Saturday, 26 November 2016

                                  OKC(9-8)       VS         DENVER NUGGETS(6-9)


                                       Once again Russel Westbrook was a player of a game and a great game for basketball Fans.Once again Westbrook and OKC played Over Time game.

                      Russel Westbrook scored 36 points ,grabbed  12 rebounds and assisted 18 for okc while Olidipo scored 26 points and made 7 assist.This was a great game for both gaurd.Westbrook scored 24 points in the 4th quarter and OT to help OCK to win a game.Season high assists for Russel Westbrook,18 assists.He is playing in NBA like someone Playing a 2k NBA game in a Playstation.Every time Russel come up with a great performance.He almost scored a nearly triple double in a every game.

                      Wilson Chandler scored most point for Nuggets,31 points.Jameer Nelson ,Mudiay and Jamal Murray scored 21,17 and 20 points.Jamal Murray played a important role to equal a score and put a game into a overtime.Jameer Nelson made 13 assists and Wilson Chandler take 11 rebounds. 

                      Another triple double for Russel Westbrook,now he has 43 triple double in a NBA.just 1 behind from  a great Lebron James and equals with Lever.

                     8.3 second remaining in a 4th quarter Adam fouled Murray,Murray didn't make a mistake and he scored on every free throw 3/3.

                     1.2 sec remaining Westbrook driving layup shot block by Faried and Nelson took a rebound.A match went into a OT.

                     In OT OKC edge Nuggets and win a game with just 3 points margin.Now Russel Westbrook nearly averaging triple double in current season with 31.8 points , 10.5 assists and 9.5 rebound.  

Friday, 25 November 2016

                       Cleveland Cavaliers            vs               Dallas Mavericks



                    A Great start by Caveliers in a season,just 2 loss and 12 wins.     

                   Easy game for Cavs ,they defeat Dallas Maverics with big 38 points margin.Another more than 10 three-pointer for the Cavs.they are doing a great in three point shooting.They were just one three point away from equalling a most three points in a single game.

                       Kavin love scored 27 points and 10 rebound  in a game,Kavin Lovemade 7 three-pointers in a game ,while Kylie Irving was on fire in a game,he put a show in a first half scoring on every shot.10/10 and 4/4 three pointer ,in a game he missed just three shots.Irving scored 25 points while Lebron James scored 19 points,10 assists and 5 rebound in a game.Thristan Thompsan scored 11 points and grabbed 12 rebound.Jr smith has not a good day in scoring but he did good job in defence 3 steals for him.

                      In a last qaurter all 5 started for cavs was rested by coach Lue.

                      Dirk Nowitzki scored 15 points for Dallas , most by dallas player in a game.Adre Bogut grabbed  11 rebound  for Dallas.  

                     Cavs dominated Dallas in every qaurte,in a first half they were up by 34 points,biggest lead of a game was 45 points.Dallas got a edge in a last quarter because all starter from Cavs team was rested.

                     Lebron is playing a role of point guard than Small forward and Kyrie is playing a role of scorer for a Cavs.   



                            Branden Rodger : " Celtic could have won with Messi "

                           Lionel Messi's great performance put Celtic out of UCL.Messi scored both goals for Barcelona in a game.

                           Asked if Messi playing for his team Celtic should have won,he smiled and said," We would have big chance ,there is no doubt about that,He is a best player in the world and when he plays for any team he makes a difference for any team in the world and make a every player in the team better. "

                          Messi was so good in the game against Celtics.he scored a two goals.First goal was too good he scored a fantastic one touch goal on Neymar's awesome pass.Second goal he scored from penalty spot which was won by Luis Saurez.

                         Messi created many Chances for his teammates.Some of these chances were so easy but bad luck for Barca and players, some shot hit post and some denied by great goal keeping.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

                                    Manchester United       4      vs     Feyenoord     0

                                     Now Manchester United is in a good position to qualify for next round .In this game Feyenoord missed their some key player.

                                    35' minute Rooney scored a first goal for Manchester United.He started play gave a ball to Ibrahimovic ,Ibrahimovic dribble a ball and Rooney took very good return pass from Ibrahimovic,wonderful play by Ibrahimovic.Rooney's Little flick over keeper put a ball into a net.This was a team goal.A great combination of Ibrahimovic and Rooney.A good sign For Man. United.Rooney Surpassed Rood Van Nestlroy's goal Scoring record in European Competition.


