Sunday, 16 October 2016

REAL MADRID VS REAL BETIS !Real Madrid won Game as Predicted.

                                       REAL MADRID    6    -    REAL BETIS    1

                                      Real Madrid is now second in the La Liga table , Athletico Madrid is on the top because of better Goal difference.Athletico Madrid hammer Granada 7-1.

                                      Real Madrid played a good game against Real Betis.

                                      Just after 4 minutes of the game Varana Scored a Goal for Real Madrid.Beautiful directed kick went toward a penalty spot which was headed by Varana into top right  corner of  Real Betis Post.

                                     REAL MADRID    1     -        REAL BETIS      0 (VARANA) 4'

                                      Another chance for Real Madrid just after minute but it was missed by Ronaldo.

                                     In the 31st minute of a game another goal for Real Madrid.Toni Kroos stole a ball  from Joaquínand feed a pass to Karin Benzeema.Karin Benzema put a ball into a net with ease.

                                     REAL MADRID    2     -        REAL BETIS      0 (BENZEMA) 31'

                                   Great game by Real Madrid and so frustrating for Real Betis.After 8 minutes Real Madrid scored another goal,goal By Marcello.

                                    Karin Benzema's shot was deflected by Marcello but it was good fortune for Real Madrid.spinning up and 8 yard shot went into the net of Real Betis.good for Real Madrid it was not given off side when ball deflected to Marcello.Not a perfect shot but ball went over Adan.

                                   REAL MADRID    3     -        REAL BETIS      0 (MARCELLO) 39'
                                   Tony Kroos played important role in all three goals.great play by Awesome player.

                                   In the last Minute of the regular time of first half, 4th goal for Real Madrid.
  Fast break for Real Madrid, Toni to Ronaldo , Ronaldo to Pepe And Pepe to Isco.Easy goal for Isco.Nice vision by Pepe.

                                   REAL MADRID    4     -        REAL BETIS      0 (ISCO) 45'

FIRST HALF : REAL MADRID     4        -        REAL BETIS      0

                                    In the 55th minute consolation goal for Real Betis.Goal scored by Cejudo.Cool goal by Cejudo.Betis took advantage which was given by Pepe with a sloppy pass.3 beautiful pass set up Cejudo for a goal ,who took a ball before firing low past Navas.

                                   REAL MADRID    4     -        REAL BETIS      1 (CEJUDO) 55'

                                   Another goal for Isco, he put a ball into the top right corner of the net.Wonderful Goal by Isco.

                                   REAL MADRID    5     -        REAL BETIS      1 (ISCO) 62'

                                   Real Betis tried their best but they were no match for Real Madrid side.

                                    At last goal for ronaldo very good goal by Ronaldo.Ronaldo collects the ball a long way from goal, passes into Morata’s feet and gets his zoom on. The Portuguese sprints into the box collecting the return pass as he goes, and buries a low finish past Adán.
                                   REAL MADRID     6     -     REAL BETIS(RONALDO)78'
                                   Great game by Real Madrid and Real Madrid players.Real extend their Unbeaten run to 22 games.and two point ahead of La Liga champion Barcelona.





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