Wednesday, 1 February 2017

NBA : Kawhi Leonard leads San Antonio Spurs to win a Game Against OKC.

                                       Spurs(37-11)     vs     OKC(28-21)

After 2 Consecutive losses Spurs comeback in winning way after a win against OKC.

Q1Q2 Q3Q4Total
                                       Kawhi Leonard Leads San Antonio Spurs with 36 points against OKC. Spurs lead all time series 88-72 and Spurs have won three straight games against OKC at AT&T Center.

                                       Spurs scored 14 points while OKC scored 10 points in a first 7:30 minutes , it was a very slow start by both team on scoring a points in a game.

                                        35.3 remaining in 1st quarter . Ginobili scored on a 3-pointer and drew a foul. Spurs took a lead of 14 points at the end of 1st quarter. Spurs made 17-7 run in a last 4 minutes of a quarter.

                                       2:12 minutes remaining in a 2nd quarter , Russell Westbrook  made a first 3-pointer of a game For OKC before this they missed 8 3-pointer. Westbrook's 3-pointer helped Thunder to cut a lead to 9 points.

                                       In a first half Spurs got a lead of 10 points with a help of Kawhi Leonard's 17 points. While Russell Westbrook Scored 13 points  in a first half.

                                       4:46 remaining in 3rd quarter , Adam's made a Slam Dunk on Russell Westbrook's Ally-oop pass. OKC was narrow a game and made 4 points game.

                                      Oladipo's 3-pointer cut a lead to 1 point for OKC After this Russell grabbed a lead for OKC by making 2 points. OKC made 22-4 run in a quarter and took a lead of 3 points.

                                       29.7 seconds remaining in a 3rd quarter Mills 3-pointer gave 1 point lead to Spurs. Big play by Kawhi Leonard at the end of a third quarter , he scored a two points and drew a foul , He made a three points play and took a lead of 4 points after 3rd quarter play. This last two play changed a game. Russell Westbrook scored 14 points in 3rd quarter.

                                       Russell Westbrook was scoreless in a fourth quarter of a game.  Spurs made 2 blocks in 2 minutes. In a last quarter of a game Spurs outscored OKC by 10 points.

                                      For Spurs :

Kawhi Leonard scored 20+ points in last 9 straight games.

                                      Kawhi Leonard scored 36 points , 8 rebounds , 4 assists , 2 blocks. Aldridge made 25 points , 6 rebounds , 3 blocks. Simmons scored 7 points , 6 rebounds , 1 assist , 3 steals , 1 block.

                                      For OKC :

Russell's 14 points in 3rd quarter bring back OKC in a game but they gave
a momentum
to Spurs in Last minute of 3rd quarter.

                                      Russell Westbrook scored 27 points , 6 rebounds , 14 assists , 1 steal. Steven Adams scored 16 points , 12 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Victor Oladipo added 15 points , 4 rebounds , 1 assist , 4 steals , 1 block. Sabonis put 13 points , 10 rebounds , 2 steal , 1 block.  Roberson made 1 point , 6 rebounds , 1 steal , 2 blocks.  





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