Saturday, 21 January 2017

                             Cavs(30-12)              vs              Spurs(34-9)  

Kawhi Leonard scored career high 41 points as Spurs got a big road win in Cleveland

           Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Total
Cavs   33  25  31  18   8    115

Spurs  22  35  27  23  11   118

                                  All Star Start up Player Kawhi Leonard shines in a game against Cavaliers. He was outstanding tonight. Kawhi Leonard scored Career high 41 points and helped spurs to win a game against Cavaliers.

                                  NBA's two elite team faced each other at Quicken Loans Arena and match went as excepted. the Spurs defeated Cleveland 118-115 in what was obviously a compelling game, given its score, length, and the two teams competing.

                                  In a 1st quarter Cavs had an advantages of 11 points and everyone assumed that Cavs will win a game with ease over second best team in Western Conference.

                                  But second Best Team in Western Conference came back in a second quarter and outscored Cavs with 35-25 , until first half Cavs had only 1 points lead where they got a 11 points lead in a first quarter.

                                 In a third quarter Cavs leading a game with  89-84 points on Spur.The Spurs opened the second period on a 17-2 spurt. The Cavs closed periods well, up until overtime anyway. They won the final 4:42 of the second period, 14-6, and finished the third with five points lead.

                                 The third quarter ended in dramatic fashion, with Thompson preventing Manu Ginobili from getting an easy layup, followed by an Iman Shumpert three-pointer with less than one second remaining, which put Cleveland up by five.

                                 In a fourth quarter Spurs outscored Cavs , Cavs made too many mistakes and they paid a Price for this. Spurs went on a 12-1 run in the first three minutes of the fourth quarter to take a 96-90 lead. and after that 4:56 minutes remaining in a 4th quarter Spurs took a lead of 9 points on Cavs.

                                Cavs Came back in a game within 3 minutes they put a run of 11-2 where Lebron James hit a clutch shot 3 feet away from long range line and levelled a game for Cavs.

                                Lebron James put a pressure on Kawhi Leonard  when Kawhi tried to play One on One with James . He drives towards Bucket , hit inside ,off balance , Kawhi missed a huge shot. Rebounds by Thompson.

                                13.4 sec. remaining in a quarter , Cavs time-out , Cavs had a opportunity to win a game but Lebron missed a clutch shot. A match went into a OT.

                                OT :   Kyrie Irving scored first 6 points in OT for Cavs.

                                Mills hit a 3-pointer to take a lead in a game with 114-113 points.
                                The Cavs scored one basket in the final 2:12 of overtime. Trailing by three and coming out of a timeout, James threw a pass to no one in the corner with 24.2 seconds left for his seventh turnover.

                                 The Spurs took the lead for good on Patty Mills' 3-pointer with 1:52 to go. LaMarcus Aldridge's jumper with 38 seconds remaining put them up 116-113. 

                               31.1 seconds remaining in OT James tried to levelled a game as he equalled a game in 4th quarter For Cavs but this time he missed a shot.

                                24.6 seconds remaining in OT. Kevin Love passed a ball to James. James threw a pass to no one in the corner. This was a big mistake by James. 7th Turnover of a game for James.

Kawhi Leonard scored 30+ points  in 6 consecutive games.

                                13.2 seconds remaining James grabbed a ball from Leonard's hand and referee gave it a jump ball. Lebron won a jump ball tipped a ball , but Love's effort to save it from going out of bounds went straight to Leonard, who raced ahead for what should've been a clinching dunk.

                                0.9 second remaining Oldridge fouled by James , he was on free throw lines. He missed both free-throws.

                              0.6 second Love went to a corner he was open , no one guarding him he had a great opportunities to equal a game with 3-pointer but this time he missed a shot.

                             Here, In a game Cavs missed 10 free throws , they scored only 12 free throws out of 22.

                            After Kawhi Leonard Murray is a second player to score 10+ points in three straight games.

                             The match went into a favor of Spurs with 118-115.What a Game!!

                             For Cavs :

Irving and LeBron James both scored 29 points each in a game against Spurs but they failed to registered a win.

                             Lebron James put 29 points , 6 rebounds , 7 assists , 2 steals. Kyrie Irving added 29 points , 3 rebounds , 9 assists , 2 steals. Kevin Love scored 13 points , 11 rebounds , 3 assists. Triston Thompson scored 14 points , 12 rebounds , 1 assist. Iman Shumpert scored 11 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals.

