Friday, 10 March 2017

NBA : Cavs lost to Piston , LeBron James Scored 50th Triple-Double of his career.

             Cavs(42-21)     Vs     Pistons(32-33)

LeBron James scored 50th triple double of a career.

             Cavs lost their 4 games out of 5 in March , they won only 1 game in March. They struggled through January finished a month with 7-8. But they bounce back in February and won 9 games and lost only two. Despite this kind of Performance Cavs are still on top of Eastern Conference table.


              Once again a very good performance by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving but it was not enough to get a win. JR Smith made a return for Cavs in this game. He played 19 minutes in a game and scored only 3-pointer.

             Andre Drummond grabbed 16 rebounds and 7 offensive rebounds.   

              One game after losing Andrew Bogut for the season after just 58 seconds of action on Monday night, the Cavaliers got some good news when J.R. Smith was activated and ready for action on Thursday night after missing the previous two-and-a-half months following a fractured thumb suffered in late December against the Bucks. 

               1st quarter , 6:56 left Cavs took a first lead of a game. On next possession Jefferson's 3 made 4 points lead. 4:20 remaining Cavs made 9-0 run in 2:42 minutes and took a lead of 8 points. 3:15 left in quarter , LeBron James made a driving dunk and made 10 points lead for Cavs. 1:57 left LeBron James made running dunk shot assisted by Kyrie Irving. Cavs made 18-3 run in last 5 minutes. But in last 1:50 minutes Piston made 10-2 run and cut a lead to 7 points. Smith beat a buzzer beater and made a 3-pointer.

              2nd quarter , Piston started quarter with Morris' driving dunk. 9:22 left in quarter LeBron James made dynamite dunk. 3:58 left Kyrie Irving made a jumper from a corner and drew a foul. 2:54 remaining in quarter Piston outscored Cavs 7-0 in 1:13 minute and they cut a lead to only 1 point. 2:13 left James stole a ball and made a dunk shot with his signature move. 37 second remaining in quarter , Turn Over by Shumpert , Smith stole a ball , Caldwell made a three pointer , 1 point lead for Piston. Piston took 3 points lead after first half.

             3rd quarter , 7:05 left in quarter , Piston got 10 points lead. 4:42 remaining in quarter , Cavs got 1 point lead. Channing Frye made 3 3-pointers in Cavs 11-0 run Over Piston in  1:40 minute. Once again Cavs outscored Piston by 11-4 and took a 3rd quarter with 7 points lead.

             4th quarter, In a starting of a quarter Jackson played an important role for Piston . He made 4 points and assisted for 5 points. 8:28 remaining in quarter , Piston made 13-0 run in 3:30 minutes. 3:50 left , James made a driving dunk shot and drew a foul but he missed a free throw. 1:19 remaining LeBron's layup shot cut a lead to 3 points. 55 second left , Jackson made a jump shot. Piston outscored Cavs 33-21.

            Cavs' next game : Cavaliers Vs Magic

            Pistons' next game : Ney York Knicks Vs Detroit Piston

                                           Taken From NBA Conference

            For Pistons :

Player PositionMinPointsRebAstStlBlk
Marcus MorrisF31125320
Tobias HarrisF41159202
Andre DrummondC352016400
Reggie JacksonG31212510
Ish Smith16123310

            For Cavs :

LeBron JamesF3929131020
Richard JeffersonF3397200
Kyrie IrvingG39275300
Channing Frye21159010



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