Thursday, 12 January 2017

NBA : Cleveland Cavaliers Lost Their Second Consecutive game.

                Cavaliers(28-10)                       vs                   Trailblazers(18-23)

Cavs Lost their two games in a row.

                Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Total  

Cavs        20  21    20    25   86

Portland 27  22     24    29  102

                        Cavs lost second game in a row. Before this game both teams endured weather related travel issue, Game started late because of heavy snow in Portland Trailblazer.

                         Portland Trailblazer outscored Cavs in every quarter. Until a first half Portland took a lead of 8 points.

Kyrie Irving scored only 11 points in a game with 25 field goal % and CJ McCollum scored 27 points for Trailblazer.

                         Once again a very bad game for Cavs in shooting percentage. From 82 field goal Cavs' players made only 28 with 34.1% field goal and in three point shooting Cavs played had a very bad game. They made only 9 3-pointers from 30 with 30% field goal shooting in 3-pointer.

                         Kay Felder made 0 field goal from 6 and he only scored 2 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steals. Kay Felder had 0 field goal percentage in a game.

                        Kyrie Irving also missed too many shots in a game. He scored with only 25 field goal percentage. Kyle Korver and Liggings made 20% field goal.

                        Portland Trailblazer scored in a game with 43% field goal with scoring on 40 from 93. They also had a better Percentage shooting in 3-pointers than Cavs with 33.3%.

                       Portland Trailblazer outscored Cavs in assists , They made 29 assists compared to Cavs 14. Portland Trailblazer grabbed 51 rebounds while Cavs grabbed 48 rebounds.


                       Portland Trailblazer had 9 Turnover while Cavs had 15 turnover. In This game Portland Trailblazer outscored Cavs in every field.   

                         For Cavs Lebron james scored 20 points , 11 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal , 1 block. Kevin Love scored 17 points , 8 rebounds , 1 assist. Kyrie Irving scored only 11 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 2 steals.

                        This is a worst game for Cavs' big-3 in scoring a point in a game. Lebron James was a highest scorer in a game wit only 20 points.

                         For Portland Allen Crabbe come off a bench and scored a huge 24 points 81.8field goal percentage missing only 2 shots from 11.CJ McCollum scored 27 points , 4 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 4 blocks. Damian Lillard scored 14 points , 3 rebounds , 3 assists. Aminu scored 11 points , 12 rebounds , 2 assists. Maurice Harkless scored 13 points , 5 rebounds , 3 assists.

                       Cavs are in a 1st position in Eastern Conference but they have fourth best record in winning games after GSW , San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets. All of these three teams are in Western Conference.

                        Cavs lost to 8 ranked team in Western Conference Standings.

                        Cavs had only 3 points biggest lead while Portland had 24 points biggest lead. Portland won a game with 16 points lead.

                         After a game against Cavs says they need  more practice time.  





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