                            For Spurs :

                             Kawhi Leonard scored 41 points , 6 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Aldridge scored 16 points , 12 rebounds , 6 assists , 2 blocks. David Lee added 14 points , 11 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 block. Murray scored 14 points , 2 rebounds , 6 assists. Petty Mills scored 13 points , 3 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal.    





                                   Real Madrid  2        vs             Malaga 1 


Sergio Ramos Brace helped Real Madrid to come back on winning way.

                                            In the last game for Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos scored for opponent where Real Madrid Faced a lost to Celta Vigo in Copa Del Rey Round of 16.

                                              But This time Ramos scored two goals for Real Madrid and got a win for his team and put them on winning track.

                                              Malaga Already shocked Barcelona and won a game against them but this time their effort was not good.

                                              8' Lucas crosses, but it's cleared. It's worked out to Marcelo on the other wing, who crosses, but again it's cleared. Luka Modric then slips a lovely little ball into Lucas in the box - but he's offside, along with at least three Real colleagues.

                                              11' minute Lucas perfectly measured a position of Benzema and Made a cross pass to him , But Benzema's Header bounces off the surface and went over a post bar. A very good chance for Real Madrid and Benzema. Benzema who scored one goal in six La Liga games.

                                                 12' minutes What a pass from Toni Croos to Ronaldo , Toni Croos provided pass like Messi did this things every time for Barcelona in magical style ,Ronaldo took a pass and he was one to one with Malaga Goalkeeper Karlos Kameni. Ronaldo shoots a ball with Right foot but Karlos reads it , He hesitated and put his body in a way of a ball. He put away a Ball. A great pass from Tony to Ronaldo and a very good save From Malaga Keeper.

                                                15' minutes another huge Chance for Real Madrid and missed by Benzema. Lucas peeks a spot and put a ball beautifully for Banzema in Penalty Area but Benzema tried to shot a ball with back flip and a ball to far from post bar.

                                                    16' minute a little Neymar on Display there ,  It's fed into Chory Castro just inside the penalty area, and the Uruguayan unleashes that fizzes low towards Keylor's left - but bounces back off the woodwork. Marcello cleared a ball to safety.shot

                                                         18' minutes another chance for visitors but This time Navas made a save. 

                                                       24' minutes Tony Croos with Absolutely World Class ball, Lucas shots a ball with power but Karlos saved a ball and put a ball away. Once again a very good save from him.

                                                     25' minutes Marcello was subbed by Zinade and Isco in for him.

                                                     35' Goal !! minutes Ramos put a ball into a net with his powerful header and he put his side ahead in a game. A hero arrives , getting all the Headlines. It was a typical Sergio Ramos Header.

Sergio Ramos celebrated after scoring a goal against Malaga.

                                                    43' Goal!! minutes Kroos sends the free-kick into the box, and Ramos  was there to stick out a leg and divert it in past Kameni! No chance for a keeper , That was a wonderful finish.

                                                  45 + 1 ' minute Cristiano breaks, then holds it up and feeds the run of Benzema, who bursts into the box and looks to knock it back across goal to the Portuguese, only for Mikel Villanueva to divert it against his own post!  Ronaldo denied second time in a game.

                                                  63' minutes Goal For Visitor!! Malaga had proved difficult opponents and a slip by Raphaël Varane allowed the Venezuela international Juanpi to pull a goal back in the 63rd minute. It took a good save from Keylor Navas to prevent Chory Castro from levelling moments later.

                                                  64' minutes A chance for equaliser Castro shot a ball but it wsa sent away by Navas.

                                                 74' minutes a sloppy play from Malaga Goal keeper ,  It's played back to the Cameroonian, stationed on the edge of the area, and he gets his control all wrong, completely missing the ball and watching it head straight on towards his net. He's forced into a hasty about turn to chase it down and clear it before it crosses the line. Ronaldo got a rebound and tried to put a ball into a net with his left foot but once again Karlos blocked a shot.

                                                 Now Real Madrid is 1st in La Liga with  43 points , Sevilla is in second place 4 points behind Real Madrid. La Liga Champion Barcelona are in third place with 38  points




                               Lebron James will lead Eastern Conference team while Curry will lead Western Conference team, Russell Westbrook and Isiah Thomas left out from All-Star Starter lineup.


