Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Messi's show, You can't get too many chances to see this kind of Performance : ARGENTINA VS COLOMBIA


                                       Full Time : ARGENTINA 2 : COLOMBIA 0


                                        Messi's Shines in the game against Colombia

                                     It's All about Messi's show.He played too good and led Argentina to victory.
What a 10th-minute free kick goal from Messi.That was amazing Free kick.He scored 1 goal and Assisted for 2 goals.


                                       First half score from Messi and Pratto.A change in attack works for Argentina.

                                     10' Just brilliant from the man they need the most. Lionel Messi. He stood over the free-kick just outside of the Colombia penalty area and whipped it over the wall and into Ospina's top left corner.


                                     23'  One of the best crosses from Lionel Messi to Pratto and Lucas Pratto put a ball into the net with a header.What a change in attack.The Barcelona star whipped it in with his left and it was expertly guided past Ospina by Pratto.

                                     In the second half, It's all about Argentina.They dominated Colombian team in the attack.Argentina missed some good chances.

                                     85' Messi's wonderful play,Hill pass to another player but he gave an away ball to Colombian defender but Messi stole a ball from him and run towards Colombian goalpost to score himself but his decision-making ability,he passed a ball to Angelo

 D'maria.Angelo put a ball into a net with Easy.

                                    There's two types of footballers in this world. There's Messi and then there's everybody else.
                                    The best there is and best there ever will be.

                                     Lionel Messi has been involved in 10 of Argentina's last 12 goals when he's played.  

Chile 3-1 Uruguay    
                                     Chile came back from 1 goal down and scored three Chile didn’t look as strong last week without Alexis Sanchez, and that could hurt their chances in CONMEBOL qualifying. But the Arsenal winger has been cleared to this week, bringing a lift to the Chile offense.

                                     In this game Mixed game for Luis Suarez very good game for Alexis Sanches.
For Chile Jean scored  two goals and one goal from Marcelo Diaz.Two assist for Sanches.

                                     Now Brazil in First place ,Uruguay in Second,Equador is in third place , Chile in fourth and Argentina is in Fifth place.


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