Monday, 27 March 2017

NBA : San Antonio Spurs Crushed Cleveland Cavaliers At AT & T Center , LeBron James Got Some Injury Issue.

             SAS(57-16)     Vs     Cavs(47-26)

Kawhi Leonard scored in double figures in 100 straight games.

       Cavs were too bad in This game from both end , Offensive and Defensive. Kyle Korver was not playing in a game due to left foot injury. Iman Shumpert was already out of a game. 

Spurs 28361722103

Spurs are playing Top Teams in their next 3 matches , They defeated NBA champions with ease and Now they are one of the most favourite to win Championship.

Cleveland (47-26) dropped its second in a row, set a season low for points and fell a half-game behind Boston (48-26) for the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Cavs were bad in transition and shooting , they made 31 fG from 83 with just 37.3 FG % and from long range only 4 from 26 with 15.4 3P %.

San Antonio Spurs was spectacular from Defensive end , They stole a ball 11 times and blocks 7 times.

First quarter under 5 minutes remaining Kawhi Leonard blocked LeBron James' shot. LeBron had a beautiful move inside which was summarily blocked in beautiful fashion by Kawhi.

San Antonio Spurs dominated game from first quarter , They got 10 points lead in first quarter and in second quarter SAS out scored Cavs 36-22. SAS took 24 points lead in first half.

Cavs never got a chance to come back in a game. They made some good defensive play only in third quarter where they stopped SAS to 17 points , But they also bad at Offensive play.

SAS took a fourth quarter and took a game with huge 29 points lead , This season Cavs had lost some of their games against West teams with big margin , They lost to GSW with 35 points margin and LAC to 30 points margin.

This was a very bad game from Kyrie Irving after  20+ scoring run from him in 21 games , Kyrie had just 8 points in this game. Only LeBron James and Triston Thompson scored 10+ points in this game.

Cavaliers star LeBron James was injured late in the third quarter after taking an elbow to the base of his neck. He remained on the bench for a while receiving medical attention, then headed toward the locker room and didn't return to the game.

Cavs finished their schedule against West and come up with 16-14.

Cavs' Next Game : Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Chicago Bulls

SAS' Next Game : San Antonio Spurs Vs Golden State Warriors

For Cavs :

PlayerPositionMin PointsRebAstStlBlk
LeBron JamesF29178800
Kevin LoveF2797420
Triston ThompsonC26117001

For Spurs :

Kawhi LeonardF29256631
LaMarcus AldridgeF28147411
Dewayne DedmonC20813001
Pau Gusol21144010
Patty Mills1792710
Manu Ginobili16123110


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