 Eastern Conference Team:

Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers):

                       Lebron scored 25.5 points per game, with 7.8 rebounds and 8.3 assists,1.4 steals per game.He made 51.5% field goal.70.1% the free throw made. 1.6 personal foul per game and 4.1 turns over per game.

Kyrie Irving(Cleveland Cavaliers): 

                        Kyrie Irving made 23.7 points per game. He put 3.4 rebounds on board per game, 5.6 assists per game, 1.2 steals per game, 1.9 foul per game, 2.7 turnovers per game, field goal made with 46.2 %.    

DeMar DeRozan(Toronto Raptors) :

                         DeMar DeRozan scored 28.0 points per game in this 2016-17 season. 9 points more averaging than career average 18.9 points. He made 0.2 blocks per game with 1.2 steals per game.He grabbed 5.4 rebounds, 3.8 assists per game.He scored points with 47.5 field goal %. He scored on free throws with 84.8 %.          

Jimmy Butler(Chicago Bulls):

                           Jimmy Butler scored 24.7 points, 1.7 steals, 0.3 blocks, 6.7 rebounds, 4.8 assists per game.He made 1.7 personal Foul per game and 2.2 turns over per game. This season he scored points with 45.5 field goal%. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo(Milwaukee Bucks):

                            Giannis scored 23.5 points per game. he put 8.8 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 2.0 blocks, 1.8 steals per game.He made 3.4 personal foul per game and 3.0 turns over per game. He scored points with 53.3% field goal.

Western Conference Team:

Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors):

                               Kevin Durant Scored 26.3 points per game with 8.5 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game. He scored points with 54.6 field Goal %. and Made 86.3 % free throws. He made 1.7 blocks per game and 1.1 steals per game. 2.0 personal foul per game and 2.2 turns over per game. 

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors):

                                 Stephen Curry made 24.6 points per game. He made 4.1 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game. He scored points with 46.5 field goal %.  0.2 blocks per game, 1.8 steals per game, 2.2 personal fouls per game, 3.0 turns over per game.Free throws made with 91.9%.  

Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs):

                                  Kawhi scored 25.1 points per game. 0.7 blocks per game, 1.9 steals per game, 5.7 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. He scored points with 49% field goal. and made 90.9 % free throws.             

James Harden (Houston Rockets):

                                    James Harden put a great performance this season. He is an early MVP candidate with Russell Westbrook for this season's Most Valuable Player Trophy. James Harden scored 28.7 points per game with 8.3 rebounds and 11.6 rebounds per game, 0.4 blocks per game, 1.3 steals per game, scored points with 44.4 field goal %, made free throws with 85.4 %, 2.5 personal fouls for him, 5.8 turns over per game.     

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans):

                                           Anthony Davis scored 28.6 points per game, 12 rebounds per game, 2.3 assists per game, 2.4 blocks per game, 1.3 steals per game, made 2.3 personal fouls per game, and 2.5 turnovers per game.            





                        GSW(37-6)             vs              Houston Rockets(33-13)

GSW won six games in a raw. Kevin Durant scored 32 points in a game against Houston Rockets.



              Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

GSW     32  30  37  26   125

Rockets 29  28  22  29   108


                                                        GSW won another game against a big team of NBA with ease , Now in NBA No one is enough for GSW , except CAVS.

                                                         GSW  defeated OKC , CAVS  and Now They defeated Rockets in his weekend. They’d already defeated the defending champion Cavaliers 126-91 on Monday and struck down the Thunder 121-101 on Wednesday. And now They won against Rockets with 125-108. They got all this wins by dominating on opposing team.

                                                          Draymond Green said,“This was our best week of the season.” 

                                                         Houston Rockets got 132-127 double-overtime win over the GSW in their Last meeting.

                                                      Houston Rockets was sloppy in 3-point shooting , They made only 7 3-pointers out of 35 with 20% 3 points made. GSW made 15 3-pointer out of 38 with 39.5% in  3p. GSW also too good in Field goal % , they made 52.8 % field goal. Houston Rockets made 44.8% field goal. 

                                                      GSW made 7 blocks compared to Houston Rockets 3 and both teams stolen a ball 8 times.

