Friday, 11 November 2016

Messii Frustrated after loss against Brazil

                     Messi frustrated with loss against Brazil


                             Barcelona superstar is in anger after their Thursday night loss against Brazil.Messi was not in a good mood after his Barcelona teammate side Thrashed his team 3-0.

                             Messi said,"we must change this s**t.We must forget this match and prepare well for the next. We depend on us."

                             After Messi's retirement Argentina struggling in FIFA Qualification round but he took back his decision and he returned in Argentina shirt.

                             Now Brazil is way ahead than any other team in CONMEBOL table while Uruguay is in second place.Argentina failed to win any game from their last four encounters.Now they are in huge trouble.

                            There are seven games to play for Argentina in Qualification.In next game, they will face Columbia.This will be must win a game for them.

                            Only four teams will automatically  qualify  for the World Cup In South America.Argentina is in sixth place in CONMEBOL table.From now on they have to win every game.

CONMEBOL TABLE:                     




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