kick by Messi.

                                   62' minute Goal Juanmi Real Sociedad ,  What a finish by Juanmi  , Martinez  made a pass with a lovely Flick touch to Juanmi , He put a ball into a net over a head of Barcelona Keeper.

                                    63' minute Goal Luis Suarez Barcelona , What play by Messi and Suarez , Messi made a setup for a goal , He passed a ball to Suarez after making wonderful play. Suarez scored a goal with right footed shot.

                                   73' goal Willian Jose Real Sociedad ,  Willian Jose scored a goal with a pinpoint header on a cross pass for Real Sociedad.

                                   80' minutes Goal Adra Turan Barcelona , Once again Messi played a part in this goal Messi passed a ball to open man Vidal He put a ball into a penalty area of Real Sociedad. Adra Turan and Luis Suarez tried to touch a ball , Turan made it and ball went to back of a net.

23 years old Denish Suarez scored 2 goals for Barcelona.

                                  82' minute Goal Denis Suarez Barcelona , What a superb piece of football , another assist for Messi. A perfect pass from Messi to Suarez between 2 Real Sociedad player and A brilliant goal and best goal of a night.

                                  Fisrt Semifinal : Barcelona  Vs  Athletico Madrid 
                                 Atletico Madrid and Barcelona will meet in the semi-finals of this season's Copa del Rey.

                                 The first leg will be at the Vicente Calderon on 1 February, with the return at the Nou Camp a week later.

                                 Another Semifinal : Celto Vigo Vs  Alves      





          Nadal Defeates Dimitrov in Australian Open Semifinal  

                                  (6-3 5-7 7-6 6-7 6-4)

Nadal and Roger Federer will face each other in their 9th grand slam finals

                                     First Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

Nadal takes first set in demanding style.

                                     Nadal broke Dimitrov's serve in the fourth game of a set. Nadal got a two break points in Dimitrov's serve. Dimitrov saved a first game with ace down the middle. But not the second. Dimitrov approaches the net. Nadal sizes him up, works out the angles and measures a forehand down the line. Dimitrov stretches and nets a volley. Nadal breaks.

                                   In a 9th game of set Nadal hit a backhand long gave 0-15 lead to Dimitrov. but Nadal took 2 points and made it 30-15.Two set points materialise when Dimitrov knocks a backhand return long. Nadal whips a forehand into the left corner and although Dimitrov scrambles it back, the Spaniard polishes off the point and the set with a killer volley.

                                   Second Set : 5-7 Dimitrov

Dimitrov levelled a game by winning a second set.

                                    Dimitrov got a break in 4th game of a set , In a Dimitrov hit a backhand and forehand winner which gave him a 30-0 lead over Nadal. Nadal Complaining to umpire about something. Dimitrov finds a wondrous angle with a cross court forehand and Nadal slices a backhand wide, giving up three break points. In a last point of a game Nadal hit a forehand wide and it was a break for Dimitrov.

                                    9th game of a set Dimitrov hit a backhand long which gave Nadal 2 break points , Nadal took a break and come back in a game.

                                    12th game of a set Dimitrov broke Nadal's serve and took a set.

                                    Dimitrov took a set and levelled a game.

                                   Third Set : 7-6 Nadal

Nadal took a set after winning in tie break

                                    5th game of a set Nadal broke Dimitrove's serve , First break of a set , Dimitrov gave a break point Nadal. Dimitrov hit backhand long and game went to Nadal.

                                     But Dimitrov broke Nadal's next serving game. Nadal couple of loose errors gave Dimitrov 2 break points. In a fourth break point of Dimitrov Nadal  sends a forehand wide. A break for Demitrov and levelled a set.

                                     Match went into a tie-break ,Nadal took a set After winning a tiebreak 7-5.

                                     Fourth Set : 7-6 Dimitrov

second time Dimitrov levelled a match by taking fourth set.

                                      Match went into a tiebreak  , no break point in a set.

                                      4th tiebreak point Dimitrov forced Nadal to hit  a Backhand wide and a break in Tie break For Dimitrov. Dimitrov took a tiebreak with 7-4.

