Saturday, 25 February 2017

NBA ; Los Angeles Clippers lost a game Against Spurs. LAC lost two games in a row against two best teams of NBA.

              LAC(35-23)     vs      SAP(44-13)

Chris Paul return after 5 weeks didn't help LAC to get a win against Spurs.

             Chris Paul played his First game after 5 weeks but his present didn't help LAC to win a game against SAS. Chris Paul missed last 14 games for LAC.


             In 1st quarter both team missed some shots , SAS scored 18 points compared to LAC's 13 points. In first 4:30 minutes both Teams scored only 6 points combined.7:31 in first quarter Leonard made Driving dunk , 4 points Lead to SAS. 6:38 remaining in 1st quarter , SAS took a lead of 9 points , They made 11-0 run until Reddick made 3-pointer , assisted by Chris Paul. LAC came back in a game by scoring 7 points in a row and cut a lead to 2 points. San Antonio Spurs got a lead of 5 points in first quarter.

             In second quarter first 7 minutes LAC made 14-9 run and levelled a game.

             6:05 minutes remaining , Rivers made 3 pointer assisted by Griffin. LAC got 3 points lead. Both teams were scored same points in second quarter 29-29.  

             In a 3rd quarter JJ Reddick's 3-pointer tied a game for Clippers.

            7:44 remaining in 3rd quarter CP3's 3-pointer gave 3 points leads to LAC. 7:13 remaining in quarter Kawhi Leonard got his 5th foul while guarding Black Griffin , 5 points lead for LAC.

            5:06 Jordan made 2 points and draw a foul on Ginobili , Second Field Goal made for Jordan. 15-4 run in last 5:40 minutes. 9 points lead for LAC. 3:12 remaining in quarter , A great cut by Ginobili scored 2 points with one point play. SAP cut a lead to 3 points.

           2:12 remaining in 3rd quarter , SAP scored 12 points in row and took a lead to 1 point but Rivers 2 pointer gave 1 points to LAC.

           1:15 minutes remaining in 3rd quarter , Mills hit a three pointer and draw a foul. 4 points play by Mills and 1 point lead to SAP. 2 second to go in third ginobili made 3-pointer , SAP took a lead of 4 points after 3rd quarter play. SAS outscored LAC 18-5.

           10:41 left in 4th quarter , Brman scored 2 points by Dunk , Assisted by Ginobili. Before DeAndre Jordan scored 2 points LAC missed 7 shots. 8:05 left in quarter Parker steals a ball from and made a two points , 10 points lead for SAS.7:51 left in quarter, Black Griffin got an injury on his face.

           2:59 left in 4th quarter , 10 points lead for SAS. Clippers missed too many shots in Last quarter and they paid a prize for that. They lost second game in a row.   

            For LAC :

PlayerPositionMinutesPoints RebAstStlBlk
Blake GriffinF38299510
DeAndre JordanC32148020
Chris PaulG32176520
Austin Rivers26230300

            For SAS :

PlayerPosition MinutesPointsRebAstStlBlk
Kawhi LeonardF30213610
LaMarcus AldridgeF341511111
Dewayne DedmonC23412314
Tony ParkerG30172320
Patty Mills20141100
Pau Gasol261711201


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