Thursday, 5 January 2017

NBA : Chicago Bulls wins a game against Cleveland Cavaliers ,Leads a series with 2-0 In a Regular NBA series.

                    Cleveland Cavaliers(26-8)      vs      Chicago Bulls(18-18)

             Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4    Total
Cavs     23    23    28    20     94  

Bulls     16   36    31    23     106

Lebron James  and Dwyane Wade are one of the best friend in NBA.Played together in 4 NBA finals and won 2 of them.

                       Chicago Bulls won both of their games against Cavaliers in this season.

                       No Kyrie Irving , J.R.Smith and Kevin Love for Cavs in the game.Kyrie Irving is out of a game due to tight Hamstring injury And Kevin Love is out of game because of illness.

                       Without their three starter players Cavs is hopeless against Bulls. Cavs did a great job in  a first quarter and outscored Bull with 23 - 16 points but Bulls fight back in a game and took 6 points lead after First half. Bulls played a very good in second quarter , scoring 36 points where Cavs able to score 23 points.

                       Cavs lost only third game at Home Court. They are a best team in NBA at home in defending a home Court.

                       In a first half Cavs made 13-0 run and took a lead of 13 points in just 4 minutes. Bulls' players hit a seven 3-pointers in a second quarter while Cavs' players missed 16 shots in a second quarter where they gave a chance to Bulls to comeback in a game.

                       Cavs played a good game at the start of 4th quarter , they come back in a game and cut a lead to just 1 point when King James was on the Bench But they didn't take advantage of this momentum.

                      Cavs had a chance to take a lead after first quarter when Lebron had a ball and he drives towards a Basket but Butler was in his way and he drew a offencive foul on James. This was a defining moment of a game.                             

Jimy Butler scored a match winning 14 points in a 4th quarter of a game.  

                     Butler scored 14 points in last quarter out of his 20 points of a game. Butler scored 20 points , grabbed 6 rebounds , picked up 8 assists , and steals a ball 1 time.

                     For Bulls Dwyane Wade scored 10 points , 4 rebounds , 4 assists and steals a ball two times. Taj Gibson scored 18 points , 7 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal and 1 block. McDermott scored 17 points , 6 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal. Nicola Mirotic scored 16 points , 4 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal , 1 block. Michael Carter Williams scored 13 points , 3 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal and 1 block.

                    For Cavs Lebron James scored 31 points , 8 rebounds , 7 assists , 1 steal. Channing Frye Scored 15 points, 5 rebounds , 1 steal. Jordan McRae made 21 points , 3 rebounds , 2 assists , 2 blocks.

                    Cavs made 8 3-pointers out of 25 3-pointer attempt where Bulls managed to scored 13 from Long range out of 30.



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