                                       Fifth Set : 6-4 Nadal

Nadal won a fifth set , a game ant reaches to his 21 Major final.

                                       Nadal had too many chance of break points.

                                       Dimitrov faced two break points in starting game of a set. He saved both , but Nadal got third won. He’s relieved to see Nadal send a return wide. Eventually he holds, after 13 minutes, wrongfooting Nadal with a forehand.

                                       9th game of a set , Nadal Broke Dimitrov's serve. Double Foult from Dimitrov gave Nadal 30-0 lead into a game , but he faught back in a game. and levelled a game 30-30.  Dimitrov's forehand hit a net and went long. A break point for Nadal. Nadal pumps a forehand pass down the line. Dimitrov blocks a volley back into play, but it sits up invitingly for Nadal to barrel forward and crash a backhand down the line to break.

                                       In a Last game , of set and match , Nadal hit an ace which gave him a break point but it was called out. Overruled by Umpire , Dimitrove challenged on that but that was in and a Match point For Nadal.  Nadal earns a second match point, but he didn't take it.

                                      Third match point for Nadal , Nadal didn't make a mistake this time. Domitrov hit a Backhand long and Match went to Nadal.

                                      Match time : 4 hours and 54 minutes.

                                     An epic match went into a favour of Nadal.  




Thursday, 26 January 2017

Roger Federer defeates Stan Wawrinka in 5 sets thriller Semi Final

                   7-5 6-3 6-1 6-4 6-3

Federer reaches his 28th Grand slam Final in his Career after after overcoming compatriot Stan Wawrinka in a five-set thriller.

                                 First Set : 7-5  Roger Federer

                                 Federer's backhand to make it 0-15.  A stunning drop volley sets Wawrinka up for a smash for 15-all, but another missed backhand makes it 15-30. A few errors are creeping into his game. Another serve and drop volley routine makes it 30-all, but a superb backhand from left to right from Wawrinka forces Federer to net. Here’s a break point at a crucial time.

                                Wawrinka's backhand went long and Roger took a game.

                               12th game of a set , Roger Federer broke Stan Wawrinka's Service and took  a set 7-5. Wawrinka's another error gave Roger a set. 


                                 Second Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

                                 Federer broke Wawrinka's 3rd serve , Federer hit a forehand , Stan got a touch on the ball but it was minimal and he accepts the call made no difference to him . point went to Federer.

                                 Stan Wawrinka's couple errors gave two break points to Federer. Wawrinka saved a first point , but he hit another into a net. and a game went to Roger.

                                  After this both player hold their serve but one service break by Roger on Wawrinka's serve gave roger a set.  

                                 Third Set : 6-1  Wawrinka 

Wawrinka took a third set after medical timeout in stunning style.
                                 Wawrinka back in a game after breaking Roger Federer's 2nd Service game. Two forehand errors and another gave Wawrinka 3 break points. Federer survived first break point but Wawrinka took a second one.

                                 Wawrinka broke another service of Roger Federer Wawrinka earns a break point, bullying Federer with a forehand down the line. Monstrous hitting from Wawrinka unsettles Federer. who put his forehand way long.   


                                 Wawrinka hold his serve and took a set 6-1.

                                 Fourth Set : 6-4 Wawrinka 

Wawrinka took a third and fourth set to level a game.

                                First game of a set , Wawrinka broke Roger's serve , Roger hit  a forehand wide and gave a break points to Wawrinka. Federer served wide and moves forward , Wawrinka put a backhand pass left to right , and took a game. A break for Wawrinka.

                               Roger came back in a set by breaking Wawrinka's serve  , Two games , each player broke a serve of each other.

                                9th game of a set , Roger's serve was broken by Wawrinka.

                               Wawrinka serving for a set. He made no mistake and took a set 6-4. Wawrinka levelled a game with 2 sets each.


                                Fifth Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

now Federer is eying on to win  18th grand slam title.


