Wednesday, 23 November 2016


                            BARCELONA   2(Messi 24' ,55'p)     vs       CELTICS  0

                                 Barcelona Trio played this game together,last game missed by Messi and Saurez. Lionel Messi scored a brace in a game and put a Celtics out of Champions league.Messi continue his great form in a game.Barca was too good in this game , they dominate Celtics.

                               Barcelona is qualified for last 16 in the Uefa Championss League.Manchester City's Draw with Moenchengladbach put Celticss out of Champions League.

                             9 minute   Messi's long pass to Neymar ,Neymar wonderfully take a ball and Pass a ball to Messi hit a ball towards Post but it was deflected by Def.Sauraz coundn't get a ball into a air.

                             10'minute Sergio Busquet played a perfect pass to Messi but Messi couldn't control a ball and missed a good chance.

                            From the left Alba chips a ball into a box,a ball is headed down  by Ivan  Raketic Messi try to put a ball into a net with a Leg but it's over a Postbar 

                           24 minute Goal for Messi assisted by Neymar ,A wonderful one to one play with Neymar,Messi run towards a post ,Neymar's perfect pass to Messi Messi made a contact with a ball and in one touch he put a ball into a net.

                          Celtics got a good chance in 36 minutes Celtics player Dembele's riffle shot block by Ter Stegen,Nice save from him,

                          42 minute Messi's perfect cross pass to Saurez,Saurez headed a ball with full force but Gordon dive to a right side and put  a ball away.What a save!

                         48 minute Barcelona gifted a ball to Celtics.Macgragor shoot from 20 yard but there was no power in a shot Ter Stegen easily save it.

                         53 minute another chance for Celtics ,Free header for Dembele but his header has no power ,he gave a ball directly to Ter Stegen's hand.How could someone miss this kind of opportunity.

                        54 minute Izaguirre made a mistake and fouled a Saurez.He cuddles Saurez to a ground.It's a clear cut penalty.Messi took a penalty and he didn't make a mistake.scored a second for him and second for Barca.

                       67 minute Neymar's great run outside a penalty area as he saw som Celtics players round him,he passed a ball to Messi.Messi missed a goal for just inch away if he scored this goal he will become first player to score a hattrick at Celtics Park in Ueropean Compititions. 

                       83' minute Saurez missed another good chance.Saurez to Messi to Saurez , Saurez shoot a ball but it was hit a Postbar.Not a good luck for Saurez in a game.

                     Messi is in stunning form in this season after He returned from injury.Now Messi has 92 goals in Uefa Champions League Goal 3 Behind Ronaldo.Wait to see who will reach 100 goals in UCL first. 





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