Monday, 24 October 2016

BALLON D'OR 2016:Who will win????MESSI OR RONALDO

                            MESSI                                         vs                                      RONALDO

GOALS:                  49                                                                                               41

ASSIST:                  29                                                                                               15

TROPHIES:             2                                                                                                 2

Messi played a crucial part in Three finals but won only two finals. While Ronaldo in European cup he was out of game and all credit went to him.and in the champion's league final Ramos was the player of the game not ronaldo.Ronaldo was score less in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL,SEMI FINAL and QUATER FINAL.

Messi played a very important role in Copa America.Because of him on of Chili's defender was sent out but one of the Argentina player made a mistake and got a red card.if that player didn't made mistake than Argentina definitely won a Copa America.Hugain who is playing so good in Club level but didn't converted that easy chance into goal what should Messi do.If Hugain had scored that easy chances in those final I think Messi has At least Two international Trophies.What if Messi couldn't converted a penalty into a goal Argentina has other player.

Who will win Ballon d'OR for 2016??   


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