Thursday, 1 December 2016

NBA : Another triple double For Russel Westbrook against Washington Wizard

                                       Washington Wizard  vs   Oklahama City Thunder


                                      Once again its all about Russel Westbrook,he is playing a basketball with super human ability in every game.Russel Westbrook is now averaging nearly 30 points triple double.Now Russel Westbrook has 45 triple double equal with Lebron James.

                                       A game against Wizard Russel Westbrook scored 35 points ,11 assists and 14 rebound.4th consicutive triple double in NBA and 8 triple double in this season.Russel Westbrook leads OKC in scoring ,rebounding and in assists.

                                      Victor Olidipo made a good impact on a game,he scored 25 points with 62.5 Field goal % and made 6 assists, 6 rebounds.Enas Kentar Once again so good for OKC coming from bench , he scored 13 points.

                                      For Wizard John Wall and Bradley Beal played a good game but it was not enough to win a game against OKC and Russel Westbrook.Bradley Beal scored 31 points , John wall assisted 15 times ,Marcin Gortart grabbed 11 rebounds.

                                      Another Overtime game for OKC,OKC were behind 99-92 with 3:10 left in the 4th Quarter but Olidipo and Russel Wstbrook played an important role to take a game in overtime.Just 8.5 second left Russel Westbrook hits a three pointer and force a game to go in overtime.

                                     In overtime OKC outscored Woshington Wizard with 21 to 10.Some mistake made by Wizard  players and they paid prize for it. 


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