Sunday, 23 October 2016

Barcelona vs Velencia :What a match!!Match of La Liga So far

                                                       Barcelona                     vs               Valencia
                                                              3                                                   2

                                                           Messi(22',90+3')                        Munier(52')
                                                           Suarez(62)                                 Rodrigo(56')

                                                     Wow !!what a match for the fans of both team. Little disappointment for Valencia fans. Last minute goal in extra time caused them a heartbreaking lost. What a game by both teams.

                                                   Also there is Some problem for Barcelona fans. Andre Iniesta was injured in the game and he will be out off a game until Christmas.He will not be able to play football until January.This is a very bad news for Barcelona Fans.

                                                   First goal was scored by Lio in the 22nd minute and that goal was scored because of good teamwork.a Mistake made by Velencia defender and ball went to Raketic he passed a ball to Lio and Lio need just little inch of space to score a goal and he scored a wonderful goal but this goal was controversial because Suarez was standing in a way.So Velencia goalkeeper couldn't saw a ball which was coming towards him.He complained a referee but referee rejected it.and first controversial goal scored by leo who is in great form coming back from injury.

                                                 Diego Alves denied Lionel Messi's shot ,Great goalkeeping by him.
Good pass from Messi to Suarez and Suarez took a shot but Velencia defender deflected a ball slightly,Diego Alves velencia's goalkeeper made another great save.

                                              Great opportunities missed by Valencia their attacker unable to great chance to convert into a goal and a what a save by Ter Stegen.he came in rescue for Barca.
in the first half after Messi's goal both team got a good chances but they failed to convert that chances into a goal.

FIRST HALF:BARCELONA   1 (Messi 22')    -          VALENCIA    0 

                                              In the second half for the first 15 minute it was all about Valencia.they scored a two goal in the interval of 4 minutes.

                                               Barca started a second half well and Neymar shot was threw away by Diego Alves, great save by him and that block went towards  Raketic shot a ball into the net but once again Diego Alves came in a way.What a goalkeeping by him.Two wonderful save.

                                              In the 52nd minute Munier Scored a goal for Valencia.He was free no one was guarding him, he took a powerful shot and ball went into the Barca post bar.Ter Stengen wasn't able to react to that shot.

                                             Just, after 4 minute Another goal scored by Valencia and goalscorer was Rodrigo.super pass from Nani and taken by Rodrigo.Awesome goal and great team work by Velencia.

                                             In the 62nd minute Suarez scored a goal for header saved by once again Diego Alves but ball went to Suarez and Suarez put a ball into a net.

                                             In the last minute of the game Barca trio played wonderful tiki taka and Valencia defender given a penalty to Barca.Messi converted a penalty into a goal.This was  heartbreaking goal for Valencia players and fans,joy for Barca fan.once again Barca trio and Messi came as Barsa's Savior.






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