Tuesday, 31 January 2017

NBA : Mavericks stuns Cavaliers , A Worst Month For Cavs In a Season.

                                      Cavs(32-15)     Vs     Mavericks(18-30)

Cavs lost 8 games in a month of January and they played 13 games against Western Conference Teams.

                     Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

Cavs             29  21  20  27   97

Mavericks    26  29  26  23   104

                                       Cavs lost their 8 games in month of January. they lost 5 games out of last 8 games.

                                       Kevin Love was not playing in a game because of Back Spasms. Cavs missed him in a game against Mavericks.  

                                      Cleveland Cavaliers  who wrapped up the month with a 7-8 mark – were without Kevin Love, who left Sunday’s match up against OKC with lower back spasms and didn’t make the trip to Texas.

                                      In this game , Cavs player had no Synchronization between them. They were Out of sync.

                                     Dallas Mavericks also won against another big shot of NBA , San Antonio Spurs. Now they won against NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

                                      In a first 5 minutes of a 1st quarter Dallas took a lead of 9 points , Outscoring Cavs 14-5. But Kyrie and Jefferson's 3-pointer cut a lead to 3 points for Cavs. And after that LeBron's Slam Dunk equal a game in a 1st quarter. Cavs made 11-0 run in just 2 minutes and took a lead of 2 points.

                                      2:12 minutes remaining in a quarter , Cavs made 22-5 run in 4 minutes. They took a lead of 8 points. Cavs took a lead of 3 points in a first quarter.

                                     First 5 minutes in 2nd quarter Mavericks outscored Cavs 15-5. They got a lead of 7 points in a game. McRae's dunk equal a game for Cavs.

                                      Cavs player were too bad at sync and they gave too much chance to Mavericks' player on second ball. Mavericks took a advantage of bad play by Cavs player and got a lead of 5 points in a first half.

                                       6:14 remaining in 3rd quarter , Kyrie steals a ball and drives through Mavericks basket , He made an all star play when he gave alley-oop pass to LeBron James.

                                       After 3rd quarter Mavericks had 11 points lead.

                                      4th quarter Cavs made 12-2 run but it was not enough for them to win a game. Cavs lost to Mavericks by 7 points.  

                                       For Cavs :

Now Lebron James has a Losing Record in a calendar month for
first time since February 2006

                                       LeBron James scored 23 points , 9 rebounds , 9 assists , 2 steals. Kyrie Irving made 18 points , 5 rebounds , 5 assists , 2 steals. Channing Frye made 13 points , 7 rebounds , 2 blocks. Triston Thompson grabbed only 8 rebounds. He was scoreless in a game. McRae scored 11 points , 2 rebounds. 

                                       For Dallas Mavericks :

Dallas got Back to Back wins against two NBA's best teams.

                                       Barnes scored 24 points , 11 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Seth Curry scored 16 points , 5 rebounds , 4 assists. Yogi Ferrell 19 points , 5 rebounds ,3 assists , 4 steals. Matthews added 21 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists. Powell scored 14 points , 8 rebounds , 2 steals , 2 blocks. Harris scored 2 points , 1 rebound , 5 assists , 1 steal. 



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