                                                     For GSW Kevin Durant added 32 points , 4 rebounds , 7 assists , 2 steals , 2 blocks. Now Kevin Durant played like a more complete player in NBA with this GSW team , He contributing in every field of a game for GSW.

                                                       Stephen Curry scored 24 points , 1 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 steal. Another huge game for Draymong Green , he put 15 points , 8 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 steal and 3 blocks. Zaza Pachulia scored 10 points , 9 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals. Klay Thompson scored 16 points , 1 rebound , 1 assist , 1 steal.

A very bad game for James Harden he scored only 17 points and missed all of his 3-pointers.

                                                        For Houston Rockets James Harden scored 17 points , 7 rebounds , 11 assists , 1 steal. Patrick Beverley scored 13 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal. Trevor Eriza scored 12 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists. This Eric Gordon didn't make any magic , he scored only 6 points with 4 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals. Bench players of Rockets Clint Capella added 22 points , 12 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal , 1 block and Sam Dekker scored 17 points , 7 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 block.

                                                         Kavin Durant scored 12th 30+ points game of the season.

                                                      Normally James Harden is a very good 3-point shooter but in this game he missed all 5 shots from long range and Eric Gordon missed all of his 7 shots.

                                                         Harden said after a game,"We kept messing with our coverage a little bit. We found one that works better for us. Next time we play them, we’ll try that and figure it out."

                                                         Thompson said. "It was a point of ours to run them off the three-point line, because they’re the highest volume three-point shooting team in the league, making them at record numbers. It was a huge part of the game, and to make them beat us, we had to make them do it from two-point land."




       Rafael Nadal survives five-set epic vs. Zverev to reach Australian Open last 16

Nadal overcame rising star Alexander Zverev in a gripping contest to reach the fourth round of the Australian Open.

                   Rafael Nadal Defeated young sensation of Tennis A. Zverev in 5 sets 4-6 6-3 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 6-2.

                  In a  next few year Zverev will be one of the best player of tennis and many regard him as a next number one.

                  Rafael Nadal survives and put away another huge upset of Australian open after Novak Djokovic's departure from Australian open.

                   In a First set Zverev broke  Nadal's serve and won a set with 6-4.

                   but Nadal came back in a second set and won a set with ease 6-3.but 3rd set went into a tie break but before that Nadal had a chance to win a set when he broke Zverev's service and he couldn't hold that advantage , Zverev broke Nadal's Serve, Match was even. Match went into a tie Break. where Zverev won a set with 7-5 in a tie break.

                   Now Zverev holding a lead on Nadal with 2 sets to 1 set.

                   Nadal fought back in a game , he had shown his fighting spirit. He won 4th set 6-3 and he named fifth by 6-2.

                  Zverev, 19, had recovered a break early in the final set before requiring treatment for cramp.

A. Zverev Of Germany gave a Headache to Nadal in a third round game of Australian Open.

                   A four hour and six minutes game epic game come to an end where experience got an edge of young talent.

                  A. Zverev is German player and many people regard him as a next Becker and he has calibre to be a No. 1 player in Tennis.

                  It is almost three years since Nadal won his 14th major title at the 2014 French Open, and that was the last time he got past the quarter-finals at a Grand Slam.   

                  Rafa gave an Answer of question asked , "How he beat Zverev?"                   

                  Rafa said in his on-court interview. " Fighting And running a lot".

                "Everybody knows how good Alexander is. He's the future of our sport, and the present also."     

                  Nadal will  face France's Gael Monfils, who beat German Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3 7-6 (7-1) 6-4.

                  Canadian third seed Milos Raonic made it through to the last 16 with a 6-2 7-6 (7-5) 3-6 6-3 win over Frenchman Gilles Simon

                   Denis Istomin, the qualifier from Uzbekistan who stunned Novak Djokovic in round two, produced another superb effort to beat Spanish 30th seed Pablo Carreno Busta 6-4 4-6 6-4 4-6 6-2.



Thursday, 19 January 2017

                                GSW(36-6)              vs           OKC(25-19)

            Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

GSW   30  26  37  28   121

OKC   31  25  22  22   100

         Kavin Durant Scored 40 points , grabbed 12 rebounds , 4 assists and 3 blocks. Draymond Green added 12 points , 11 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal and 3 blocks. Stephen Curry scored 24 points , 4 rebounds , 8 assists , 3 steals. Klay Thompson put 14 points , 4 rebounds , 3 assists . 1 steal , 1 block. 

