Sunday, 25 December 2016

NBA : Waited game of NBA has been arrived .Showdown Between NBA Elite CAVS VS GSW.

       GSW                                    @                                     CAVS

                                                GSW are Favourite to win a game in this Showdown but they have in mind that they blew up 3-1 lead in Last season's NBA  Finals against Cavs.

                                               An Arrival of Kavin Durant give a huge boost to GSW Now they have player like Lebron James in their team who can change tempo of a game on his own.

                                               GSW has now 27 win and only 4 losses in NBA this season.They are in a Great form.

                                              Cavs are also in a great form , They have 22 wins and just 6 losses of the season.

                                             GSW has a upper hand in a game but if Cavs players play at their best and Every thing fall into their Basket then Not even GSW have a chance to stop them.Lebron has a great skill of a Point Guard.He always play as a small forward for Cavs but he is doing great  in Every Field.He has a great sense of a game.He’s as aggressive as ever while running the offence like a point guard; you can practically feel his intelligence on every possession, as if the smartest player in the league somehow got smarter.

                                             Meanwhile Kyrie Irving is now Playing like a Primary scorer for Cavs.He is now free from his duty as a point guard.He can Destroy with his great dribbling skill and attacking the basket with freakish precision. 

                                            This two players creates  a huge space for other players and Kavin Love now playing as a supporting role and Big threes of Cavs now scoring nearly same points in every game.

                                              Cavs has to improve only shooting % of JR Smith  he is a shooting Guard for Cavs but this season he is off beat from his best.

                                              Triston Thompson is doing a great job on a Glass.Cavs Has a good started.



                                            GSW is a good offensive team but they are not good in physical presence in a game while Cavs team has a great physical present in a game.GSW lost Bogut , Ezily , Speights to acquire Kavin Durant.

                                            In GSW team Drymond Green is goon in everything , he is defending well and he is a good in attacking, also in assisting .Igauduola is doing same job as Drymond from a bench 

                                              This season Cavs are no longer a team anyone can beat easily.Now this time it's between a super or invincible team and a confident team who can beat anyone at anywhere.Now Cavs has calibre of a championship winning team.




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