                                7th game , Federer broke Wawrinka's serve. Wawrinka takes the first point, but Federer takes the next two thanks to excellent returns. Then Wawrinka squirts a backhand horribly wide to hand Federer two break points, his first of this set, and the world No4 double-faults! Rather uncharitably, the crowd cheers as Federer breaks. 

                                 Perfect start to the game for Roger as Wawrinka's defensive lob lands long. A quite brilliant inside out forehand then makes it 30-0, as Federer shows incredible foot-speed to run around his backhand and leather the ball down the line. Another huge forehand follows to set up 40-0 and three match points , Federer had a match point , Wawrinka send a backhand return long.

                                Match went to Roger Federer.   




            Cavs(30-14)           vs          Kings(18-27)

The Kings won an overtime thriller tonight against the Cavs.

            Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Total
Cavs    26  21  35  22  8     112
Kings  22  31  26  25  12   116

                                  This was Cavs 6th lost in 8 games. and this was  Second OT Lost  in 3 games.


                                  In just 3 minutes of a first quarter Kings made 10-0 run until Kyrie Irving scored on Lebron James pass. Kevin Love's 3 pointer got a lead for Cavs. 

                                   Cavs took a 4 points lead in first set.

                                  In a second quarter Richardson Driving Layup Shot gave a lead to Kings. Cavs teams missed too many shots in the second quarter.

                                  Collison 3pt Shot made a 3-pointer at a buzzer and gave a lead of 6 point to Kings.

                                  7:55 minutes remaining in a 3rd quarter Lebron James layup shot gave a lead to Cavs 61-60. 5:10 minutes Shumpert made a 3 pointer on Kevin Love's pass , cut a lead to 1 point.                

                                  4:32 remaining in a quarter Kevin Love hits a three pointer , two point lead for Cavs.

                                  Too many lead changes in the third quarter.

                                  After ending of 3rd quarter Cavs had 3 points lead.

                                  8:24 minutes remaining in 4th quarter , LeBron James Steals a ball , took a ball and Hammere a rim with a powerful Dunk.

                                  7:47 remaining , Korver's three pointer on LeBron James' assist gave Cavs 10 points lead.

                                 Kings made 11-0 run in 3 minutes to take a lead of 1 point. 19.5 second remaining in a game , LeBron drives and he passed a ball to Kyrie , Kyrie passed to Korver, Korver missed a three pointer , Kavin Love grabbed a rebound and gave a ball to Korver. Kyrie Fouled. Kyrie hit one Free-throws and missed one.

                                    3.2 seconds remaining in a game  Cousin drives and made a two pointer to equal a game. Kyrie passed a ball to Love but it was stolen by Cousin. Cousin made a very important last two plays.

                                   2:17 minutes remaining in OT Kevin love scored  3-pointer and gave a lead of 5 points.

                                   OT: 1:31 minutes remaining Thompson blocked a shot of Cousin.

                                   OT : 31.5 minutes remaining Kevin Love fouled by Cousin , Love made one free throws and one missed. Afflalo Made 3pt Shot , Kings had 3 points lead.

                                     14.3 second remaining LeBron James shoots a three pointer but he missed it. Turnover by Cavs at last seconds.

                                      in last 2:15 minutes Kings outscored Cavs 10-1 points.

                                      For Cavs :

LeBron James scored a triple double , but he coulgn't help
a team to win a game

                                      Lebron James scored 24 points , 13 rebounds , 11 assists , 2 steals , 1 block. Kevin Love added 21 points , 16 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal. Kyrie Irving scored 20 points , 1 rebounds , 6 assists , 2 steals , 2 blocks. Iman Shumpert scored 16 points , 3  rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals. Kyle Korver made 12 points , 1 rebound , 3 assists , 1 block.


                                     For Kings :

Cousin And Co. made a very important play in last 2
minutes to seal a deal.
                                       DeMarcus Cousin scored 28 points , 11 rebounds , 9 assists , 3 steals , 1 block. Darren Collison added 23 points , 3 rebounds , 5 assists , 2 steals , 1 block. Arron Afflalo scored 14 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists. Garrett Temple scored 12 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists , 4 steals.