Tuesday, 29 November 2016

NBA : Cavaliers Vs Bucks,Cavs lost their third game very Bad game from Cav's players

                                 Cavaliers(13-3)              vs                      Bucks(8-8)


                                 Tough night for Cavs in Milwaukee.In  a first quarter Cavs took a lead of 14 points but They lost their momentum in a second half and gave a 1 point lead in first half.Cavs players were not good in coordinating with each other in this game.

                                  Not so good game for Lebron James,he scored 22 points and made only 4 assists, very bad performance by LBJ.Kavin Love grabbed 13 rebound,he was good on a glass.Jr Smith made just 2 field goal from 7 and his shooting percentage was just 28.6.Kyre Irvng scored 20 points.

                                 For Bucks Giannis was a highest scorer with 34 points and he also grabbed most rebund for Bucks ,12 rebounds,steals a ball 5 times ,5 assists for him ,he block 2 shots.Bench players played a very important role in this game for Bucks they scored 49 points.Michael Beasly scored 17 points while Greg Monroe scored 14 points.Jabari Parker scored 18 points while Dallacedova assisted 7 times.  



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