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NBA : Kawhi Leonard's career-High Points Game Leads The San Antonio Spurs Past The Cleveland Cavaliers in OT, 118-115!

                             Cavs(30-12)              vs              Spurs(34-9)  

Kawhi Leonard scored career high 41 points as Spurs got a big road win in Cleveland

           Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Total
Cavs   33  25  31  18   8    115

Spurs  22  35  27  23  11   118

                                  All Star Start up Player Kawhi Leonard shines in a game against Cavaliers. He was outstanding tonight. Kawhi Leonard scored Career high 41 points and helped spurs to win a game against Cavaliers.

                                  NBA's two elite team faced each other at Quicken Loans Arena and match went as excepted. the Spurs defeated Cleveland 118-115 in what was obviously a compelling game, given its score, length, and the two teams competing.

                                  In a 1st quarter Cavs had an advantages of 11 points and everyone assumed that Cavs will win a game with ease over second best team in Western Conference.

                                  But second Best Team in Western Conference came back in a second quarter and outscored Cavs with 35-25 , until first half Cavs had only 1 points lead where they got a 11 points lead in a first quarter.

                                 In a third quarter Cavs leading a game with  89-84 points on Spur.The Spurs opened the second period on a 17-2 spurt. The Cavs closed periods well, up until overtime anyway. They won the final 4:42 of the second period, 14-6, and finished the third with five points lead.

                                 The third quarter ended in dramatic fashion, with Thompson preventing Manu Ginobili from getting an easy layup, followed by an Iman Shumpert three-pointer with less than one second remaining, which put Cleveland up by five.

                                 In a fourth quarter Spurs outscored Cavs , Cavs made too many mistakes and they paid a Price for this. Spurs went on a 12-1 run in the first three minutes of the fourth quarter to take a 96-90 lead. and after that 4:56 minutes remaining in a 4th quarter Spurs took a lead of 9 points on Cavs.

                                Cavs Came back in a game within 3 minutes they put a run of 11-2 where Lebron James hit a clutch shot 3 feet away from long range line and levelled a game for Cavs.

                                Lebron James put a pressure on Kawhi Leonard  when Kawhi tried to play One on One with James . He drives towards Bucket , hit inside ,off balance , Kawhi missed a huge shot. Rebounds by Thompson.

                                13.4 sec. remaining in a quarter , Cavs time-out , Cavs had a opportunity to win a game but Lebron missed a clutch shot. A match went into a OT.

                                OT :   Kyrie Irving scored first 6 points in OT for Cavs.

                                Mills hit a 3-pointer to take a lead in a game with 114-113 points.
                                The Cavs scored one basket in the final 2:12 of overtime. Trailing by three and coming out of a timeout, James threw a pass to no one in the corner with 24.2 seconds left for his seventh turnover.

                                 The Spurs took the lead for good on Patty Mills' 3-pointer with 1:52 to go. LaMarcus Aldridge's jumper with 38 seconds remaining put them up 116-113. 

                               31.1 seconds remaining in OT James tried to levelled a game as he equalled a game in 4th quarter For Cavs but this time he missed a shot.

                                24.6 seconds remaining in OT. Kevin Love passed a ball to James. James threw a pass to no one in the corner. This was a big mistake by James. 7th Turnover of a game for James.

Kawhi Leonard scored 30+ points  in 6 consecutive games.

                                13.2 seconds remaining James grabbed a ball from Leonard's hand and referee gave it a jump ball. Lebron won a jump ball tipped a ball , but Love's effort to save it from going out of bounds went straight to Leonard, who raced ahead for what should've been a clinching dunk.

                                0.9 second remaining Oldridge fouled by James , he was on free throw lines. He missed both free-throws.

                              0.6 second Love went to a corner he was open , no one guarding him he had a great opportunities to equal a game with 3-pointer but this time he missed a shot.

                             Here, In a game Cavs missed 10 free throws , they scored only 12 free throws out of 22.

                            After Kawhi Leonard Murray is a second player to score 10+ points in three straight games.

                             The match went into a favor of Spurs with 118-115.What a Game!!

                             For Cavs :

Irving and LeBron James both scored 29 points each in a game against Spurs but they failed to registered a win.

                             Lebron James put 29 points , 6 rebounds , 7 assists , 2 steals. Kyrie Irving added 29 points , 3 rebounds , 9 assists , 2 steals. Kevin Love scored 13 points , 11 rebounds , 3 assists. Triston Thompson scored 14 points , 12 rebounds , 1 assist. Iman Shumpert scored 11 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 steals.

                            For Spurs :

                             Kawhi Leonard scored 41 points , 6 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Aldridge scored 16 points , 12 rebounds , 6 assists , 2 blocks. David Lee added 14 points , 11 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 block. Murray scored 14 points , 2 rebounds , 6 assists. Petty Mills scored 13 points , 3 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal.    






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