Saturday, 19 November 2016

Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics : another big scoring Night For GSW

   Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics 

                Golden State Warriors 104 (10-2)  vs        Boston Celtics  88 (6-6 )   

                                        NBA's Super team now getting their rythem in winning way.Only three or four teams have a potential to defeat them.First Cleveland,San Antanio Spurs,Los Angles Clippers.These teams could defeat them.But for other team in the NBA they have to dream about to defeat GSW.

                                        Now GSW with 10 win and 2 lost.Now Durant developing good chemistry with Duo Thompson and Curry who are best in three point they can develope from Super team to Supreme team.They have Allrounder player like Green. and other good player Igaduola. 

                                        Klay Thompson scored 28 points Highest by GSW players.Cavin Durant scored 23 points for GSW while StephenCurry scored 16 points,3 steals and 7 assists.Most rebound taken by Zaza Pachulla and Drymond Green provided a 8 assists most by GSW player.

                                         Boston, meanwhile, was led by Isaiah Thomas, who scored 18 points. Avery Bradley  scored 17 points and grabbed 10 rebound.

                                         For Boston Celtic Terry Razier provided 5 assists.




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