       Russell Westbrook scored 27 points , 15 rebounds , 13 assists , 2 steals , 2 blocks but he didn't save his team from loss. Enes Kanter scored 22 points , 9 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal. Victor Oladipo added 20 points ,  3 rebounds , 2 assists , 4 steals , 1 block.

                           Rockets(33-13)                vs                     Bucks(20-21)

               Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

Rockets  22  30  27  32  111

Bucks     27  12  26  27  92

                             Houston Rockets wins a game against Bucks as James Harden scored 38 points , 6 rebounds , 8 assists , and made 2 blocks in a game. Once again Houston Rockets Eric Gordon had a huge game with 25 points , 4 rebounds , Eric Gordon shoots 7 3-pointers in a game. Harrell and Breverley both scored 12 points each.

                            For Bucks Giannis Had a huge game , he put 32 points , 11 rebounds , 6 assists , 1 steal , 3 blocks. Jabari Parker scored 15 points , 7 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 block. Beasley put 14 points on board , grabbed 8 rebounds , and made 2 assists. Brogdon scored 7 points , 8 rebounds , 8 assists , 1 steal.

                         76ers(14-26)              vs               Raptors(28-14)

                Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

Raptors  21  23   21  24   89 

76ers      25  21   22  26   94

                             76ers defeated another big team of NBA. They defeated Raptors 94-89.

                             For 76ers Embiid put 26 points , 9 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal and 2 blocks. Ersan scored 18 points , 5 rebounds , 2 assists.

                             For Torronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan scored 25 points , 3 rebounds , 6 assists , 1 steal. Jonas scored 10 points , 16 rebounds , 1 assist. Kyle Lowry scored 24 points , 4 rebouds , 4 assists , 5 steal and 1 block.

                           knicks(19-24)                 vs              Celtics(26-16)

             Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

Knicks 31  32  25  28    117

Celtics 34  20  29  23    106

                          D. Rose shines in a game against Celtics as Knicks defeats Celtics 117-106.

                         For KnicksD. Rose scored 30 points , 10 rebounds , 5 assists , 2 steals , 2 blocks. Kuzminskas scored 17 points , 6 rebounds , 2 assists. Justin Holiday added 13 points , 5 rebounds , 1 block. Brandon Jennings scored 11 points , 4 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 block. Willy put 17 points , 11 rebounds , 1 assist.

                         For Celtics Thomas scored 39 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal. Jae Crowder made 21 points , 5 rebounds , 1 assist. Jaylen Brown put 12 points , 4 rebounds , 1 block. Amir Johnson scored 10 points , 7 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 2 blocks.




                             D. Istomin Stuns Djokovic In Second Round Of Australian Open

D. Istomin Defeated Dojovic : 7-6 5-7 2-6 7-6 6 -4                            

D. Istomin made a huge upset In Australian Open by Defeating Novak Djokovic

                                       D. Istomin defeated Djokovic in 2nd round of Australian open. This was a Biggest upset of Australian open.Six-time Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic has been upset in a shocking second-round loss to Uzbekistan wild card Denis Istomin.

                                       Djokovic was aiming to be first player to win Australian open 7 times but He faced a shock defeat to D. Istomin in 5 sets thriller (7-6 5-7 2-6 7-6 6 -4).

                                        D. Istomin won a first set in a tie break with scoring 10-8 points in tiebreak. In a second set Djoko came back from 2 set point down and wins a set with 7-5.

                                        In a Third set Djokovic won a set with ease by 6-2.

                                         Fourth set was won by D. Istomin ,7-6. Another tie break in a game , but D. istomin won a tie break by taking a points 7-5. Once again he broke Djoko's serve in  a tie break.

                                        And in a last set D. Istomin broke a Djoko's 3rd serve. Istomin earns the smallest of openings at the start of this game, a sumptuous backhand pass from left to right catching out Djokovic at the net for 0-15. Djokovic follows that up by spooning a forehand long for 0-30. Now then. This is interesting. Dial that up to very interesting – a stonking Istomin forehand return makes it 15-40 and here are the first break points in this set. Istomin pulls the trigger too early on the first, though, sending a wild forehand long, but he sounds like he’s just experienced the happiest moment of his life when he converts the second with an exquisite backhand down the line! Novak Djokovic is in a hole now.

