Saturday, 19 November 2016

ARSENAL VS MANCHESTER UNITED:Olivier Giroud rescues Arsenal

                                       ARSENAL                  VS               MAN UNITED

                                               1                                                         1

                                    Olivier Giroud stole a show at last minute.Arsenal finally discovered their nerve and earned a draw through Olivier Giroud’s equalizer with 88 minutes played.

                                    5' Mata's free kick just missed a goalpost of Arsenal.

                                     35' Martial passed a ball to Valencia,Valencia turn around and passed Monreal to the right of the Arsenal Defence. He enters the area.Both players Fall to a ground.first, it looks like Man United's Penalty but it wasn't.Jose Mourinho jigs around on the touchline, holding his head in theatrical exasperation, it’s probably a good decision having seen the replay. There’s not much contact. Or not enough to be sure that Valencia was pushed to ground. No doubt we’ll hear more of this. Jose might raise it.

                                     36' Pogba to Mata .Mata took a ball Wonderfully,Pogba did well Mata passed a defender with good ball play then he shot a ball with a left foot,shot just missed a Net to go in.

                                      40' Martial, who cuts in from the left and curls towards the top right,but Cech came in the way,he put away a ball to go into a net.

First Half :Man United              0         -                 Arsenal             0

                                       48' good run from martial he took a ball from mid area of the field and run with it,good solo run ,he shoots a ball but it directly went to Cech's hand.Good effort.

                                        68' Pogba slides a pass down the wing for Herrera,Herrera put a ball into a center of penalty,Mata run and hit a ball with left foot,no chance for Cech this time and a ball went into the left side of a net.brilliant goal from Mata.

                                        Mata celebrates with Herrera whose superlative cutback created the chance for Mata to execute his fine finish.

                                       88' Wonderfull header from Giroud ball went to net goal for Arsenal.Last minute heartbreak for Man United and their fans.Giroud rises and plants an unstoppable header into the top left from six yards.

                                       Each points for Both teams.Arsenal is totally disaster in the game  but Giroud saves a day.





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