Friday, 25 November 2016

Lionel Messi : Brandan Rodger hails Messi as probably greatest of all time.

                            Branden Rodger : " Celtic could have won with Messi "

                           Lionel Messi's great performance put Celtic out of UCL.Messi scored both goals for Barcelona in a game.

                           Asked if Messi playing for his team Celtic should have won,he smiled and said," We would have big chance ,there is no doubt about that,He is a best player in the world and when he plays for any team he makes a difference for any team in the world and make a every player in the team better. "

                          Messi was so good in the game against Celtics.he scored a two goals.First goal was too good he scored a fantastic one touch goal on Neymar's awesome pass.Second goal he scored from penalty spot which was won by Luis Saurez.

                         Messi created many Chances for his teammates.Some of these chances were so easy but bad luck for Barca and players, some shot hit post and some denied by great goal keeping.



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