Monday, 2 January 2017

NBA : Cavaliers Get a Edge Of Pelicans ,Kyrie Irving Missed his Second Straight Game.

                                  Cavs(26-7)                  vs                 Pelicans(14-22)

                        1       2      3     4To
Pelicans22212613    82
Cavaliers15292323   90

                              Cavs are top the Eastern Conference table with 26 game wins and they lost only 7 games. After Golden State Warrior and San Antonio Spurs , they are Third best team in NBA.

                               Golden State Warriors won 29 games with just 5 lost while San Antonio Spurs win 27 games with 7 losses.

                               Once again no Kyrie Irving for Cavs due to tight hamstring injury. Mike Dunleavy (sprained right ankle) will miss his second straight game while J.R. Smith (fractured right thumb) could be out until the playoffs. Chris Andersen (torn ACL in right knee) is out for the season.

                              LeBron scored 26 points , 7 rebounds , 6 assists , 2 steals , 1 block in a game.

                             7:57 minute Remaining in 1st quarter LeBron saw a  line , past two players and Dunk on a rim with Authority. 

                              3:35 minute Remaining in the first quarter and LeBron James Drives towards post of Pelicans , he past a player of Pelicans and Hammered a post with powerful dunk.

                              In a 1st Quarter Pelicans leads to Cavs with 22 - 15 points , they took a lead of 7 points in a 1st quarter.

                             10:33 remaining in a 2nd quarter Channing fired hit a 3-pointer and equal a game 22-22. 

                           10:05 minutes remaining in a 2nd quarter Fancy footwork by Felder he scored a bucket and put a Cavs ahead but Pelicans took a lead within a moment.

                            In a 3rd quarter Cavs leads a game 44 - 43 with just 1 point lead.

                            7:05 minutes remaining in 3rd quarter Pelicans took a lead of 7 points.

                           6:57 minutes remaining in 3rd quarter Hill hit a 3-pointer , Pelicans took a lead of 10 points.

                           Cavs came back in a game within 5 minutes of a third game and cut lead to just 2 points from 10 points. They outscored Pelicans 8-0.

                          10:23 minutes remaining in 4th quarter with Felders layup Cavs took a lead over Pelicans. Felder scored 6 points on three straight shots.

                           2:20 minutes remaining in 4th quarter LeBron James and Anthony Davis went into front raw to get a Ball.

                            56.6 remaining in 4th quarter a awesome Block by LeBron James on Hills' layup , No comeback for Pelicans.

Kay Felder scored 12 points in a game and he scored 8 points  in last Quarter.

                            Kay Felder played a very good game , Eight of his points came in the fourth, including four points that came on back-to-back possessions after he subbed in for LeBron James with 11:02 left in the fourth quarter.  Felder, making an impact for the second straight game. 

                            For Cavs Channing Frye scored 14 points , 6 rebounds , 2 blocks. Kay Felder scored 12 points , 1 rebound , 2 assists. Richard Jefferson scored 12 points , 12 rebounds , 2 assists. Kevin Love scored 12 points , 11 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal. Tristan Thompson scored only 2 points with 9 rebounds and 1 block. Cavs bench players scored 44 points in a game which is a 50% of games' score card.

                          For New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis scored 20 points , 17 rebounds , 2 assists , 1 steal , 3 blocks. Buddy Hield scored 20 points with 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Jrue Holiday scored 11 points , 4 rebounds , 13 assists , 3 steals. NOPs' bench players scored 19 points in a game.

                           Cleveland finished shooting just 37.8 percent from the field. That percentage is the third worst shooting performance in NBA this season. The Cavs also shot 23.1 percent during the first quarter, the team’s worst shooting percentage in a single quarter in six years.







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