Monday, 6 March 2017

NBA : A Great Matchup Between Two MVP Candidates , Kawhi Leonard's San Antonio Spurs Wins Against James Harden's Houston Rockets!

              SAS(49-13)     Vs     Rockets(44-20)

              It was a duel between Spurs' Kawhi Leonard and Houston Rockets' James Harden. Where Spurs' Kawhi Leonard Outdueled Rockets' James Harden. This season This two are among top 5 candidate to win MVP award where James Harden leads MVP Candidate race.  


               Leonard had a great fourth quarter where he outscored James Harden 17-4. Both Players finished a game with 39 points.

                 James Harden scored 18 points in first quarter where Houston Rockets outscored 39-23. But in a second quarter Spurs outscored Rockets 24-15 and cut 16 points lead to 7.

              James Harden scored 23 points in first Half of a game. He missed only one shot in first half.  

              In a third quarter ,San Antonio went on a 20-4 run to take a 73-71 lead with 3:30 remaining. Spurs forced five turnovers and hit four 3-pointers in the run, three by Parker.

              Fourth Quarter, Harden hit one of two free throws to give Houston a 108-107 lead with 39.7 seconds, but Leonard followed with a 3-pointer over Nene 14 seconds later for a 110-108 advantage. Leonard then blocked Harden's layup attempt from behind, pinning the attempt on the glass with 18.9 seconds remaining. After These Kawhi Leonard made two free throws to make four points game with 14.5 seconds remaining in last quarter. Rockets just fell short with only 2 points. Spurs win a game 112-110.

               Harden played a great game but it was overshadowed by Kawhi Leonard's takeover. 

              Popovich said ,"Kawhi wanted it badly and he went for it and he did it. The block is what him make special. Harden makes 3s , Kawhi makes 3s , Curry makes 3s. Everybody does that. But I don't know who goes to the other end and does what he does. Not that many people, on a consistent basis, an entire game, game after game."

             Spurs won 7 straight games while Rockets won their 4 games from Last 7 games.

             Rockets Next Game : Houston Rockets Vs Utah Jazz

             Spurs Next Game : San Antonio Spurs Vs Kings.     

Games Highlights , Video From NBA Real Times Highlights :

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             For Spurs :

Kawhi LeonardF39396512
LaMarcus AldridgeF37154401
Tony ParkerG27196300

             For Rockets : 

Player PositionMinPointsRebAstStlBlk
James HardenG363931200
Trevor ArizaF35137100
Clint CapelaC24129010
Patrick BeverleyG321110111
Eric Gordon34124311


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