Saturday, 3 December 2016


                               BARCELONA 1 (Luis Sauraz)  VS  REAL MADRID 1  (Ramos)

View of Catalan stadium in El Classico.

                               Once again another draw for Barcelona,This is a worst start for Barca in last 7 season.three consecutive draws.

                               After this draw Real Madrid Maintain their 6 point in La Liga.This is a very big lead in La Liga Now Real Madrid is favourite to win La Liga title ahead of Bacelona and Athletico Madrid.

                              Real Madrid came here as a favourite to win a match because of Barcelona's recent performance in football.

                               1' Ramos did a harsh tackle on Messi but no free kick given by Referee.

                               3' minute Mascherano went in on Lucas and Lucas tumbled referee say no didn't seem Mascherano got a ball but good for Barca.

                               9'minute Barcelona had a good chance when Neymar slips in penalty box.He is totally alone but he slips but he maintained his tempo and passed a ball to Sergio Roberto at back post but it was blocked.

                               13' minute first yellow card given to Isco when he clips Neymar.

                               18' minute Luca Modric put down Messi ,27 yards away from post,Barca had a great chance Messi took it and put it over Wall but No trouble for Navas,A shot was directly into a hand of Navas.That was a good curling free kick but not that much power in it.

                               21' minute Busquet passed a ball to Neymar ,and Neymar's first time pull back find Sauraz but his shot blocked by Varane. A good defending by Varane.

                                22' minute Lucas Outclassed Sergio Roberto with his great play and gave a ball to Benzema but his shot was blocked.

                                28' minute Neymar booked for fouled on Lucas and he will next game.

                                36' minute Now this time Ronaldo his first solo move in a game he came from left side to Pique and hit a left footed shot with a great power but it was blocked by Ter Stegen ,corner to Real Madrid.

                                 40' minute appeal for Hand ball from Barcelona on clearly hit his hand but referee was in no position to see it.

                                 44' minute almost an own goal for Barcelona when Pique diverts Varane's header.

                                Real Madrid had upper hand on Barcelona in First Half.

                               But in second half it's all about Barcelona until last minute king Ramos scored a goal for Real Madrid.

                               47' minute Messi makes a wonderful play and feed a pass to Sauraz but Carvajal came in a way and he blocked a Saurez's shot and he concedes a corner.

                               54' minute goal for Barcelona ,6 yards header from Saurez put home side ahead.Neymar made a great cross pass into penalty area.Saurez finds it but before that he pushed Navas and got a free header , goal from Saurez.It look like Saurez was just off side but when Neymar shot a ball Saurez was in onside position.

                              59' minute Andres Iniesta back in game.

                              68' minute Neymar missed a great opportunity created by him.Andres passed a ball to Neymar on left side ,Neymar danced around Carvajal,cut inside and fired a shot over bar.he was totally open when he fired a shot,player like his calibre never missed this kind of opportunity to scored a goal.

                              81' minute a beautiful pass from Andres to Messi ,he took out two Real defender.but Messi missed a chance he scored this kind of goal very easily but it was not Barca day.

                             88' a great work from Marcello he feed a great pass to Ronaldo but Ronaldo missed a golden opportunity to scored a goal he headed a ball but it was power less and header put away.

                            90' minute every time Real needed a Ramos he came up with something in his sleeve,Ramos.Every time Ramos come to rescue Real Madrid when it needed most just like Two UCL finals late goal from Ramos.That two  late goals gave UCL title to Real Madrid if He couldn't scored those goals Real Madrid lost their both UCL finals just like in this game he scored a goal and take away match from Barcelona.A heart Break draw for Barcelona.No man marking Ramos ,in the box three Real Madrid players were unmarked.What a big mistake by Barca defence! and they paid a price for this.

                          In extra time Barcelona missed a chance to win a game.

                         Real Madrid is happy after They draw a game against Barcelona at Campnou.They are now 6 points ahead of Barcelon while Barcelona missed a great chance to cut a lead to 3 points.

                         In this game Luca Modric played an important role for Real Madrid in the first half he missed just one pass.completed 36 passes from 37.Also Marcelo did a good job.Modrid defended Messi in a game he didn't effect Messi's game but it he intercepted a pass which was come to Messi from other players.Luca Modric was a player of the match without doubt.No one can stop Messi alone they always need help from other player help to stop Messi.if it comes  to one on one plays no one can guard Messi but Luca Modrid did a good job not tried to stop Messi but he tried to put a some pressure on Messi.

                        Mean while Lionel Messi put a huge impact on game.He made some outstanding Plays.Neymar put a some good performance not a great but good.Andres Iniesta was so good for Barcelona in a game.Sergio Bouquet did a good job for Barcelona.




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