                                      D. Istomin won Djoko's 3rd serve.

                                      D.Istomin never gave a chance to Djokovic to break his serve. And he named a game on his favour.

Novak Djokovic congratulates D. Istomin after facing a second round Australian Open exit by D. Istomin.

            Djokovic never gave a single set to D. Istomin in his last six mittings but this time Luck was not in his favour and his opponent played a very good game.

                                     "It is the biggest win for me. It means so much," Istomin said. "Now I feel I can play with these guys, and to be with them on the same level."

                                       Djokovic had won five of the previous six Australian Open championships, and had reached the fourth round or better every year since 2007 — the year before he won his first Grand Slam title at Melbourne Park.

                                      "I'm not used to losing Australian Open second round — I've done so well here."

                                      The last time he'd failed to advance beyond the second round at a major was at Wimbledon in 2008, when he was seeded third and lost to then No. 75-ranked Marat Safin, a two-time Grand Slam champion.  

                                         The last time he'd failed to advance beyond the second round at a major was at Wimbledon in 2008, when he was seeded third and lost to then No. 75-ranked Marat Safin, a two-time Grand Slam champion.

                                         "First of all, I feel sorry for Novak. I was playing so good today," Istomin said. "I surprised myself, as well."

                                         The 30-year-old Istomin will play No. 30 Pablo Carreno Busta in third Round of Australian Open. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

                        Spurs(32-9)               vs            Timberwolves(14-28)

                       Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total

Spurs              30   37   25   30    122 

Minnesota      30   41   19   24    114

                              Kawhi Leonard gave his team a win by scoring 34 points in a game. Now he is a second player after Tim Duncan to score 30+ points in 4 consecutive games. Tim Duncan achieved this feat in 2003-04 season.

                              Coach Pop said on Kawhi Leonard ,"He is a first team NBA player , He is an all star , That is what He does He plays both ends of a flor like No body's Business."

                              Minnesota win three games in a raw before this game.

                               The Spurs returned home to the comfy, low-altitude confines of the AT&T Centre hoping to redeem their loss in Mexico City. After an extremely slow (but high-scoring) first half that featured 52 total free throws, the Spurs ran away in the second half behind strong shooting from Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and the bench.

                              After a First quarter of a game both  team scored 30 points.  

                              The Wolves opened the second quarter on a 7-1 run before the Spurs’ offence got going again. They regained the lead at 40-39.

                                 The Wolves led 71-67 at the half largely on the back of 30 FT’s (21 in the quarter), dwarfing the Spurs also-high 22 attempts. Leonard and Karl-Anthony Towns led all scorers with 17 points apiece.       

                              In a second quarter Minnesota got an edge of Spurs by scoring 41 points to Spurs 37 points where Minnesota took a lead of  4 points in a game after First Half.    

Kawhi Leonard scored 30+ points in 4 consecutive games.

                            Spurs come back in 3rd quarter and tied a game at 73-73 points. But Wolves return a favour and made 14 -6 run on Spurs. Spurs hit back again with 7-0 run. At the end of 3rd quarter thanks to Kawhi Leonard Sprurs got a lead of 2 points. They outscored Wolves 25 - 19.

                            Spurs made a run of 15 points combined from end of 3rd quarters' 7-0 and 4th quarters' 8-0. After this Spurs never look back in a game and they won a game by 122 - 114.

                            Ricky Rubio and Karl-Anthony Towns had a huge game. Rubio scored 21 points and provided 14 assists which is a huge number for bench player. While Towns scored 27 points and got on board 16 times.

                            For San Antonio Spurs

                            Kawhi Leonard put 34 points , 7 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal. Aldridge added 29 point , 4 rebounds , 3 assists , 2 blocks. Tony Parker scored 14 points , 5 assists. Patty Mills scored 11 points , 1 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal.

                            For Minnesota Timberwolves

                            6 players scored in a double figure for Wolves.

                            Karl-Anthony Towns made 27 points , 16 rebounds , 1 block. Ricky Rubio added 21 points , 2 rebounds , 14 assists , 2 steals. Shabazz Muhammad scored 15 points , 4 rebounds. Gorgui Dieng added 17 points , 6 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal and made a very important 4 blocks. Andrew Wiggins scored 10 points , 3 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal.