Thursday, 26 January 2017

Australian Open : Roger Federer Reaches Australian Open Final.

Roger Federer defeates Stan Wawrinka in 5 sets thriller Semi Final

                   7-5 6-3 6-1 6-4 6-3

Federer reaches his 28th Grand slam Final in his Career after after overcoming compatriot Stan Wawrinka in a five-set thriller.

                                 First Set : 7-5  Roger Federer

                                 Federer's backhand to make it 0-15.  A stunning drop volley sets Wawrinka up for a smash for 15-all, but another missed backhand makes it 15-30. A few errors are creeping into his game. Another serve and drop volley routine makes it 30-all, but a superb backhand from left to right from Wawrinka forces Federer to net. Here’s a break point at a crucial time.

                                Wawrinka's backhand went long and Roger took a game.

                               12th game of a set , Roger Federer broke Stan Wawrinka's Service and took  a set 7-5. Wawrinka's another error gave Roger a set. 


                                 Second Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

                                 Federer broke Wawrinka's 3rd serve , Federer hit a forehand , Stan got a touch on the ball but it was minimal and he accepts the call made no difference to him . point went to Federer.

                                 Stan Wawrinka's couple errors gave two break points to Federer. Wawrinka saved a first point , but he hit another into a net. and a game went to Roger.

                                  After this both player hold their serve but one service break by Roger on Wawrinka's serve gave roger a set.  

                                 Third Set : 6-1  Wawrinka 

Wawrinka took a third set after medical timeout in stunning style.
                                 Wawrinka back in a game after breaking Roger Federer's 2nd Service game. Two forehand errors and another gave Wawrinka 3 break points. Federer survived first break point but Wawrinka took a second one.

                                 Wawrinka broke another service of Roger Federer Wawrinka earns a break point, bullying Federer with a forehand down the line. Monstrous hitting from Wawrinka unsettles Federer. who put his forehand way long.   


                                 Wawrinka hold his serve and took a set 6-1.

                                 Fourth Set : 6-4 Wawrinka 

Wawrinka took a third and fourth set to level a game.

                                First game of a set , Wawrinka broke Roger's serve , Roger hit  a forehand wide and gave a break points to Wawrinka. Federer served wide and moves forward , Wawrinka put a backhand pass left to right , and took a game. A break for Wawrinka.

                               Roger came back in a set by breaking Wawrinka's serve  , Two games , each player broke a serve of each other.

                                9th game of a set , Roger's serve was broken by Wawrinka.

                               Wawrinka serving for a set. He made no mistake and took a set 6-4. Wawrinka levelled a game with 2 sets each.


                                Fifth Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

now Federer is eying on to win  18th grand slam title.


                                7th game , Federer broke Wawrinka's serve. Wawrinka takes the first point, but Federer takes the next two thanks to excellent returns. Then Wawrinka squirts a backhand horribly wide to hand Federer two break points, his first of this set, and the world No4 double-faults! Rather uncharitably, the crowd cheers as Federer breaks. 

                                 Perfect start to the game for Roger as Wawrinka's defensive lob lands long. A quite brilliant inside out forehand then makes it 30-0, as Federer shows incredible foot-speed to run around his backhand and leather the ball down the line. Another huge forehand follows to set up 40-0 and three match points , Federer had a match point , Wawrinka send a backhand return long.

                                Match went to Roger Federer.   





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