                                         69' minute Carrick stole a ball from Feyenoord's player and gave a ball to Ibrahimovic,Once again he passed a ball to Rooney ,Rooney's reverse pass went to Mata and Mata made no mistake.Mata rolled into a net with a ball.Goal For Man United.Once again Ibrahimovic and Rooney involved in a goal.


                                         74' minute Own goal by Feyenoord,Rushford pass a ball to Ibrahimovic.Ibrahimovic tried to give a low pass to Mkthitaryan.Keeper tied to stop a ball but a ball touch his left leg and went through his legs into a net.Ibrahimovic Once again in a goal for Man. United.


                                          90' + 1' minute Awesome goal by Jose Lingard in a last minute.What a passing move by Mancherster United Every player passed a ball with just one touch.Lingard strike a ball with one touch , his shot curled , a keeper tried to stop a ball but ball out of his reach,a ball hit  inside a post and a ball went into a net.4th goal for Man. United.


                                        Ibrahimovic played a important part in all goals. Every goal was scored with team effort.Man. United is now getting better and better..This is a great news for Man United and Jose Murinho.All important players played a well in this game for Man. United.

                                      Manchester United is now second in a table with 9 points just 1 behind Group Leader.








Man. United


Zarya Luga













                               Last 16 Teams in Uefa Champions League


                                               Group A

                 Paris Saint German And Arsenal Qulified for Last 16 In UCL in Group A.
             Team                    Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points  
             PSG                         5                   3                2                   0               6                    11 
             Arsenal                    5                   3                2                   0               9                    11    
             Ludogorets              5                   0                2                   3             -9                     2 
             FC Basel                 5                    0               2                   3              -6                    2 


                                                Group B  

                  In Group B three Teams Fighting for Last 16 Place.Benfica Napoli and Besiktas are those teams.     
             Team                       Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points   

          Benfica                         5                     2                2                  1                1                  8    
          Napoli                          5                     2                2                   1                2                  8     

          Besiktas                       5                     1                4                   0                1                  7                     
          Dynamo Kyiv              5                     0                2                   3               -4                  2     


                                               Group C  

                    Barcelona and Manchester City qualified for Last 16 in this group as expected.

               Team                        Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points        
            Barcelona                        5                   4                0                  1               12                 12       

             Man. City                       5                   2                2                  1               2                    8

             VFLBorrusia                  5                   1                2                  2              -3                   5

             Celtics                            5                    0               2                  3              -11                 2     


                                                Group D  

                      Athletco Madrid and Bayern Munich qualified from this group.Atletico won all five games.

                Team                        Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points 

        Athletico Madrid                 5                   5                0                  0                 6                 15         

        Bayern Munich                   5                    3                0                  2                 7                  9 

        Fc Rustov                            5                    1                1                  3                -6                 4 
        Eindhoven                          5                    0                 1                  4                -7                 1


                                                 Group E

               Team                         Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points 

       AS Monaco                          5                    3                2                   0               5                   11 

      Bayer Leverkusen                5                     1                4                  0               1                    7  
     Tottenham Hotspurs              5                     1               1                   3              -2                   4 

     CSKA  Moskaw                    5                    0                3                   2              -4                   3 


                                                 Group F

                Team                         Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points 

      Dortumund                            5                     4                1                  0               12                13 

      Real Madrid                          5                     3                 2                 0                6                11 

      Sporting                                5                      1                0                 4               -2                  3   

      Legia Warszawa                   5                      0                1                 4               -16                1


                                                  Group G

                Team                         Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points 

      Leicester City                        5                     4               1                   0                6                  13

      FC   Porto                              5                     2               2                   1                1                   8

      Kobenhavn                            5                     1               3                   1                3                   6

      Club Brugge                         5                      0               0                   5              -10                  0

                                                   Group H

               Team                         Played            Won          Draw            Lost           GD             Points 

            Juventus                          5                     3                2                 0                 7                 11

            Sevilla                             5                     3                1                 1                 4                 10

            Olympiacos                     5                     2                1                 2                 2                  7

            Dinamo Zagreb               5                     0                0                 5               -13                 0

                              Some groups are still open for last 16 places in UCL.Group  H , Group G ,Group E ,
and Group B are still compiting for Last 16 places in UCL.                        

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

                            BARCELONA   2(Messi 24' ,55'p)     vs       CELTICS  0

                                 Barcelona Trio played this game together,last game missed by Messi and Saurez. Lionel Messi scored a brace in a game and put a Celtics out of Champions league.Messi continue his great form in a game.Barca was too good in this game , they dominate Celtics.

