Monday, 23 January 2017

Australian Open : Rafa beats Gael Maonfils In 4th Round Of Australian Open , Ready To Face Milos Raonic In Quarter Final.

              Rafael Nadal defeated Gael Monfils  (6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4) In a four Sets Match to reach Australian Open Quarter Final.

Rafael Nadal wins 4-set thriller vs Gael Monfils (6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4).

                                             This was a best moment for Rafa After 2015 French Open where He entered in last 8 in that Major Championship. After That Nadal was not able to reach in any Major's Quarter Final.

                                              1st Set : Nadal takes 6-3

                                              In a second game Of a first set Monfils gave a gift beak point to Rafa , He made double Fault on hi serve when he was behind by 15-40.

                                              Rafa missed two set points in 8th game of 1st Set. Monfils nails him with a perfectly judged volley lob to make it 15-15. Nadal responds with some strong serving to go up 40-15 and two more set points. He only needs one this time - Monfils smacks a forehand miles out of court, and after 47 minutes Nadal is a set to the good. 

                                            2nd  Set : Nadal takes 6-3

Nadal After winning second set.

                                             Second Set , First game , Nadal Breaks Monfils Serve , He was on fire. Nadala  come out firing at the start of the second, flummoxing his opponent with a gorgeous backhand topspin lop and some huge hitting from the baseline to go up 15-40 and two break points. Monfils backhand shot was outside line , He missed it and a break for Nadal.

                                            6th game of Second Set , Monfils Breaks Back Nadal's Serve , Monfils was all over on Nadal in this game , he take first 3 points and took 0-40 lead , he had three break points , Nadal sends his Backhand too long and a break for Monfil. Monfils Levelled a game. 

                                           Nadal breaks Monfils Serve second time in a set , he didn't take too much time to come back in set and took a lead. Nadal's  thundering away a trademark inside out forehand winner and then whipping a couple of forehand passing shots down the line to get himself back in front.     

                                           After that game Nadal dominated second set.

                                           Double Faults by Monfils on his serve gave Nadal three break points. The Frenchman saves the first two, but no mistake from Rafa on the third and he secures a two sets to love lead when Monfils puts a backhand long. 

                                            Nadal took a set 6-3.

                                             3rd Set : Monfils takes 6-4

After securing a 3rd set in a match against Nadal 6-4.

                                            3rd set , 9th game Monfils broke Nadal's serve.Nadal's first double Faults of a game gave Monfils 2 break points of a game.Monfils takes the first one, as Rafa puts another forehand wide! and a game named to Monfils.

                                            Nadal had a chance to come back into a 3rd set when he had 3-break points but Monfils was not in a mood to give back a serve to Nadal. Monfil's a volley winner and two aces get him back to deuce.  Double Fault by Monfils gave another break points to Rafa. but Monfils striked back with beautifully carved ace out wide. he dollies a forehand into the net and we're back at deuce. Monfils served another ace and set point for him. This time Monfils didn't make a mistake , Monfils' cross court forehand winner wraps up the set.

                                            4th Set : Nadal takes 6-4

Nadal After winning a fourth set and a Match.

                                            5th game of 4th set , Nadal gave 3-break points to Monfils. He saved a first game point but Monfils took a second break point and a game.

                                            8th game Nadal breaks back in a set. Monfils missed three straight forehand in a set and gifted a break points to Nadal. A huge error by Monfils. This time Nadal holds his nerve and swats away a backhand winner up the line to get back on terms in the set.

                                            10th game of 4th set , A break point , A set point and A match points for Nadal.

                                             Monfils took first two points and took a lead in his own serve by 30-0 but Nadal fought back and forced his opponent to make an error , Monfils put a volley wide to fall behind 30-40. Monfils saved a first Match point with a tremendous forehand winner. Another Double Fault by Monfils gave Nadal second Match point , Monfils send his backhand outside of line. A Game, set and match to Nadal.

                                              Now Nadal will face third rank player  Milos Raonic in quarter final. Milos Raonic  defeated R.Bautista (7-6 3-6 6-4 6-1).   

                                                Rafael Nadal on Raonic ,"He's an opponent that makes you feel that you're playing with a lot of pressure all the time."



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