Saturday, 28 January 2017

Australian Open : Sarena Williams Makes A History By Winning 23rd Grandslam Title!! An Iconic achievement By The Iconic Player.

                        Sarena Williams defeats Venus Williams And Creates a History 

                                                                   (6-4 6-4)

Serena is now the most successful woman in the Open Era after passing Steffi Graf with victory at the Australian Open.


                                        First Set :  6-4 Serena Williams 41 minutes

5 break of games in a set but Serena took a decisive one and took a set.

                                           First Game , Serena breaks Venus in a first game of a set with a running backhand winner to pass Venus.    

                                          2nd game of a set , Serena forces Venus into two more errors from the backhand side, but a double fault and a backhand error of her own makes it 30-all. Serena then hit  her first ace  but Serena Sends a backhand wide. Venus takes a set by sending a forehand long from baseline.

                                          3rd game of a set Serena breaks Venus serve again , unforced error from Venus gave break to Serena.

                                           4th game  , Venus levelled a game by breaking Serena's Serve , 4th break in 4 games. Sarena made backhand unforced error to give Venus a break ,

                                           7th game , Sarena took a break point with Backhand winner.

                                           10th game , Serena won a set by hitting a consecutive aces.

                                           Serena won a set in 41 minutes.

                                          Second Set : 6-4 Serena Williams 37 minutes

Serena won a second set , a game  , 7th Australian Open Title , 23rd Grand slam for  Serena Williams. 

                                          3rd game Venus Williams saved three break points , Venus held a serve by taking 5 consecutive points.

                                           7th game , Venus hit a forehand shot wide and a break point for Serena , but Venus held a serve when Serena hit a forehand into a Net. Serena took another break point by hitting thunderous forehand. But Venus levelled it back ,error made by Serena. Venus gave another break point by hitting backhand wide , Serena made no mistake this time he hit a powerful backhand shot and a game went to Serena.

                                             Sarena broke Venus after 6 breakpoints.

                                             Venus looks uncomfortable after 8th game of a set. but she holds.

                                             10th game of a match , Venus won 24 shots rally  ! What a play by both players.

                                              Venus hits  a shot into a net and a championship point for Serena Williams.

                                               Serena won a match I 1hour and 22 minutes.

                                              Serena become World no 1 and Oldest player to achieve it.





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