                               Barcelona is qualified for last 16 in the Uefa Championss League.Manchester City's Draw with Moenchengladbach put Celticss out of Champions League.

                             9 minute   Messi's long pass to Neymar ,Neymar wonderfully take a ball and Pass a ball to Messi hit a ball towards Post but it was deflected by Def.Sauraz coundn't get a ball into a air.

                             10'minute Sergio Busquet played a perfect pass to Messi but Messi couldn't control a ball and missed a good chance.

                            From the left Alba chips a ball into a box,a ball is headed down  by Ivan  Raketic Messi try to put a ball into a net with a Leg but it's over a Postbar 

                           24 minute Goal for Messi assisted by Neymar ,A wonderful one to one play with Neymar,Messi run towards a post ,Neymar's perfect pass to Messi Messi made a contact with a ball and in one touch he put a ball into a net.

                          Celtics got a good chance in 36 minutes Celtics player Dembele's riffle shot block by Ter Stegen,Nice save from him,

                          42 minute Messi's perfect cross pass to Saurez,Saurez headed a ball with full force but Gordon dive to a right side and put  a ball away.What a save!

                         48 minute Barcelona gifted a ball to Celtics.Macgragor shoot from 20 yard but there was no power in a shot Ter Stegen easily save it.

                         53 minute another chance for Celtics ,Free header for Dembele but his header has no power ,he gave a ball directly to Ter Stegen's hand.How could someone miss this kind of opportunity.

                        54 minute Izaguirre made a mistake and fouled a Saurez.He cuddles Saurez to a ground.It's a clear cut penalty.Messi took a penalty and he didn't make a mistake.scored a second for him and second for Barca.

                       67 minute Neymar's great run outside a penalty area as he saw som Celtics players round him,he passed a ball to Messi.Messi missed a goal for just inch away if he scored this goal he will become first player to score a hattrick at Celtics Park in Ueropean Compititions. 

                       83' minute Saurez missed another good chance.Saurez to Messi to Saurez , Saurez shoot a ball but it was hit a Postbar.Not a good luck for Saurez in a game.

                     Messi is in stunning form in this season after He returned from injury.Now Messi has 92 goals in Uefa Champions League Goal 3 Behind Ronaldo.Wait to see who will reach 100 goals in UCL first. 




                     Cleveland Cavaliers(10-2)  vs   Portland Trail Blazzer(8-8)    

                                            137                                   125 

Trail Blazers31293233125

                               A great night for Cavs fans.Lebron James hit a tripple double in a game.High scoring and record breaking game.

                              Record breaking night for Cavs.Kavin Love hit 34 poiints in first Quarter , most point in 1st QTR in NBA history.

                              Labron James 12 assists in 1st half , Career-Best for any Half.

                              Cavs team scored a 16 3-pointers in first half , most 3-pointer in a half in NBA history.21 3-pointer made in a single game,Franchise single game Record for 3-pointer.

                              This record breaking night Cav Fans will never forget.

                               Kavin Love scored 40 points in a game while Lebron scored  30+ points,Lebron put 13 assists and   10 rebounds.

                               For Portland Damian Lillard scored 40 points and made 11 assists for Portland.Maunk Harkless grabbed 7 rebound.


                                                      OKC(8-6)      VS     LA LAKERS(7-7)


                                         For Westbrook it was a great game but for OKC,once again they lost a game despite Westbrook's great performance.

                                         Westbrook scored 34 points ,8 rebounds and 13 assists.He become a main player of OKC.He give a great performance in every game but his luck is not with him.OKC lost some very good game which was in a favour of OKC.

                                         Jordan Clarkson scored 18 points for LA Lakers ,most by Laker players.5 assists by Lou Williams and Jose took 6 Rebounds.

                                         Nick Young took a game from OKC he hit a three pointer when just 5 seconds remaining in a game.

                                        In a last Quarter Westbrook scored 15 points and cut 13 points Laker lead to 3.Good effort by Russel Westbrook but it was not enough to take a win from La Lakers.

                              Portland Trail Blazers(8-7) vs New York Knicks(6-7)


                              Kristap Porzingis scored most point for NYK,31 points.grabbed 9 rebounds.Brandan Jennings come off a bench and provided a 11 assists.

