Wednesday, 1 March 2017

NBA : LeBron James scored 7th Triple-Double of a Season but Celtics Outlast Cavs in a close game.

             Cleveland(41-18)     Vs     Celtics(38-22)

Despite LeBron James 7th Triple-Double of a season Cavs lost to Celtics.

             Derrick Williams played his first game for Cavs. This was a matchup between 1st and 2nd number team in Eastern Conference. Celtics came out as a winner in this close game. 24 lead changes and 18 ties in a game. LeBron James averaging 29.5 PPG against Celtics , only Jordan is ahead of him who scored more points per game than LeBron James against Celtics ,30.7 PPG.

        Kyrie Irving has now scored 20+ points in 10 straight games.


               In 1st quarter 10:04 minute , Bradley made jump shot , 3 points lead for Celtics. 9:46 left in quarter LeBron responded with his 3 pointer and tied a game. 7:29 left in 1st , Channing Frye made 3 pointer which gave 3 points lead to Cavs. Cavs made 9-2 run in 2:30 minute. Cavs ended a first quarter by scoring last 6 points. LeBron James scored 8 points in 1st quarter.

              Cavs started second quarter with Jefferson's ally-oop dunk , assisted by James. 7:09 remaining Smart made driving dunk and cut a lead within 3 points. 4:03 , Crowder steals a ball and passed a ball to Isiaih Thomas , Isiaih Thomas made pull up jump three and levelled a game , 41-41. Celtics made 7-0 run in 1:10 minute. Celtics took a quarter with 29-24.

              After First half Cavs had only 1 point lead.

             3rd quarter , too many lead exchange in first 6 minutes. 4:31 remaining in quarter , LeBron James hammered a rim with a powerful Dunk , assisted by Thompson. A very exiting third quarter for both teams , Many lead exchange in 3rd quarter. A close 3rd quarter but Celtics named it with 25-21.   

             Boston Celtics had 3 points lead after play of 3rd quarter. 10:02 remaining in 4th quarter , Jefferson made a layup shot and drew a foul. 3 points play for Jefferson , tied a game for Cavs. 9:14 remaining in 4th quarter , LeBron James made 3 pointer , assist by Jefferson. Cavs took a three points lead. but Celtics gave an answer with Brown's three pointer and tied a game. In next possession Cavs respond with 3-point shot. 7:14 remaining in 4th , Croweder made three pointer and gave 1 point lead to Celtics , assisted by Horford. In next play James made cutting dunk shot , assisted by Korver and retained a lead. Jerebko made 3-pointer which levelled a game. 4:06 remaining in 4th , Brown made ally Oop Dunk shot , 1 points lead to Celtics. 3:28 left in 4th , A wonderful play by Kyrie Irving , He made driving floating jump shot and gave 1 point lead to Cavs. Crowder and Bradley made 3 pointer in 1 minute , both assisted by Thomas. 2 points lead for Celtics. 57.5 seconds in 4th quarter Korver made his first 3-pointer of a game , assisted by James. 49.4 second left in 4th , Isaiah Thomas made a very important 3 pointer which gave Celtics 2 points lead. Irving responded with a great play , He mad driving layup shot and tied a game. Thomas made two free throws which gave 2 points lead to Celtics. Williams had a chance to make 3 pointer when he was open but he missed it. Cavs lost a game by 103 - 99.

Only player to score 30 points game  3 times against Cavs in a single season after Wade and Allen Iverson.

               Next Game OF Cavs : Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Atlanta Hawks.

               Next Game Of Celtics : Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Lakers.

               For Celtics :

Jae CrowderF321710210
Al HorfordC329101001
Avery BradleyG21112000
Isaiah ThomasG34312521
Marcus Smart3292801
Jaylen Brown2287001
Kelly Olynyk18102201

              For Cavs :

LeBron JamesF4028131011
Tristan ThompsonC34913200
Kyrie IrvingG32282111
Derrick Williams31133011
Richard Jefferson1884201





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