Monday, 28 November 2016

NBA : 45 triple double for Russel Westbrook eqaul with Lebron James

                               OCK (11-8)VS      NEY YORK NICKS(8-9)

                               Once again It's all about Russel Westbrook,he scored 45 triple double in a NBA and 8th triple double in this season.He scored 3 triple double in last three games.

                               Westbrook averaging nearly a triple double in a current season with 31.2 points ,11.1 assists and 9.9 rebounds. and if he continues to give this kind of performance than without doubt he will surely win MVP award for this season.

                               A Season high 18 rebound for Russel Westbrook and he scored 27 points ,and made 14 assists.Enes Kanter scored 27 points and grabbed a 10 rebound.In this game OCS's Bench was so good ,They scored 48 points for OKC in a game.Almost scored a 44% from a total points of OKC.Now OCK has 11win and 8 lost this season after this win.

                             For Ney York Knicks Darrik Rose was a highest scorer with 30 points.Carmelo Anthony had bad nght in a game,Just 4 Field goal made Out of 19 but he scored 18 points and on a glass he took a ball 8 times.Kristaps Porzingis scored 21 points.

                            New York Knicks bench was not as good as OKC's Bench.Ney York Knicks is struggling to give a good performance.They have a very good Players like Carmelo , Darik Rose,Noah,,Ney York Knicks is in 8th position in Eastern Conference.

                             Thunder is in 6th position in Western Conference.


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