                              Damian Lillard scored 22 points ,most rebound by Ed Davis,10 rebound.and 6 assists by Damian Lillard most by blazers players.

                         Chicago Bulls(9-5) vs Denver Nuggets(5-8)  



                               Another exiting game on 22nd nov fixture.Bull defeated by Denver Nuggets.

                               Jimmy Butler scored 35 points,Most assists and most rebounds made by Rajon Rondo which were 8 and 11.

                               Jamal Murray scored 24 points for Denver Nuggets.Jusuf Nyurkic grabbed 14 rebounds.

                                New Orleans Pelicans(4-10) vs Atlanta Hawks(9-4)


                               Atlast win for New Orleans Pelicans.They defeat top tier team Atlanta Hawks.Atlanta lost home game against Pelican.      


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

                                         REAL MADRID               VS                 SPORTING

                                                   2                                                             1

                                       This was Ronaldo's night.Home coming game for Ronaldo Ronaldo missed a Chance to score 100 goals in European Competition where he started his professional football and made a his name in football World.

                                        4' Ronaldo's left footed shot stop by Sportying Goli.

                                       29' minute Luca Modric's free kick went to Cristiano Ronaldo,Ronaldo tried to shoot a ball but  ball goes to Varane and Rafeal Varane scored with left footed sliding shot.

                                       32 minute Sporting had a great chance but it was block by Real's defender.

                                       43' Ronaldo's free kick just blow away by Porto defender,he took a free kick from just outside penalty area.

                                        64' minute one man down to Porto Referee showed a red card to Defender.A bad night for Sporting.Joao did something to Kovakic and referee didn't hesitate for a moment.A direct Red card for Joao.

                                        80' minute ball touched  Fabio Coentrao hand ,Penalty for Porto.Adrien Silva scored a goal and levelled a game .

                                        but Real Madrid strike back within 5-6 minutes Benzema scored a awesome header goal in 87 minute,Porto defender tried to put a pressure on him but it was not worthy to stop benzema.

                                        It was a hard game for Real but they come out as a winner.Ronaldo tried to be a Hero of a game against his former team but he hadn't done anything in Home coming Party.

Bale Injured,Bad news For Real Madrid :

                                        Bale is in great form since he renewed his big contract with Real Madrid until 2022.He will Miss a huge game against Barcalona in Spanish La Liga due to Ankle injury.

                                        Real Madrid coach Zidedan Zidan said,"Garath Bale suffered more of an ankle twist than a knock but we will have to wait and see what is the problem".This is a big blow for Real Madrid against Barcelona in El Classico.Every time Bale played a vital role for Real Madrid against Barcelona.Real will miss his speed ,strength,shots ,etc.His presence give opponent a chill.


                              LEICESTER CITY          VS          CLUB BRUGGE

                                          2                                                           1

                              Leicester City secured top Spot in Group G of UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.Great run for Leicester City in Champions League.

                               5' minute,game started and in just five minutes Leicester city Scored a goal.Couneratt acking football from Leicester City.Shinji Okazaki scored  first goal for Leicester City.Futch perfect cross to Okazaki And Okazaki made no mistake.His left foot shot went into a net over keeper's head.

                                28' Albrighton is taken out by Dion Cools wonderful one on one play with and Marc Albrighton pass Dion But Dion found no way to Stop him and he put a leg in Marc Albrighton's way.Penalty for Leicester.Riyad Mahrez took a penalty and made no Mistake to convert a penaltyspot freekick into a goal.Keeper move before Mahrez shoot a ball and mahrez took a benifit of  it and put a ball into a center of a net.Laicester City was too good for Club Brugge.

                                52' jose Izquierdo ,fantastic first touch from izquierdo .he run from a middle of field with a ball and in the right side of penalty area two defender around him and smash a ball with his right foot shot from Izquierdo.this was a goal of a game.

                                59' Yardi'd goal in 59 minute but it was diallowed by referee,Lines man's flag is up,Offside call from Linesman.A ball flicked by Yardy and a ball was inside corner of a net but Lines man Disallowed a goal.

                                Leicester City won a game with 2-1.Despite a Disaster Premier League start They are doing great in Champions League.Now they top a table in group G.Club Brugge is in a last place in group G.

                               Leicester City played a last home game in Uefa Champions League First Round.Now They are qualify for Last 16.This is a stage where they are find difficulties when they face one of elite team from Uerope.






Leicester City

FC Porto


Club Brugge