Tuesday, 24 January 2017

NBA : Dion Waiters Last Second Three Pointer Helps Miami Heat to Overcome NBA's Super Team Golden State Warriors.

                                      GSW(38-7)                VS           Heat(15-30)

Dion Waiters Clutch 3-pointer gave a win to Miami Heat over NBA's Super Team Golden State Warriors

                                    Golden State Warriors scored 30 points in first quarter , 18 points in second quarter , 25 points in third quarter , 29 points in fourth quarter. Total Points in a game : 102

                                    Miami Heat scored 28 points in First quarter , 18 points in second quarter , 31 points in third quarter , 28 points in fourth quarter. Total Points in a game : 105.


                                     Golden State Worriors won their Last 7 games before they lost a game to Heat. Golden State Warriors defeated NBA's some of the best teams Cavs , Rockets , OKC with  by an average of 22.6 points over its past five. Miami Heat extended their winning streak to 3 before this game.

                                      Dion Waiters steals a show when He put a ball into a bucket with calmly walking into a pull-up three-pointer that gave Miami an unexpected 105-102 win over the league-leading Golden State Warriors.

                                      Goran Dragic averaging 26 points per game , 5.3 assists per game and 62.8% field goal made. 

                                       First Quarter , Until Durant scored from a jumper when 6:44 remaining in a game , before that Warriors scored on just 3 shots out of 12.

                                     3:39 minutes remaining in a 1st quarter Heat took a 9 points lead after making 7-0 run in 1:19 minutes. Warriors came back in a 1st quarter after 8-0 scoring run in 1:51 minutes and cut a lead to 1 points. 

                                     27.2 seconds remaining in 1st quarter Curry's 3-pointer equal a game for Warriors. Curry's last second layup shot got a lead for Warriors in 1st quarter. 

                                     Warriors made 15-2 runs combining from last two minutes of first quarter and first two minutes of second quarter. In a second quarter both team were equal on score sheet. 

                                     3rd quarter , in past games warriors always dominated this quarter but this time heat didn't gave a chance to Warriors and they outscored Warriors by 31-25 in 3rd quarter. In a last 11 games Warriors outscored their opponent by scoring 126 points in 3rd quarter.

                                      Miami Heat had 4 points lead After 3rd quarter.

                                      4th quarter 4:58 remaining Waiters scored two points and drew a foul , Heat took a lead of 10 points in a game after Waiters awesome play.

                                      After the two sides alternated scores, Golden State would account for the next eight points of the contest, pulling within 98-96 on Durant’s first three-pointer of the night with 1:54 remaining in the game. Dion Waiters halted the Warriors’ momentum with a clutch three-pointer, but back-to-back scores from Durant and Shaun Livingston would cut the deficit to 101-100 with 21 seconds left. Four seconds later, the Warriors fouled Dragic, who missed the first resulting free throw attempt before making the second. Coming out of a timeout.

                                       Golden State Warriors made 12-3 scoring run.

                                       11 seconds remaining , Kevin Durant driven Jam equalled a game for Golden State Warriors.

                                      A ball in a hands of Waiters , 3 seconds left he hit a 3-pointers and it went into a bucket. Dion had done it . Fans were roaring in American Airlines Arena After Waiters hit a clutch 3-pointers to win a game.

                                     For Miami Heat :

Dion Waiters, Miami Heat Finding Their Zone in a game against GSW.

                                     Dion Waiters made 33 points hitting 6 3-pointers in a game with 5 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal. Hassan Whiteside scored 10 points , 15 rebounds , 2 steals , 1 block. Goran Dragic added 19 points , 4 rebounds , 5 assists , 1 steal. Luke Babbitt scored 11 points , 6 rebounds , 1 assist ,1 steal.

                                     For Golden State Warriors :

                                      Kevin Durant scored 27 points , 6 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal. Klay Thompson put 22 points , 5 rebounds , 1 assist , 2 steals , 1 block. Stephen Curry added 21 points , 10 rebounds , 8 assists , 1 block. JaVale MaCgee scored 10 points ,  with 5 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal.



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