Monday, 30 January 2017

Australian Open : Federer Wins A Tilte In Epic Clash Of Titans.

Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal to clinch his 5th Australian Open Title and 18th Major Title.

Federer won his fifth Australian Open and Only Player to win five or more title at three different Grand Slam event.

6-4 3-6 6-3 3-6 6-3

This was a match between arguably two greatest tennis player. They won 32 titles in combine.

This is a third time Nadal Lost in a Australian Open Finals out of 4 finals. If he won this trophy he would be a player who completed career grand slam 2 times. And second player after Roger who have won major 15 times . But Nadal is now 30 years old and yet he has a chane to win 3 or 4 more majors.

1st Set : 6-4 Roger Federer

8th game , Rafa serving , Federer played aggressively in a game. Nadal's backhand error gave Federer break in a game and in a set. Federer won first set 6-4.

2nd Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

Second game Nadal broke Federer's serve when Federer hit weak one handed backhand , Nadal gave a response with powerful topspin Forehand.

Fourth game , Nadal once again broke Federer's serve and took a lead 4-0 in a second set.

Roger got one service back by breaking Nadal's serve. but Nadal had one more break point which he held and won a set 6-3.

3rd Set : 6-1 Roger Federer

Nadal had a break point in a first game of a set but he didn't take advantage of it. Federer held a serve. 

Second game Federer broke Nadal's serve and  took a lead 2-0 games.

Once again Federer broke Nadal's serve again. Took a set 6-1.

4th Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

4th game , an unforced error from Roger gave Nadal a break point. Nadal took it. Made a 3-1 lead in a 4th set.

Nadal held all his serve and took a set 6-3.

5th Set : 6-3 Roger Federer

First game , Nadal broke Federer serve and it's look like Nadal Going to win once again. he took 3-1 lead in a last set.

But Roger come back in  a set in a Fourth game after winning a game. Nadal handed a game to Roger.

After this Roger Broke Nadal's serve once again and took a champion ship.

Nadal missed a chance to surpass Sampras' 14 major titles.
After a game Rafael Nadal said,"I can't say that I am sad , I wanted to win , yes , but I am not very sad. At this moment in my career more important than titles is being healthy enough to work the way I need to work ,to fight for the things I  want to fight , I am going to keep trying to do and to work the same way." 
Federer After a game,''he could share a trophy with Nadal if There are any draw in Tennis.'' 


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