Monday, 24 October 2016

                       ATHLETICO MADRID            VS                SEVILLA

                                        0                                                           1
                                                                                                 N ZONZI 73'   

                                            7 yellow card and ,1 red card in a game.In the 7th minute Kevin Gameiro was fouled by Adil Rami just outside of the penaly area.referee showed him a yellow card.

                                             free kick for Atletico Madrid,Grizamann took free kick but it was deflected by sevilla defender.

                                             15' Attempt saved by Athletico Goal keeper. Steven N'Zonzi (Sevilla) header from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Assisted by Samir Nasri with a cross.                                       

                                             16th minute wonderful pass by Grinzamann to Rico but Rico failed to convert it into a goal ,wondreful save by Sevilla Goalkeeper.

                                             38' minute best chance for Athletico Madrid and Anel Correa.

                                             42nd minute Angel Correa shown a yellow card for a bad foul.

FIRST HALF: SEVILLA           0           -           ATHLETICO MADRID           0

                                             51th minute Samir Nasri's right footed shot hit a left  side of the post.just inch away from goal.

                                             52' great save by Athletico goal keeper ,right footed shot from Vitolo.

                                            53' Steven N'Zonzi (Sevilla) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal.

                                            62'coke shown a yellow card for a bad foul.

                                            73rd minute What a run and what finish by Steven N'zonzi.Luciano Vietto passed a ball to N'zonzi and with great run N'zonzi  put a ball into the centre of the box to the bottom left corner.

                                            77' second yellow card for Coke and sent off for him.he was out of the game.Athletico had a chance to go on the top of La Liga but They Missed it Now they are 4th in the table.

                                            Sevilla is in a second place in the La Liga table just 1 Point behind Real Madrid and 1 point ahead of Barcelona.

FULL TIME:  SEVILLA           1           -           ATHLETICO MADRID           0

                            MESSI                                         vs                                      RONALDO

GOALS:                  49                                                                                               41

ASSIST:                  29                                                                                               15

TROPHIES:             2                                                                                                 2

Messi played a crucial part in Three finals but won only two finals. While Ronaldo in European cup he was out of game and all credit went to him.and in the champion's league final Ramos was the player of the game not ronaldo.Ronaldo was score less in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL,SEMI FINAL and QUATER FINAL.

Messi played a very important role in Copa America.Because of him on of Chili's defender was sent out but one of the Argentina player made a mistake and got a red card.if that player didn't made mistake than Argentina definitely won a Copa America.Hugain who is playing so good in Club level but didn't converted that easy chance into goal what should Messi do.If Hugain had scored that easy chances in those final I think Messi has At least Two international Trophies.What if Messi couldn't converted a penalty into a goal Argentina has other player.

Who will win Ballon d'OR for 2016??   
                                               CHELSEA                  VS              MAN UNITED
                                                          4                                                  0      

                                                Pedro 1'
                                                Gary Cahil 21'
                                                Eden Hazard 62'
                                                Ngolo Kante 70'
                                              After kick off ,just over 30sec Pedro scored a goal for was a shock for Man was extraordinary beginning for Blues.Alonso hit a ball towards open area .Pedro came to the ball but before that De Gea came out of his box.Pedro made no mistake and scored a fantastic goal.Lazy defence by Man United.

                                             In the 8th minute Ibrahimovic header went over Chelsae's cross bar. A Good chance for Man United.

                                             21' minute Gary Cahil scored for Chelsea once again lazy defence by Man United.Hazard free kick hit one of the Man United defender and ball went to Gary Cahil.He put a ball into the net.

                                             Diego Costa missed a wonderful chance for Chelsea. A Nice pass from hazard to Costa . A very good chance missed  by Chelsea.

                                             34'minute 2 great save from Chelsea Goal keeper.

                                             40' minute Luis fouled Fellini , referee showed him just yellow card. He should have been sent off from the game for tackle on Fellaini. 

                                             once again Diego Costa missed a chance for Chelsea in the last minute of first half.


                                            48th minute Costa put a ball into net but it was off side, so no goal for Chelsea.
                                            58' minute ,Lingard's 20 yard low shot was palmed away by Courta.
                                            62'minute Matic passed a ball to Hazard, A great work by Hazard just one touch and he put a ball into the right side of Man United's net.Brilliant goal from Hazard.Game over for Man United.

                                            70' minute what a play by Kante ,just like Messi did for Barca. Kante made a fool of Man United defender past him and hit a ball into the net.No answer for De Gea.4th goal for Chelsea.This was the Goal of the game.This was totally awesome  goal.

                                            80' minute Ibrahimovic shot was blocked by Courta.Great save.

                                             Worst night for Marinho, Pogba and Man United,What was he doing in midfield.He came in the game just for walk. 

                                              Rojo's 93rd minute  shot ,block by Courta .What a goal keeping by him in the game.Man United got too many good chances in the game but they failed to convert them into a goal.

                                              Night to forget for Murinho.




Sunday, 23 October 2016

                                                       Barcelona                     vs               Valencia
                                                              3                                                   2

                                                           Messi(22',90+3')                        Munier(52')
                                                           Suarez(62)                                 Rodrigo(56')

                                                     Wow !!what a match for the fans of both team. Little disappointment for Valencia fans. Last minute goal in extra time caused them a heartbreaking lost. What a game by both teams.

                                                   Also there is Some problem for Barcelona fans. Andre Iniesta was injured in the game and he will be out off a game until Christmas.He will not be able to play football until January.This is a very bad news for Barcelona Fans.

                                                   First goal was scored by Lio in the 22nd minute and that goal was scored because of good teamwork.a Mistake made by Velencia defender and ball went to Raketic he passed a ball to Lio and Lio need just little inch of space to score a goal and he scored a wonderful goal but this goal was controversial because Suarez was standing in a way.So Velencia goalkeeper couldn't saw a ball which was coming towards him.He complained a referee but referee rejected it.and first controversial goal scored by leo who is in great form coming back from injury.

                                                 Diego Alves denied Lionel Messi's shot ,Great goalkeeping by him.
Good pass from Messi to Suarez and Suarez took a shot but Velencia defender deflected a ball slightly,Diego Alves velencia's goalkeeper made another great save.

                                              Great opportunities missed by Valencia their attacker unable to great chance to convert into a goal and a what a save by Ter Stegen.he came in rescue for Barca.
in the first half after Messi's goal both team got a good chances but they failed to convert that chances into a goal.

FIRST HALF:BARCELONA   1 (Messi 22')    -          VALENCIA    0 

                                              In the second half for the first 15 minute it was all about Valencia.they scored a two goal in the interval of 4 minutes.

                                               Barca started a second half well and Neymar shot was threw away by Diego Alves, great save by him and that block went towards  Raketic shot a ball into the net but once again Diego Alves came in a way.What a goalkeeping by him.Two wonderful save.

                                              In the 52nd minute Munier Scored a goal for Valencia.He was free no one was guarding him, he took a powerful shot and ball went into the Barca post bar.Ter Stengen wasn't able to react to that shot.

                                             Just, after 4 minute Another goal scored by Valencia and goalscorer was Rodrigo.super pass from Nani and taken by Rodrigo.Awesome goal and great team work by Velencia.

                                             In the 62nd minute Suarez scored a goal for header saved by once again Diego Alves but ball went to Suarez and Suarez put a ball into a net.

                                             In the last minute of the game Barca trio played wonderful tiki taka and Valencia defender given a penalty to Barca.Messi converted a penalty into a goal.This was  heartbreaking goal for Valencia players and fans,joy for Barca fan.once again Barca trio and Messi came as Barsa's Savior.