Monday, 14 November 2016

Messi and Argentina Fans wll be Happy !!..

                                           Edgard Bauza is ready to take tough decision And he is ready to drop Gonzalo Higuain from Argentina Team.


                                          Higuain is a good striker but for Argentina,He hadn't scored a goal when it matters most.If he scored in all three finals where he got so easy chances than Argentina won all three trophies.He will be the mega star for Argentinian Fans.
                                          Edgard told Argentina's fans not to worry about team's situation right now.He even went on to suggest that he was not afraid to bring a number of changes to help the side find their winning rhythm and Gonzalo Higuain could be one of the casualties of the manager’s stance in their upcoming match against Colombia.

                                           People lost their hope for the qualification of Argentina's team in World cup-2018.People doubt that they will qualify or not.He was quoted as saying, “I've never questioned that we will qualify for Russia 2018 because the group is strong and that gives us confidence. We have lost points that we didn't expect to and so it's normal for the criticism to appear.”

                                           Argentina’s current number 9 is expected to be dropped for the game alongside Pablo Zabaleta and Enzo Perez, with Lucas Pratto, Ever Banega, and Gabriel Mercado expected to come into the side at the trio’s expense.

                                            Higuain is so good for his club in the past for Napoli and In current time for Juventus.His goalscoring record is a quite remarkable.But for  His national side he missed so many glorious opportunities.Missed an easy Goals against Germany in Worldcup Finals.Against Chili missed  last minute chance ,and in another Copa America final missed an easy chance created by himself .

                                              Bauza would take Lucas Pratto for Higuain in Argentine Team who was playing in Brzil.





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