Saturday, 17 December 2016

NBA : Cleveland Cavaliers wins a game against Lakers

               Cavaliers(19-6)             vs               Lakers(11-19)

                       Cavs big three shines in a game against Lakers.Each of three scored 20 + points in a game.In a last game big threes were rested and Cavs paid price for that they lost a game against Grizzlies.

                        Kavin Love made a huge Impact on a  game scoring 27 points , highest in a game by Cavs player and He was too good on a glass grabbed 17 rebounds.

                       This is a game for Lebron James to get on to 8th no in all time scoring list in NBA but he felt just short.He needed to score 28 point to get on 8th number and past Moses Malone in the list but he scored 26 points and missed a milestone by 2 points.Now he need to score only 2 points to reach this milestone.He put 9 assists and Grabbed 7 rebounds.

                       A great game for Kyrie Irving scored 21 points and put 12 assist.Kyrie Irving was rested before this game to give rest his tired legs.This was his comeback game and he was too good in a game.Career high assists for Kyrie Irving in this game.

                       La Lakers loses 9 games in a row ,Lakers are known for Giving a fist to elite of a NBA.In this early Season they smashed GSW by 20 points.In this game they led by most 8 points in a first half but They gave a chance to come back to Cavs.

                      Cavs put a show on a second quarter and outscored La Lakers to 12-0 and they Never held back.

                      In this game La Lakers made 16 3-pointers which help them to stay in a game also 21 turnover made by Cavs.

                     The Lakers were without starting point guard D’Angelo Russell, who sat out after appearing tired in the second half Friday at Philadelphia. Russell recently returned from platelet-rich plasma therapy on his knee and the Lakers are being cautious with him. Even without their star, the Lakers made 16 3-pointers and nearly pulled off the stunning upset on the road. 

                     Nick Young scored 32 points for LA Lakers.Brabdon Ingram was just 1 point and 1 assist away from a triple double in a game.A bad game for Mozgow  against his former team scoring only just two points and made only 1 field goal from 6.


For Cavs Starter 

                         Lebron james made 26 points , 7 rebounds , 9 assists ,2 steals , 2 blocks.

                         Kavin Love made 27 points , 17 rebounds , 4 assists , 1 steal.

                         Kyrie Irving made 21 points , 6 rebounds , 12 assists , 3 steals.

                         Thompson made 6 points , 6 rebounds , 1 assist.

                         JR Smith made 14 points , 1 rebounds , 1 steal.

For Cavs Bencher

                         Iman Shumpert made 8 points , 4 rebounds , 1 assist 

                         Richard Jefferson made 9 points , 2 rebounds , 1 block.

                         Channing Frye made 8 points , 2 assists , 1 steal.

For La Lakers Starter

                         Nick Young made 32 points, 2 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal.

                         Luol Deng made 15 points , 8 rebounds , 3 assists , 1 steal.

                         Julius Randle made 16 points , 4 rebounds , 7 assists .

                        Brandon Ingram scored 9 points , 10 rebounds , 9 assists.

                        Mozgow made 2 points , 4 rebounds , 1 steal.

For La Lakers Bencher

                         Jordan Clarkson made 20 points , 5 rebounds , 1 assist.

                         Lou Williams made 12 points , 3 rebounds , 4 assists.

                         Larry Nance JR. made 2 points , 5 rebounds , 3 assists.   




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