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World Record Held By Messi

                                                 World Record Held By Messi


Most Number Of goals Scored in a Calendar Year

                              In 2012 Messi Scored 91 goals in a calendar year.In 2012 Messi achieve this feat.Messi scored 61 goals in that season,13 in the UEFA Champions League, 7 in international friendlies, 3 in the Copa del Rey,5 in World Cup qualifying matches, 2 in Supercup of Spain, taking his tally to an incredible 91 goals in a single year.


Messi scored against every team in the league(19 teams):


                              Messi scored against all the 19 teams continuously in the League even scoring against arch rivals Real Madrid twice during that run.That was the best for Messi.It was a remarkable to score against every team in the league.This shows how great he is!!

Most FIFA Ballon d'Or Award(5 times):


                             5 FIFA Ballon d'Or award won by Messi which is more than any other player in the Football history.This year also he is favorite to win this prestigious award.He will win more Ballon d'Or.He can play this kind of football for next 5 or six years.So who might know he will win more.

The only footballer to score 60+ goals in all competitions in 2 consecutive seasons

                             Messi scored 60+ goals in a 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 season.After this two season, everybody considers him as a football great of this generation.Now he is the same level as Maradona and Pele but people recognize this thing when he will win a most prestigious award of a football-Worldcup.  

Most FIFA Club World Cup Golden Balls (2)

                             Messi won a Golden ball in 2009 and 2011 in FIFA Club World Cup.Barcelona won this competition 3 times most by any club.This competition start in 2005. 

Youngest player to win Ballon d'Or Four times:

                            Messi won Ballon d'Or 2008 to 2012 four in a row.No, another player has achieved this feat before.

Most appearances in top 3 for FIFA ballon d'Or award race(9):

                           Messi selected 9 times in top 3 in a race for this award.He beat Ronaldo which is appeared 8 times.Messi is in top 3 since 2007 to 2015.

Only player in history to score 40+ goals in 7 consecutive seasons:

                            Messi has scored 40+ goals since 2009-10 season.After that season he is developed into a great player.everyone recognize him as a monster with a little body.This record show he is an alien.

Most appearances in FIFAPro World XI : 9 times leveled with Cristiano Ronaldo


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