Saturday, 31 December 2016

NBA : Winning momentum Continues for NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers , McRae shines in a game.A Great End of a Year.

                     Cavaliers(25-7)                        vs                         Hornets(19-15)

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                           Lebron James and Co.won a  game against Hornets at Home of Hornets.Lebron James and Kavin Love scored 32 and 28 points.Both players are in a great form this season.

                           Kyrie Irving is out of a game due to Hamstring Injury . No Kyrie Irving in this game for Cavs but it didn't effect a Cavs winning run.In a last game against Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving and Kavin Love scored a double double for Cavs.They won a game with 124 to 188 points.Lebron James , Kavin Love and Kyrie Irving are the only three players averaging over 22 points in the same team.

                           Kavin Love and Kyrie Irving became only fourth duo to score a double double in a same game.

                           Hornets won their 5 games out of last six and won a five games in a row at Home but Cavaliers didn't face any problem to defeat them.

                          For Hornets Kamba Walker was too good in a game but it was not enough to win a game against Lebron James and Cavs.

                          For Cavs Lebron james scored 32 points , 6 rebounds , 9 assists , and 1 steal and Also Lebron James made 4 three-pointers in a game.He is doing a great job out side of a two point area in recent games.He scored 4 three-pointers in a last game against Celtics.Kavin Love scored 28 points , 10 rebounds in a game while Jordan McRae scored 20 points , 4 rebounds 1 assist.he was on fire in a game where he got a role as a starter point guard in a absence of Kyrie Irving.Thompson scored 11 points , 6 rebounds ,and 1 steal.DeAndre Liggins scored 4 points , 2 rebounds , 3 assists and 1 steal.

                          Kay Falder scored 13 points , 2 assists , 2 steals and made 1 block.

                         For Hornets Kamba Walker scored 37 points , 5 points , 5 assists in a game and he Became a second highest scorer for Hornets.From Bench for Hornets Frank Kaminsky was the Hornets' second leading scorer with 15 points and 5 rebounds.Nicolas Batum Scored 13 points , 6 rebounds , 8 assists and 2 blocks.Marvin Williams scored 10 points , 4 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 steal and 2 blocks.Cody Zeller scored 6 points , 3 rebounds , 1 assist , 1 block.Jeremy Lamb made 7 points , 2 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal and 1 block.

                       Hornet side did a great job in defence but they couldn't held Cavs from winning a game.Now Cavs Lead a series with 3-0 and 1 game remaining where they will play each other in March.Charlotte Hornets lost last 5 games to Cavs.

                       Cavs ended a year with a win over Charlotte Hornets and with 25 wins and 7 losses.






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