Friday, 2 December 2016

NBA : Three consecutive lost for Cavs , NBA champion lost Their momentum??

                                  Cleveland Cavaliers(13-5)    vs        Chicago Bull  (11-7)


                                        Cavs lost their winning momentum after loss against Miwakee bucks.They lost their third game in a row.

                                        Big night for Butler and Gibson ,butler scored 26 points ,8 rebounds and 6 assists while Gibson scored 23 points , 11 rebounds and 5 assists.Rajon Rondo registered his first triple double for Bull,15 points ,11 rebounds and 12 assists ,in a last season he was a league leader in Assists.

                                         Despite Lebron James great performance Cavs lost a game ,James scored 27 points ,grabbed 5 rebounds and made 13 assists.Kyrie Irvin made 20 points ,8 assists and 6 rebounds.Kavin Love scored 15 points,grabbed 9 rebounds.Thristan Thompson scored 11 points.

                                          Until half time Cavs leads Bull with one points they had edge over bull until half time but they tried to put some show and paid a Price for that.They gave a game in a hand of Bulls.In last three games Cavs had upper hand in the first half but they were not good in coordinating with each other.They are not playing good just like first 10 games of this season.Every time they have a edge over opponent they lost it and gave it to opponent.

                                         Now In next game Cavs will play against Knicks which is another team with superstars.This game will going to be tough for Cavs.

                                         Kavin Love made into Top 10 for Cavs in three points made.He made into top 10 with 345 triple.



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