Friday, 27 January 2017

Australian Open : A Dream Final Awaits !! Rafael Nadal will Face Roger Federer in Australian Open Final.

          Nadal Defeates Dimitrov in Australian Open Semifinal  

                                  (6-3 5-7 7-6 6-7 6-4)

Nadal and Roger Federer will face each other in their 9th grand slam finals

                                     First Set : 6-3 Rafael Nadal

Nadal takes first set in demanding style.

                                     Nadal broke Dimitrov's serve in the fourth game of a set. Nadal got a two break points in Dimitrov's serve. Dimitrov saved a first game with ace down the middle. But not the second. Dimitrov approaches the net. Nadal sizes him up, works out the angles and measures a forehand down the line. Dimitrov stretches and nets a volley. Nadal breaks.

                                   In a 9th game of set Nadal hit a backhand long gave 0-15 lead to Dimitrov. but Nadal took 2 points and made it 30-15.Two set points materialise when Dimitrov knocks a backhand return long. Nadal whips a forehand into the left corner and although Dimitrov scrambles it back, the Spaniard polishes off the point and the set with a killer volley.

                                   Second Set : 5-7 Dimitrov

Dimitrov levelled a game by winning a second set.

                                    Dimitrov got a break in 4th game of a set , In a Dimitrov hit a backhand and forehand winner which gave him a 30-0 lead over Nadal. Nadal Complaining to umpire about something. Dimitrov finds a wondrous angle with a cross court forehand and Nadal slices a backhand wide, giving up three break points. In a last point of a game Nadal hit a forehand wide and it was a break for Dimitrov.

                                    9th game of a set Dimitrov hit a backhand long which gave Nadal 2 break points , Nadal took a break and come back in a game.

                                    12th game of a set Dimitrov broke Nadal's serve and took a set.

                                    Dimitrov took a set and levelled a game.

                                   Third Set : 7-6 Nadal

Nadal took a set after winning in tie break

                                    5th game of a set Nadal broke Dimitrove's serve , First break of a set , Dimitrov gave a break point Nadal. Dimitrov hit backhand long and game went to Nadal.

                                     But Dimitrov broke Nadal's next serving game. Nadal couple of loose errors gave Dimitrov 2 break points. In a fourth break point of Dimitrov Nadal  sends a forehand wide. A break for Demitrov and levelled a set.

                                     Match went into a tie-break ,Nadal took a set After winning a tiebreak 7-5.

                                     Fourth Set : 7-6 Dimitrov

second time Dimitrov levelled a match by taking fourth set.

                                      Match went into a tiebreak  , no break point in a set.

                                      4th tiebreak point Dimitrov forced Nadal to hit  a Backhand wide and a break in Tie break For Dimitrov. Dimitrov took a tiebreak with 7-4.

                                       Fifth Set : 6-4 Nadal

Nadal won a fifth set , a game ant reaches to his 21 Major final.

                                       Nadal had too many chance of break points.

                                       Dimitrov faced two break points in starting game of a set. He saved both , but Nadal got third won. He’s relieved to see Nadal send a return wide. Eventually he holds, after 13 minutes, wrongfooting Nadal with a forehand.

                                       9th game of a set , Nadal Broke Dimitrov's serve. Double Foult from Dimitrov gave Nadal 30-0 lead into a game , but he faught back in a game. and levelled a game 30-30.  Dimitrov's forehand hit a net and went long. A break point for Nadal. Nadal pumps a forehand pass down the line. Dimitrov blocks a volley back into play, but it sits up invitingly for Nadal to barrel forward and crash a backhand down the line to break.

                                       In a Last game , of set and match , Nadal hit an ace which gave him a break point but it was called out. Overruled by Umpire , Dimitrove challenged on that but that was in and a Match point For Nadal.  Nadal earns a second match point, but he didn't take it.

                                      Third match point for Nadal , Nadal didn't make a mistake this time. Domitrov hit a Backhand long and Match went to Nadal.

                                      Match time : 4 hours and 54 minutes.

                                     An epic match went into a favour of Nadal.  





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