Friday, 2 December 2016

Three players nominated for FIFA player of the year!Who will win??

                               FIFA nominated top 3 players for Ballon d'Or : Messi,Ronaldo and Antoine made through it.


                      FIFA shortlisted three best player of the year.No surprise Lionel Messi ,Antinio Grinzman and Cristiano Ronaldo selected for this position but once again Messi and Ronaldo are favourite to win Ballon d'Or award.

                     Messi scored 55 goals,assisted 32 times in  58 games.he is in a great form in this season.Messi scored 47 goals ,25 assists for Club and 8 goals,7 assists for Country.

                    Ronaldo scored 51 goals ,assisted 17 times in 53 games.Ronaldo won two major trophies with club and country.He scored 38 goals,assisted 14 times for Club and scored 13 goals ,assisted 3 times in 13 games.He scored 16 goals in Champions league and played important role to win UCL.

                    Messi has better stats than Ronaldo in a comparison but when it comes to win a major trophies Ronaldo has EURO.He not played a important part in a win against France but title win is a title win.No matter you give contribution in it or Not.

                    Messi also has a two trophies and he led his team to Copa America If he was able to win Copa America without doubt he defenatly win Ballon d'or sixth time but Argentina lost second consecutive Copa America final against Chile but despite this lost in Copa America Messi is favourite to win Ballon d'or ahead of Cristiano and Antoine Griezmann.

                    Antoine Griezmann finished top scorer in EURO 2016 he made into finals of EURO 2016 and UCL but both time he lost against Portugal and Real Madrid.

                    In 9th Jan 2017 will be a date who hold FIFA Ballon d'Or from Messi , Ronaldo Or Grinzmann.



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